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10/08/08 10:29 - 57ºF - ID#45991

Cute Overload

I now own this headband:


It's so effing cute.
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10/07/08 12:12 - 53ºF - ID#45976


The big hoopla was Playboy Bunnies selling cupcakes that were so 3rd grade home ec.

  • Oh and not even the good Playboy Bunnies like Holly or Bridget. They were lame ones who weren't that hot.

I guess at least I got to get away from my desk. *sigh*
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10/07/08 11:23 - 53ºF - ID#45975

Oh em gee

They are doing celebrity apprentice across the street from my building selling cupcakes. You know I'm a total celeb whore. I'm leaving in a few moments to go check it out. I forgot my camera so there won't be pictures *sad face*.
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10/06/08 11:42 - 52ºF - ID#45958

New Kids on the Block

Since the late 80s I have been totes in love with NKOTB. In 8th grade I spent every single dollar I had on New Kids junk (junk=anything Claire's sold in the mall). I never got to see them live because we were always too poor. And then the one time I did have enough money for a concert ticket I spent it on seeing MC Hammer, En Vogue and Vanilla Ice- wow what a bad choice.

Sorry that was a bit of a tangent.

My point was while I was out on Friday night Mike Visco called me on my cell from the NKOTB concert and basically made all my dreams come true (or at least the ones relating to NKOTB).

Also related to New Kids: Is Jon gay?

My guess is yes. Why? Because I tend to heart the gay dudes. It would only make sense that the one I like the most is gay.
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10/02/08 04:30 - 52ºF - ID#45898

My newest obsession


Because I'm a true Patriot.
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10/02/08 04:26 - 52ºF - ID#45896


After a discussion with Paul about the possibility of makeouts happening at his Halloween Party I've decided to go.

I'm not dressing up though. Unless slutty or bitter counts as a costume.

I'm super excited to see all of my long lost Buffalo friends and eat chicken wings and drink Labatts and breathe fresh upstate air.

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10/02/08 09:24 - 48ºF - ID#45888

Tiny- answers

Yes- Le Cake went into le garbage can.

CT=Connecticut- it's where all the rich investment bankers live. Greenwich to be more precise.

The Hello Kitty Flagship store is actually in Times Square. I try to avoid going there because I tend to get more excited than I should being that I'm 31.

And the co-worker dude. Eh. He's divorced with 3 kids. Too much baggage.
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10/01/08 09:46 - 55ºF - ID#45875

Totally busted

Last night I spent some quality time with my lady friends talking books and politics. It was pretty fun. However, while discussing books and politics I was drinking Old Fashion's (burbon and cherrys- you really can't go wrong) until 12am.

Now I'm slightly hung over. The cure for a hangover is always bacon, egg and cheese on a roll.

I was just on the phone ordering one and a coworker walked by and heard me. He just shook his head and laughed. Apparently I won't be keeping my hangover a secret today.
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09/30/08 05:00 - 63ºF - ID#45863

Is it really this bad?

Another friend lost their job.

I've never been this scared of the economy. Last night all I could dream about was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Is it time to nail down a tin can in my closet and save nickles for emergencies? I feel like it might be.
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09/29/08 04:04 - 60ºF - ID#45846


Remember the German Chocolate Cake? If not refer to:

It was birthday cake day in the office and a coworker and I were discussing cake and she was like "oh how's [redacted]?" She had met him at a work event and we hadn't chatted since and she's a playwright and was wondering about his projects and such. I told her it didn't work out and funny she should ask while we were eating cake. I then told her the cake story (I made an awesome cake that was never eaten). Turns out she's writting a play and wants to use it in her play!! I knew somehow, somewhere that effing cake would not go to waste if it killed me. It is now famous (or at least in a play that people may or may not see for years to come).

Ok update: I sent her the picture of the cake. She wants to use it as the cover for her playbill! My cake is famous!


Just for you Paul. By popular request here is the infamous never eaten "German Chocolate 3 hour to prepare and no I'm not bitter about it cake".

PS Jason you and I are having drink fest next time I go home.
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