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Category: work

03/19/16 02:56 - ID#60443

PJP Business Consulting

It looks like (e:paul), our coworker Patrick and I are officially business outside of Roswell. We'll be doing custom development work, system integration and IT consulting.

Yeah it's a corny name - hopefully just a placeholder while we find a much better name to DBA.

We're approved for outside activity by RPCI leadership, and (e:terry) has registered us with the state. And we already have two potential jobs lined up!

So much talk for a long time - I can't believe it's actually happening.
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Category: work

01/09/16 03:22 - ID#60393

Sameer's last day

It was Sameer's last day at Roswell before he leaves for private-sectory corporate life. Congrats on the better job!

I had my first car bomb, it was gross. I sent (e:uchina) some crunk chats.

I have a few other pictures but I didn't post them.

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Category: work

03/31/15 11:40 - ID#59935

901 Mannequins and solar on Linwood

These mannequins were in the lobby of 901. I really have no idea where in Roswell they ever would have been used?


After work we went on a quick bike ride around the neighborhood. I noticed this blue house down the street has panels already - guess we won't be the first. I really think they look cool - and for all the haters, you barely notice them from the street.


The Burchfield Penny Front Yard project is now down to a OS X error message and three copies of it's desktop background. Some artsy type should turn it into error based art based on the current setup - I think it would be way cooler.
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Category: work

02/04/15 01:50 - ID#59816

Wash your hands


We missed Lloyd's today, so (e:paul) and I went with Patrick to the Buffalo General Hospital cafeteria. It was probably the grossest food experience I have ever had.

Everyone in the cafeteria seemed to be coughing or sick, the soups and salad were uncovered and the only option out was pizza. On the other hand, it only cost $8 for Paul and I to eat a slice of pizza and salad.

On the way back, Paul went to wash his hands in the cafeteria bathroom, located in a hallway that smelled like sewage. He soaped his hands but then found out the water didn't work, hence the picture of him walking almost all the way back with soap on his hands.

When we got closer to Roswell, we heard another gross and sad story one of our coworkers Andy about the Buffalo General. I'm save you the details but it's much worse than the cafeteria.

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Category: work

12/13/14 12:49 - ID#59651

Lab mice

I had to go through the creepy tunnels of the cell and virus building at Roswell the other day. Complete with 50s style lab posters - I was surprised none mentioned duck and cover in case of a commie attack.




(E:Paul) had a 5th monitor that I got to steal while I was over there. It's an okay monitor in terms of quality, but it has a touch screen. I got it to work with Linux with by modifying xinput in Fedora with the xinput_calibrator - you have to set the input area to just include the touch screen and not both monitors.


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Category: work

12/04/14 12:01 - ID#59638

Full time life

Last week I started my new full time job on the clinical IT team at Roswell - sad to not be working with Paul anymore, but it's freaking awesome that I am working at Roswell full time.

There's already so many interesting projects lined up. It sounds like even the projects are going to have more programming that I initially thought. I even am getting a Mac computer to work on - that's a first. And I get to keep the longer 4 days, half day Friday schedule.

Looks like the civil engineering books did come in handy
Fancy Cisco IP phone also - no second monitor yet though
Someone even left an early Valentine at my desk

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Category: work

11/20/14 11:38 - ID#59594

Days off

I've been off for almost a week now, in between the end of my contract and the start of my full time job at Roswell. I thought I would have actually tried and taken the time off, unlike my last break - but I've been working on other programming projects instead. Today I finally found out I start on Monday. Woop. I'm super pumped to see how this goes.

Being home during the day is pretty boring, since I'm the only one off, so today I went and worked at (e:terry)'s office.

At least it's been snowy - I don't feel like I'm burning sunlight.

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Category: work

09/18/14 05:37 - ID#59396

Creepy bathroom

For a while in our building at work the creepy shower in the men's bathroom was boarded up, and had a huge hole punched in the wall. Now its taped off and you can't use it because of asbestos. Should it have been closed off this whole time? How ironic would it be getting mesothelioma at a cancer hospital.




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Category: work

08/15/14 12:06 - ID#59300

500000 presses

The keyboard attached to the dock at work tracks your keypresses. This week I hit 500000. I want to get it to rollover at a million before I have to move.

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Category: work

07/31/14 01:56 - ID#59247

Chew the fat

Non-sensical measurements, as seen at employee appreciation day. If you manage to chew all day you can burn off 1.309 orders of TGIFriday's mozzarella sticks! Fun story

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