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10/14/04 05:38 - ID#22621


I disagree. I heard it come right out of his mouth. I worked there for months and I saw Pano come into see Kosta.
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10/13/04 10:49 - ID#22619

I miss:

Cold Crisp Days
Walking to work with out smelling toxic fumes from buses
Clean Air period
My old apartment- Im sorry I said you were ghetto (I now know what ghetto really is)
My B'lo friends
Me Paulie and Sarah having fun times
Me and Paul during our trips to the mall
Not having to tip everyone just to do their jobs
Friendly People
Any sort of wildlife that isint mangy
Cute B'lo boys (yes there were a few)
Being able to survive on $10 a week
Personal Space
Being able to see a movie for less than $15
WEGMANS (I can't tell you how much this loss hurts me!)
Being able to go to Bills, Sabers games
Getting the company Box for concerts/sporting events (Ill never see that luxury again)
Panos (gasp- I know, but Im addicted to their chicken souvlaki)
Spot back in the day
New World Records
Frisbees (no place else can I get a million amazing new tunes for such a low price!)

I should have put this higher on the list but_ MY FAVORITE CHAIR IN THE WORLD THAT PAUL NOW HAS AND SOMEDAY I WILL RETURN TO RESCUE. Many of you epeeps have sat on this chair and relished its comfort. Maybe you have even fallen alseep in its soft large arms. Enjoy this time with the chair because I love it. Its mine and I am someday returning to claim it.

Ok back to work :)

Happy Hump day!!
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10/11/04 06:00 - ID#22618

Why is no one posting juicy journals?

Doesnt everyone know I have to have some form of entertainment to pass time at work?

Well if no one else is posting then i suppose I will.

Hmmm what to write about?

Since nothing exciting (minus the occasional celeb sighting) happens in my life now I'll re-tell the tales of my youth and since this is the sight that the "professor" aka Paul created I'll post of few of our better moments together:

- In high school me paul and a 3rd highly annoying classmate decided to take a cross country trip. My mom was no keen on this idea at all. Seeing as how I was going if she let me or not, she let me go. She had one piece of motherly advice before I departed. She said (or should I say begged) DO NOT HITCHHIKE. Well as luck would have it the car broke down in Iowa (a state I do not recommend). Me and Paul didn't have a ride to the camp ground and it was miles away (keep in mind we had all sorts of crap with us) so my bright idea was to hitchhike. Poor Paul- he was terrified of what would happen when my mom found out. Then after a bunch of other fun stuff and days later we decided to splurge for a hot meal at a Shooneys. For those of you who don't know what it is Shooneys is basicaly a AppleBees. So they had an all you can eat seafood thing for $12. If you know Paul you know he is eating every morsel he can get for his 12. Well about 15 minutes into the meal I discover a tick crawling up my arm. Keep in mind this is after SEVERAL tick run ins (including one gross episode where I had to burn a tick off Paul with a cigarette). So when I see the tick I scream out loud "oh my god theres a tick on my arm". After this I try to stab it with a knife. Everyone in the resturant is now looking at us and has stopped eating. I think we ruined a lot of peoples all you can eat night. Paul was so grossed out. I think we both now have a tick a phobia. The trip was so much fun looking back on it- I wish I was young again!!
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10/11/04 10:37 - ID#22617

Buffalo Bills

Why do they suck so bad? Its like you can predict what is going to happen. EVERY game they manage to loose in a new and unbelievable way. Their loosing makes Thomas cranky and it trickles down! I'm just saying I don't get fun suprises if he's a Mr. Cranky Pants.

The countdown to lilho being 21 begins. I'm sad I can't be there for what should be a diva tastic celebration!
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10/07/04 11:49 - ID#22616

I thought I was alone

in my obsession of the MTV Real World Road Rules Challenge. I even thought about it on my way to work. It is like crack. You know these youngsters are just insane and WAY too emotional, but you can't stop watching. There are entire weekend days I have wasted away just watching the marathons. My roommate is now addicted too. Its trashy TV at its best.

Random update:

My blue hair has faded back to blonde- sad :( I liked the blue and it made me look like the cool rocker I'll never be.

Halloween costume ideas anyone? I am invited to a few parties and I have decided to be unlike my normal self and go out and dress up. It has to be a sexy girly costume though. I have already ruled out french maid and hooker as too cheesy and predictable. A friend said to go as a rock star or euro trash. Hmmm- would anyone even know what I was? Help!

The Tom/Jessica saga is back on the break-up is over. Will I ever learn?

Its almost Friday- YEA!
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10/04/04 05:14 - ID#22615

Its really magical

overheard conversation. Today two grown men in my office were talking about how great and magical disney is. I almost had to throw up. They then went into this whole thing about what a great corporation it is because its a buiness of making people feel good. I don't know about you but I have have to disagree 110%.
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10/01/04 04:38 - ID#22614


Its 3:29 and once again I am conting the minutes till I can get the hell out of here. I just found out one of my friends pays 200 a month in rent. I almost fell off my chair. That is insanely cheap. I could go and find an entirely different job if that was my rent. That rent would seriously change my life. You can guarantee I would not be slaving at my job anymore. Its finally starting to get cold now :( I guess its just another excuse to go shopping for new winter clothes.

So this morning I saw a pidgeon eating dog poop. Thats almost the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. The first most disgusting thing involves some guy puking next to me on the train. Anyways it had inspired me to say we should have a most disgusting thing contest. Then I recalled Paul and his scab grossness. I can't even talk about it its so nasty. Ever since back in highschool he would go into this gross scab thing just to get everyone all grossed out. After I rembered that I decided to kill the gross contest.
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09/30/04 06:21 - ID#22613


I used to work for Kosta, Panos cousin. Ahh the stories os sexual harassment and grossness involving food I could tell you about. Also what ever the greek place is in the food court of the Boulevard mall is owned by the old cook at Kostas- he used to lick his fingers and all sorts of gross stuff while cooking. Yummy!!
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09/27/04 04:34 - ID#22612

Story of my hot hook up Continued

[inlink]jason,8[/inlink]So when Paul saw my story he called me and said I needed to tell the rest of the story. Ok here it goes. So yes my latin lover was a hottie hot guy, however he did have some issues- which may have been why he never seemed to have a g/f. Since I don't know how else to do this I am going to bullet point the list of his "problems".

  • He had issues getting it up after only a few drinks.

  • "It" was weirdly shaped and very off center (dare I say crocked)

  • He had this huge brand from his frat going down half his leg which just made him look like a burn victim (which technically he was).

So Jason the moral of this story is- don't feel bad if you didn't call. Maybe you are better off!!

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09/24/04 05:12 - ID#22611

A little Story...


Just to reinforce my point I'll tell you a little story. Back in the 90's (gasp) when I was in college I met Louis on my very first day of school. He was a dream. He was from Columbia and the hottest guy I had ever seen. He was popular and in a frat(I know yuck, but he wasnt a typical frat guy). We developed a friendship despite me being this alternative chick and not at all popular like he was. We were in a bunch of classes together and every year studied together for finals. He was always with these hot latina girls and I figured I had zero chance. Anyways my crush continued for 3 years. Finally in my senior year my friend asked me if I wanted to look back and regret not making a move. She said it was something Id regret forever if I didn't. So I made my move. We ended up hooking up ALL the time after that. He has no idea about my crush and figured he wasnt my type. Im so glad I did that. I can now look back at college and not regret and think "what if". I can also add "hooking up with amazingly hot guy" to my resume...

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