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Category: work

05/01/11 08:48- ID#54198


Ugh... almost done with this stupid access db and I need to make a form print two copies and stop having a blank second page (which may just be from imperfectly arranged fields. Here's the code:

Private Sub PrintTicketButton_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_PrintTicketButton_Click

DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acEditMenu, 8, , acMenuVer70
DoCmd.PrintOut acSelection

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_PrintTicketButton_Click

End Sub

Suggestions, anyone?

It's been so long since I've done any coding! (damned tax law) My developer reference books are all in storage in PA.

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Category: pets

04/30/11 04:08- ID#54183

Poodle nest



Adrian gave Nisha a treat and then tried to take it back. She turned her head away and put her paw on his hand to
stop him from taking it.

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Category: home

04/29/11 05:25- ID#54175 pmobl

Office chicks

I love my office. Nisha loves chasing chickens or sitting with jill. It's very wet here. Uncle dudley's basement is flooded (no laundry for me!). A's basement flooded a couple nights ago, about 4".



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Category: work

04/29/11 12:23- ID#54173 pmobl


I'm hanging out at a quarry installing some software... The weighstation has as many as 400 trucks a day, about 22 tons each truck. That's a lot of rocks.


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Category: travel

04/27/11 06:44- ID#54161 pmobl

20 trolley bus

This bus is cute :-)

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Category: travel

04/26/11 03:50- ID#54156 pmobl



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Category: gas drilling

04/24/11 03:02- ID#54146

Fixing water contamination

(e:Paul) asked about how residential well water is being remediated when gas drilling contaminates it. This story discusses a whole-house reverse-osmosis installation. My understanding is that gas drillers aren't installing reverse-osmosis systems very often. They're really not a permanent solution - they take maintenance and money to run, they're noisy, they're slow.

“Both of the homes will be getting reverse osmosis systems which will remove total dissolved solids, chlorides, manganese, iron, dissolved methane and ethane gas from their water supplies,” Tarbell said. “There will also be pumps installed, water softeners and UV light to disinfect the water as part of the project.”

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Category: fun

04/23/11 01:05- ID#54136


Topic Idea: "The one skill that I want to learn next..." suggested by tinypliny

I want to learn to hula hoop. (e:Dovelette)'s idea... she lent me a hoop that's currently decorating my bike. I've started to get it, but I need to practice a lot more. It seems I should be able to be pretty proficient if I practice during the bar review.
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Category: friends

04/19/11 10:23- ID#54098 pmobl

New game

A game called wasabi...

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Category: school

04/19/11 12:08- ID#54096 pmobl


The environmental law society is raffling this solar charger. I just spent $10 on tickets. (i also ordered two phone batteries on amazon last week... Hopefully they'll show up soon. thanks (e:paul)) hopefully I won't ever be traveling or having a long dayagain and run out of phone.


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