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Category: school

12/13/10 12:48 - 13.ºF - ID#53259 pmobl

Final tally

Three empty waterman pen refills for 58 handwritten pages of notes.

I couldn't find replacement nibs for it that (e:tinypliny) suggested are fun to trade. I'd love a fine point. The medium point is quite broad and doesn't give the nice thick-thin strokes that I like. I might not have been as picky about fine point pens when I bought it about 12 years ago. I still like the purple ink :-)


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Category: school

12/12/10 04:48 - 35.ºF - ID#53249 pmobl

Fountain pen refills

I broke out my waterman fountain pen to work on studying for my local government law final tomorrow. I'm on my third refill.

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Category: school

12/08/10 07:54 - 20.ºF - ID#53222 pmobl

Random photos

I have my first of three finals this morning... Wish me luck! Here are some pix from the last few days. Sunshine!




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Category: home

12/01/10 05:30 - 33.ºF - ID#53188

Excellent summary video

... of issues with natural gas drilling. It was shot mostly in Bradford County, Pa., the county east of Tioga and does a nice job of capturing how beautiful it is there. 14 minutes.

Oh, and the guy who sold his natural gas drilling company, East Resources to Shell for $4.7B wants to buy the Sabres, after he gave Penn State $88M to build an arena for their to-be-developed Div.I hockey team. East/Shell owns most of the gas rights in Tioga County.

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Category: school

11/30/10 10:11 - 55.ºF - ID#53183

in class today...

I brought up an article I read this week about Tea Party members being against sustainable development efforts, or most zoning in general, that they think it's to create "human habitation zones" and it's a UN plot. Later, someone else brought up about the new food safety bill that passed today and he thought it was a good thing because of the salmonella and e-coli breakouts in peanut butter and cilantro and whatever. The bill gives the FDA more power over food inspections.

A classmate got REALLY upset and ranted about the FDA doing more harm than it's ever done good, citing an example of the FDA raiding a raw food coop in California and you know, people have died waiting for drug trials. She then essentially said I was calling the Tea Party people crazy and that they just want smaller government and government is so bad, and then quoted Glen Beck to support her argument.
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Do people really believe that the FDA is bad? I'm not very interested in the topic outside of appreciating that they do recall drugs that kill you or make you fly airplanes into houses on suicide missions. In general, it feels like a "too little too late" kind of agency.

The prof was very very diplomatic in calming the ruffled feathers.

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Category: comedy

11/30/10 06:14 - 53.ºF - ID#53180

Dykes of Hazard: It's not easy being white

I was at this show and I'm in class at the moment, but this tune was freakin' hysterical live. so hopefully it comes across just as awesome on vid:

I think too few people in my facebook friends list would get this - thanks, (e:peeps)!
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Category: holiday

11/27/10 02:41 - 36.ºF - ID#53171

A happy thanksgiving!

I had a wonderful thanksgiving in maryland at my best friend's mom's :-) here's a picture of felicia in her thanksgiving apron and one of michelle and her cousin's 5 year old. So cute! Hope you all had a great time also!


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Category: gas e&p

11/20/10 01:19 - 47.ºF - ID#53139

Petition to extend NYS fracking moratorium

The NYS Senate passed a bill Aug. 3 to extend the DEC moratorium on high water volume, horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing for natural gas extraction until May '11. The Assembly hasn't acted and the session is getting very short. Petition:


Call Assembly Speaker Silver (212-312-1420), assembly member Robert Sweeney (631-957-2087), and Buffalo's Sam Hoyt (716-885-9630). Tell them to vote “yes” on this moratorium (A11443), as well as asking that they recommend this to their fellow assembly members, and tell them to bring this moratorium to a vote AS SOON AS THEY RETURN! We cannot wait on this! Tell Governor Paterson (518-474-8390) to support this legislation and sign it as well!

Also, don't believe the "natural gas is cleaner than coal" crap. If you only look at the moment of burning, yes, it's cleaner, but if you take into account the whole process, it could be dirtier than the entire coal extraction & burning process, according to the


We urge caution in viewing natural gas as good fuel choice for the future. Using the best available science, we conclude that natural gas is no better than coal and may in fact be worse than coal in terms of its greenhouse gas footprint when evaluated over the time course of the next several decades. Note that both the National Academy of Sciences and the Council of Scientific Society Presidents have urged great caution before proceeding with the development of diffuse natural gas from shale formations using unconventional technology.

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Category: stuff

11/19/10 08:23 - 38.ºF - ID#53133

Lampshade... Success!

Not a bad lampshade... Found it at target for about $16.


(followup to (e:heidi,52761) and (e:heidi,52973))
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Category: apartments

11/16/10 10:03 - 48.ºF - ID#53113

I hate Kissling Interests

This is an anti-Kissling Interests rant. ((e:peeps), no need to read, it's just for potential Kissling Interests renters.)

Do not rent from Kissing Interests. Do not rent at 131 Allen Street, the Aldor Apartments. Kissling is a money-grubbing evil corporation. If you are not an absolutely perfect person and tenant, you will pay lots and lots and lots of extra money. They do not repair important things like WATER LEAKING INTO YOUR APARTMENT. My apartment leaked for two years and they gave me $100 off one month's rent for it. That barely covered all the extra laundry costs I incurred. Thank goodness none of my electronics were near the windows. I cleaned the apartment thoroughly when I left - it was cleaner than when I moved in, it was clean enough for someone else to move into immediately, it was spotless, and they still took $40 out of my security deposit, and if I want to contest it, I have to hire a lawyer. I had a parking spot in a lot at 175 North and once they towed my truck without notifying me because they were repaving, not because I hadn't paid or was in violation of any lease provision. The lease does NOT say that no dogs are allowed on the premises. Nisha came to visit and I got charged $250 and was not allowed to keep her there at all. My apartment was very cute, but overpriced for the amount of space, amount of noise on Allen and the lack of maintenance. There was no way to control the heat so my windows were wide open in the middle of winter. Once a window shattered on my head while I was trying to open it. I got charged $180 AND got an eviction notice when I didn't pay within three days. They charge tenants $50/mo extra to have an air conditioner in their windows - according to the notice it's to defray extra costs, but tenants pay for electric!! Cats are allowed but only with a NONREFUNDABLE deposit. This is why the building was more than half empty for over a year. For comparison, the apartments above Colter Bay at Delaware & Allen have central air, controllable heat, are much more spacious, have modern large kitchens, allow dogs & cats with no deposit, and are fully rented, even with the same noise issues.

KISSLING INTERESTS SUCKS. Don't rent with them.


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  • Linnie 10/17 06:57 Hi Neighbors - I just bought a groovy renovated carriage house on Linwood Ave, and I'm so excited to live in our wonderful city! The large house in front of the carriage house burned down in the 70's. An article I found about the property cited that 'Matthew' on this site had posted a series of photos called 'Lost Linwood" (article was from 2012). I thought maybe Matthew was still on this site or perhaps someone could help me find the photos. I'd love to see the original house and carriage house

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