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Category: baking

12/28/20 10:23 - ID#60832

Cookie cheer

Since I didn't go over to my parents for the usual cookie decorating shenanigans (e:terry) and I went on a baking bonanza and made a shitton of cookies to deliver.

We baked:
  • Double batch of oatmeal scotches
  • Choco-chip, heavy on the dark brown sugar
  • Shortbread thumbprints with raspberry jam from my mom's coworker
  • Snickersdoodles
  • Rumballs

Turns out despite meticulous planning with recipe and plate distributions in a google sheet, we ended up with 10 plates worth instead of 6.

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Category: house

12/28/20 10:17 - ID#60831

New mattress

I can't believe after not posting for so long and everything that happened this is what I am posting but gotta start somewhere. We finally bought a new mattress, after years of researching while sleeping on the saggy pokey old one. I think I did a good job sifting out the marketing bullshit, and settled on a natural latex one. The outside is wool and cotton so there's no flame retardants. In theory it's compostable?

But it's very quiet and I can sleep again.

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