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Category: food

06/29/10 10:06 - ID#52054

the Q-Tips are the Cutest

Had a late snack with a friend at Cafe Aroma the other night. (I know, the link is for a website for the owner's other business, but it's all I gotz)

The staff is friendly and attractive. My attempt at flirting with the new girl failed miserably, but it was a chummy flirt and i was with a lady friend who's drink I paid for, so she probably just thought I was a huge douche bag. Back to the food. We both had chamomile and shared a slice of Carrot Cake. We were both watching our weight, but if you avoid the frosting you can have carrot cake with very very little guilt, its mostly just carrots.

They're right next to the only new book bookstore in buffalo, aaand they serve wine and beer (Ommagang beers, some of my favorites ever). It's kinda tiny and sorta cramped but if you're into that it's gold, and the internet is free, and you gotta get a ticket. I like it that way so you don't get creepy esquatters who don't even buy drinks.

They were out of lemon, which I feel is a key part of good cup of chamomile, and the bag of chamomile that I had was short leaf and pre packed in a round tea pouch so it wasn't very full in flavor. Compared to the SPoT teas that are full leaf and just as cheap it lost a few points. To boot they only had limes, which for some reason had no juice left in em. I think they weren't ripe.

The cake was just moist enough and it wasn't too old. By the time we sat down to eat it the frosting was starting to mankify and there was little to no moisture in it. I've seen this happen to carrot cakes time and time again, and it's just a part of the price you pay trying to eat coffee shop cakes that have to sit in cold cases. It was still tasty though, and pretty. The barista decorated the slice with caramel and whipping cream from a pro air can.

Insert pic I didn't take

The cake wasn' t too sweet which I think should be pointed out as a merit since even though the SPoT carrot cake is quite a bit better, it gave this cake it's own class. I normally eat coffee shop cakes with a warm or cold sweet drinks and that much sweetness just gets lost on you. So I like less sweet cake while I'm coffee shop snacking.

You can't beat the location of Aroma, right off of Bidwell and Elmwood. The kids were out doing their things in hackie sac circles, young lovers were lounging on the parkway into the twilight, and there were even some tight rope walkers too. Never a dull moment. The cutest thing I spotted while people watching though was an older man, full grey, mulling about until his date showed up. She was just as old and head a head like a q-tip, all white and fully and moth bitten. They were so sweet.

I wish I had a pic of the cake and tea and q-tip to post, but I don't. I'll do better next time. Later peeps.

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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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