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11/14/21 12:22 - ID#60857

dj roomba

As confirmation of my previous post that i turned thirty, I went and bought a Roomba.

My union at work got a new contract got a new contract with retroactive pay, so i thought I'd splurge.

We also had to get ready for (e:Terry)'s family coming to stay for Thanksgiving. So (e:Paul) and I went for a shopstravaganza at Niagara Falls Boulevard Plaza of Hell.

I am terrible shopper and waffled the whole time at Best Buy whether to get one and if so, Paul eventually convinced me to just pick one. I also had decision paralysis on choosing a shopping curtain.

Anyway the Roomba navigation is kind of dumb, it has to bump into everything. But it is amazing at cleaning and the floors have never been less dusty.

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