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12/03/04 01:18 - ID#22637


I haven't posted in a while. I think I am in a funk. Some of it has to do with hanging out with people who have major negative energy. I'm convinced that stuff rubs off. My funk could also be related to the fact that theree are a million new CDs I want and can't afford. Which then relates to this city and how everywhere things are such a scam. I'm sorry but I refuse to pay 16 for a freaking cd. This city has such an intense vibe. I love it and thrive off the energy of it, but on the other hand it seems to try and take everything you have to give only to leave you with nothing. Last night on the train there was this guy with a saxophone. Me and my friend Mimi were like great now we have to listen to this guy. Usually the homeless/artist does his/her thing, asks for money and moves on. Well this guy plays this awful "song" (I use that term loosely) and then goes on to tell his story of how come he is homeless. No one coughs up and change. Normally the guy would move on. But this guy then tells another story more dramatic than the last. Still no one gives him any change. THEN he tells yet another sob story about his parents when he was 47 disowned him blah blah blah (come on at age 47 you need to get a grip). It was unbelievable- its like he was going to keep making his life story worse and worse until someone gave him something and he wasn't going anywhere till someone did. Finally 4 stops later I got off the train- thank goodness. My poor friend was on that train till Brooklyn. Also my "b/f" has been non existent lately. That is unacceptable.

ON another note my birthday is in 15 days. Last year the site was all Hello Kitty to celebrate this day. Paul this year I expect no less.

I have found the whole bad boy/nice guy conversation very interesting. Honestly I think Jason got it right when he said gay guys. It seems to be the case with me. All my best guy friends are gay. Yes I even have made out with a lot of them. If I could form the perfect man he'd be a nice guy with a bit of personality and a love of mischief. Seriously no girl wants to be treated like crap, its just that the bad boys seem to always hold the promise of something adventurous- and not for nothing they do seem to be a bit better between the sheets. I wish I could be in BUff for the experiment!
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11/24/04 10:43 - ID#22635

This song will drive you bananas

(you can't get it out of your head and its so annoying)
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11/22/04 12:07 - ID#22634

Century 21

This is the best store in the world. Ecerytime I take the train downtown its like I can not resist going in and buying something. Yesterday I bought 2 sets of hangers. Since I have done all my laundry it appears I have more clothes than hangers. Lately I have this hang up about living like an adult vs. a college kid. Part of that is not having 3 pairs of pants on the same hanger and 4 skirts hanging from the free hanger that came with the skirt. I think my newest hang up somes from the fact that I live with someone who insists on living like they are in college. Its to the point where I can't have nice stuff because his friends will either get it dirty (furinture) or his 2 pack a day smoking habit will just plain out ruin it. It is disgusting.
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11/18/04 05:09 - ID#22633

Roommate Wanted

Hey eppeps I need some assistance. I know some of you have some NYC contacts. Im looking to move back to parkslope my ohl hood in brooklyn. If anyone knows of someone looking for a roommate let me know!
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11/15/04 12:35 - ID#22632


Ole Dirty Bastard died. :( Who will Mariah do her next duet with? Seriously he stayed true to the ghetto- once all the old school rappers are gone all we will be left with are rappers like chingy. I don't want to live in a world like that.
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11/10/04 01:47 - ID#22631

Gasp- I may be done with New York

Yes I may be done with this city. I heart New York, but it is sucking everything that I like about myself out of me. I can remember the days where I was a laid back chill person. Ok maybe not laid back and chill but nicer and way less stressed out than I am now. Everyone tries to rip you off and its freaking cold. So its colder in Buffalo, but I am done with cold. Why be cooped up when you can live someplace warm.

On another note New York is really taking Bush's win hard. You can just feel it in the city. Jason I know you are a republican, and I can respect your views. But Bush is tearing this country apart and making it worse. The "moral majority" is a scary group. As a woman I feel like this can only hurt my personal freedoms. There is talk of reversing roe v wade. As a woman I can not tell you how upset this makes me. No man should be able to tell me what I can and can not do with my body. I'll survive these next 4 years, but I will be 100% more active now in the years leading up to the next election.

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11/08/04 05:16 - ID#22630

You have got to be kidding me!

Foxygirl makes a statement about the "violence" against the poor Republicans. It only happens because people simply can not live in this conserative/christian right wing country any more. It is to the point where a revolution may be the only answer to end/stop the insanity that Bush/Cheny has brought onto our great country. I think repressing the civil liberties of people because of their sexual preference is much more of an atrocity than any broken window/slashed tire can ever be.

On another note the resort in Florida was simply amazing. Our party that they threw was even more amazing. The spa days (yes plural) I enjoyed were just what the doctor ordered. I could get used to living that lifestyle.Florida (well more like the resort areas St. Petersberg/Tampa/Coco Beach) is beautiful, but the people there are scary to say the least. I was thinking maybe if New York could just take over the state and re-populate it I'd think about moving there. Swimming in Nov. is a wonderful treat and I didn't want to leave :(
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11/02/04 01:17 - ID#22629

The Get Up Kids

Their Cd cost $19 in NYC. What a rip off this city is. I bought it for my trip so id have some new tunes to listen to. Not like I don't already have about 50 new cds that I havent listened to yet.

On another note I am leaving for Florida on Thursday. I realized that this is no vacation. Since EVERYONE i work with is staying at the same hotel its more like a big work convention. I began worrying about what to pack and what I should wear everyday. Last time I checked a vacation is all about being a bum- not wearing work casual clothes from Ann Taylor. To top it off my mom is my guest. I am the only one out of 500 people brining my mom. What does this say about me? The hotel better have a stocked mini bar because Ill be hitting that baby up morning noon and night!
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11/01/04 06:01 - ID#22628

Why isint this mine?

Its the best Hello Kitty thing I have ever seen. Anyone want to chip in and buy it?!
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11/01/04 02:56 - ID#22627

I believe

in global warming. It was in the 70s in NYC yesterday. I walked around all day ina t-shirt and jeans. We have the heat off and the windows open in my apt. Today I wore flip flops to work. I love this weather!
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