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06/01/08 10:44 - 53ºF - ID#44511

time or something

its certainly been a while since my last post. Time just seems to go by so fast. It seems like every day is garbage day again and people are rolling garbage cans to and from the street.
The houses are close on this street and the driveways are thunderous canyons of sound.

What else to say? Work is fine. It is not hard in a physical sense or hard in the sense that anyone actually has to deliver it seems. Maybe the only thing to complain about is that its not challenging. It is pretty sweet to be a nobody though, not have to return phone calls or emails or go to meetings.
I finally wormed my way into an electro-chemistry class. That shit is magic to me, mathe-frickin-magic.

Buffalo is a good place to visit, certainly better than Rochester. I think that last time I was around might have been New Year's. The next time I'll be through is two weekends from now, going to my cousins house near Erie.
I think at the very least I'll drive up Elmwood to see how its doing.

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04/28/08 11:30 - 41ºF - ID#44178

bike seats

I have a mountain bicycle that I haven't ridden in years.

Its really awesome to be riding it again.

I've seen bike seats before with lady parts cut out but did you know they have them with prostate parts cut out too?
Thats awesome because I would put the prostate on my top-ten list of glands in the pelval region.

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04/10/08 11:03 - 47ºF - ID#43978

broken brains

when my alarm clock went off this morning I was in the middle of a really vivid and real dream.
I got out of bed and it was like only part of my head knew it was awake and the rest was still dreaming.
IT was really cool though I had a hard time not falling over in the shower.

It was the wierdest fucking thing! I got to work and it was very much like Peter Gibbons being hypnotized in Office Space.
Everything seemed so easy and relaxed.

Anyways, I hope its not a brain tumor or something.
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03/21/08 12:03 - 30ºF - ID#43742


IOU: I owe estrip (1) post

this is just to get to 100
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03/21/08 12:00 - 30ºF - ID#43741


Four day weekends are awesome because they beget (2) four day weeks.

I've had blog stage fright lately. I've been avoiding writing anything thats too dorky or complainy. I still like reading the other blogs though.
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02/17/08 04:15 - 43ºF - ID#43373

no hot water!

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02/16/08 06:54 - 24ºF - ID#43365



Also, I got 99 problems and Carbon Monoxide ain't one cause I got 3 different kinds of CO monitors.

[The couple who lives in front of the house] were way more level-headed than me and talked to a bunch of City Health people who promptly came over and took lots of photos.

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02/14/08 11:54 - 32ºF - ID#43335

no heat!

I am so entirely pissed right now. I haven't had heat at my apartment since Tuesday morning. Maybe I'll get it tomorrow who knows.

But the entire house is certainly filled with CO as they put a kerosene heater in the basement to keep the pipes from freezing. An out-fucking-door heater that has warning labels all over it not to use in a living space.

I was very cool with everything until I got out of work tonight and A] there was not a message on my phone from my landlord saying everything was fixed and B] there was not a message on my phone at all from the landlord.

I talked with the people who live in the front of the house and they were in a hotel and are now with friends. The landlord said he wouldn't pay for a hotel after the first night. I wonder if he will pay at all.

At first on Tuesday morning we were half joking that we might get outta the lease this way and at this point I'm thinking about breaking it anyways.

I tried to read this to see if I'm rambling but I'm too pissed to think.
What are the drawbacks to breaking a lease? I don't care about the reference and if he takes me to court I think I have at least a 50% chance.
As far as my deposit goes he can blow his nose on it for all I care.

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02/06/08 01:48 - 33ºF - ID#43207


I tried to enroll in a party to vote in the primaries but I got this letter from my County Board of Elections:

Dear Voter
Your present enrollment is Blank - No Party and must remain the same, according to New York State Law, until after the 2008 General Election.
Your new enrollment will be changed after the 2008 General Election, which is November 04, 2008

Thats some shit cause if I wasn't registered at all I could have filed by January 11th and voted today.

I hate that dang old Erection Board.

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01/31/08 11:56 - 24ºF - ID#43124

for real

For real: yesterday the sidestreet my house is on was real icy.
I forgot about how icy it was until I tried parking behind someone and slid right into their bumper.

What a pisser, it was a new car and everything.
Even though it was a tiny bump on the bumper (what else is that for, if not for bumping?) I knew I had to at least say something about it. Its only right eh?
However, in the two minutes it took me to go inside and write a note on an envelope the person or persons unknown drove off.

For real: I still have the envelope in my coat pocket:

I ran into your b ack bumper (the street was icy) Please call me at XXX-YYYY & I can pay for the repair

Also for real is the fact I never wrote more about New Orleans. I tried a few times but the post was too long and maybe even rambling. Ask me about it ( at a party or something)

Instead, here are a few pictures. I didn't take that many.

Fig 1: Looking down Marais St

Fig 2: Garage across the street.

Fig 3: In the backyard; you can see the Claiborne Ave Bridge in the distance.

Fig 4: The back step. My favorite spot at the house.

for real

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