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11/10/04 01:47 - ID#22631

Gasp- I may be done with New York

Yes I may be done with this city. I heart New York, but it is sucking everything that I like about myself out of me. I can remember the days where I was a laid back chill person. Ok maybe not laid back and chill but nicer and way less stressed out than I am now. Everyone tries to rip you off and its freaking cold. So its colder in Buffalo, but I am done with cold. Why be cooped up when you can live someplace warm.

On another note New York is really taking Bush's win hard. You can just feel it in the city. Jason I know you are a republican, and I can respect your views. But Bush is tearing this country apart and making it worse. The "moral majority" is a scary group. As a woman I feel like this can only hurt my personal freedoms. There is talk of reversing roe v wade. As a woman I can not tell you how upset this makes me. No man should be able to tell me what I can and can not do with my body. I'll survive these next 4 years, but I will be 100% more active now in the years leading up to the next election.

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11/08/04 05:16 - ID#22630

You have got to be kidding me!

Foxygirl makes a statement about the "violence" against the poor Republicans. It only happens because people simply can not live in this conserative/christian right wing country any more. It is to the point where a revolution may be the only answer to end/stop the insanity that Bush/Cheny has brought onto our great country. I think repressing the civil liberties of people because of their sexual preference is much more of an atrocity than any broken window/slashed tire can ever be.

On another note the resort in Florida was simply amazing. Our party that they threw was even more amazing. The spa days (yes plural) I enjoyed were just what the doctor ordered. I could get used to living that lifestyle.Florida (well more like the resort areas St. Petersberg/Tampa/Coco Beach) is beautiful, but the people there are scary to say the least. I was thinking maybe if New York could just take over the state and re-populate it I'd think about moving there. Swimming in Nov. is a wonderful treat and I didn't want to leave :(
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11/02/04 01:17 - ID#22629

The Get Up Kids

Their Cd cost $19 in NYC. What a rip off this city is. I bought it for my trip so id have some new tunes to listen to. Not like I don't already have about 50 new cds that I havent listened to yet.

On another note I am leaving for Florida on Thursday. I realized that this is no vacation. Since EVERYONE i work with is staying at the same hotel its more like a big work convention. I began worrying about what to pack and what I should wear everyday. Last time I checked a vacation is all about being a bum- not wearing work casual clothes from Ann Taylor. To top it off my mom is my guest. I am the only one out of 500 people brining my mom. What does this say about me? The hotel better have a stocked mini bar because Ill be hitting that baby up morning noon and night!
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11/01/04 06:01 - ID#22628

Why isint this mine?

Its the best Hello Kitty thing I have ever seen. Anyone want to chip in and buy it?!
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11/01/04 02:56 - ID#22627

I believe

in global warming. It was in the 70s in NYC yesterday. I walked around all day ina t-shirt and jeans. We have the heat off and the windows open in my apt. Today I wore flip flops to work. I love this weather!
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10/28/04 11:38 - ID#22626

Tim Meadows

used my bowl- AND he said it was sweet. Yes! Sorry but little things make my day...
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10/26/04 04:54 - ID#22625

Its my life- just like bon jovi

For the record bon jovi and def lepoard have some of the greatest 80s rock out songs ever. Pour some sugar on me was a favorite of my floor mates in college. We had dance party nights where we'd grab the box o wine, some coffee cups to drink it out of, and dance and sing the night away. For the record once the box o wine stops pouring you just cut it open. You can get about 3 more glasses out that box! I miss those carefree days...

So whats new? Im going to FL in about 10 days. Im not really big on FL. I actually have a standing poilcy against ever going there (for those of you that can remember we had a psycho from FL on the site till she was banned). But if someone pays for me to stay at a resort in 80 degree weather Im down.

I got my proactive in the mail a few days ago. Im now obsessed with it. I have a ton of their products. I have adult acne (gross I know). Well I think I have adult acne- not many people seem to agree. I just want perfect skin.

Work is sucking big time. I think NYC is the only place where people think they can talk to you anyway they want to. I not talking about just a jerk. Yesterday someone said to me "jesus christ whats wrong with you". Who talks to people like that? I mean we all know Im not a huge fan of people in general, but Im not just outright mean to someone.

Alrighty back to the grind... :(
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10/26/04 04:31 - ID#22624

New User Pic

Why is it all funky? Paul help it!! :(
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10/22/04 06:08 - ID#22623

Bullet Point Update

Im really into bullet point things. I think Ive been eaten by the corporate machine:

- Tom Ford in the flesh at Bergdorfs- I could have died happy at the moment. What made it even better is I was getting in a car at that moment so I didn't have to take the train home

-3 hour lunch Alain Ducasse- I didn't know food could taste this good. We got the special chef's table which meant course after course. The only thing that could have made it better is Liliho being there with me. She would have LOVED it and totally got how great it was.

- Tim Meadows of SNL- New friend of my roommate. Cra-gee. I don't think Ill ever get to meet him, but my roommate doesn't speak highly of him so maybe its not a loss.

-All expenses paid vaca in 13 days. My company actually pays for everyone (from mailroom clerk to CEO) to go on vacation, all expenses at a resort. Given it is a vacation with the people you work with- so its not that much of a vacation but still Ill take anything!

-I really miss my family a lot . All the great perks of living in New York some times are a bit empty without my favorite people here to shar it with- mainly lilho. She knows me like no one else and cracks me up without fail. Ive tried offering her a FREE room of her very own in my apartment to move here- now thats love.

-Visit to Buffalo was better than expected minus the rain 24/7. Shout out to paul Matt and Terry for letting me crash on the couch and the most uncomfortable mattress ever (seriously if you need to sleep over don't sleep on that thing- use the couch- nothing beats the drexel).
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10/15/04 10:05 - ID#22622


This message is specifically to you, as per your request. Four Three Zero. You know what will happen if you forget. 8*
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