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Category: fitness

06/09/10 11:55 - ID#51834

Keeping the leaves on the right side.

Hi peep'lz

I've made a lot of strides going to the gym lately. I'm down to 220lbs. which is pretty good for an (e:enknot) but my BMI is still 27.5 which is over weight according to this calculator ( I think that maybe I just have heavy bones, but there's a bone on top of my abs that is kinda flabby that's telling me I might be wrong, so I'm going to pump up the cardio until that goes away. I bought roller blades and my bike is in great working order so if you ever wanna do that kinds stuff shoot me an email (they come to my phone so they're as fast as text messages)

I was going to the gym in the mornings for a while, and it kept me consistent and able to do things at night that were not the gym (I have a social addiction), but I've come to find that saps my ability to do things during the first part of the day which matters a bunch. I can't concentrate at work, and I'm kinda drowsy for the first part of the day no matter how much sleep I got that night. That is just not good. For to many reasons. You people don't pay taxes so state employees can stare sleepily at their computer screens...well not this one at least.

So, I'm moving my work out to night times. I like to work out with people, I feel like you can get more done that way, and I've bumped into more people at night when I go to the gym, so this might actually do us all some good.

Last night I saw my old nerdy co-worker Jake Mabee (pronounced "maybe", yeah I have fun with that) and we did legs and chest and I can still feel a nice dull ache. He taught me how to do dead lifts and my whole self feels chewed on. My other buddy told me that there's a human growth hormone that released when you do your legs that works body wide, and I figured if I'm going to use some growth hormone on anything else I'm going to use it on pecs. I still have the Ren Hoeck dream of having humongus pectoral muscles. I think ladies like em... I do too, make my shirts look better on me and naked time more fun for everyone involved...and I'm trying to get as many people involved as i can at this point in my lame dating life :)

Later peeps.

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