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Category: rant

08/02/05 07:20 - 84ºF - ID#23530

Asshole Zealot Christian

Here's what I had to say to some jerk who is anti-gay and started using the Bible to justify his bigoted view of homosexuals.

Some of you people subscribe to the Jerry Falwell definition of what it means to be a Christian - but what is so amusing about these types is that they cling to the literal word so tightly on some occasions, and then ignore the literal word on other occasions. Hypocrites, all of them. If you believe in strictly interpreting Leviticus, then you also believe in condemning to death anyone who curses the name of the Lord. You would also wash your body and clothes before you sit anywhere your menstruating wife has sat, and also many other things. Do you do all these things as instructed in Leviticus? If not then by your own definition you are not worthy to be called Christian. Don't question my faith, look inward, read the teachings of Jesus and understand that if you condemn homosexuals or anybody else like you do, you will have a very difficult time finding the pearly gates. Worry about your own soul.

Listen, we don't use the Holy Bible as THE basis for our law, and the Christian right has to come to grips with it. There is nothing wrong, unconstitutional, or more importantly anti-Christian about letting homosexual couples have a civil union contract that gives them all of the same legal protections, benefits and such that straight married couples have. You can protect marriage and be for civil unions. Do you believe everyone in America should be equal in the eyes of the law? Isn't that the way that it's supposed to be? There are homosexual couples raising kids all over the USA and the reality of that situation renders inadequate far-right definitions of family. These people ARE families and the law should not discriminate against those families in a society where everyone is supposed to be equal under the law.


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08/01/05 10:46 - 78ºF - ID#23529

I finally have a country to call my own!

The People's Republic of Weeniedom

Motto: "We'll take that income! Cha-ching!"
UN Category: Left-wing Utopia
Civil Rights: Superb
Political Freedoms: Superb
Economy: Basket Case
Location: the West Pacific

The People's Republic of Weeniedom is a tiny, environmentally stunning nation, remarkable for its strong anti-business politics. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 5 million are free to do what they want with their own bodies, and vote for whoever they like in elections; if they go into business, however, they are regulated to within an inch of their lives.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, corrupt, liberal, socially-minded government stops and the rest of society begins, but it devotes most of its attentions to Social Welfare, with areas such as Law & Order and Religion & Spirituality receiving almost no funds by comparison. The average income tax rate is 64%, and even higher for the wealthy. The private sector is almost wholly made up of enterprising fourteen-year-old boys selling lemonade on the sidewalk, although the government is looking at stamping this out.

Crime is totally unknown. Weeniedom's national animal is the turtle, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the credit.
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07/31/05 09:34 - 83ºF - ID#23528

Great Party!

Thanks so much to (e:Paul), (e:Matthew), and (e:Terry) for putting together a great party and for making Josh and I feel welcome. We didn't know too many people going in but everyone was so cool and needless to say we had an awesome time. I was happy to meet everyone and get in the huddle for some good conversation and fun. I want to also say that (e:Hodown) is down as hell and definitely one of the coolest ladies I've met. No doubt I was trippin on some drink and whatnot but hopefully I represented 750 properly. It was great to meet all of you. Hopefully we'll have occasion to party it up again soon!

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Category: rant

07/30/05 05:30 - 78ºF - ID#23527

Me and Josh

Okay, I've got a web cam pic of Josh and I that we just took together. Now you fuckers better not annoy me about this shit again!


I'm on the right, Josh is on the left.


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07/30/05 04:24 - 76ºF - ID#23526


See yall's asses there tonight! Ya heard!
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07/29/05 11:14 - 75ºF - ID#23525

Ladder Theory

In the spirit of trying to explain why male/female interactions work the way they do, I hereby offer to you all the Ladder Theory. There is a lot to it, but there is some wisdom and humor to it. Check it out!

Read! Learn! Understand where you are on someone's ladder and where they are on yours! Do your best to achieve the least ladder disparity possible!

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07/27/05 01:47 - 66ºF - ID#23524

Humor Quiz

the Provacateur
(60% dark, 39% spontaneous, 50% vulgar)

your humor style:

You'll crack on anything, and you're often witty, even caustic, about it. Therefore, your sense of humor is polarizing. You're transgressive, and you've got a seriously sharp 'edge'--maybe too much for some folks

If they get you, people think you're one of the funniest (and smartest) people in the world. If they don't, they think you're an ass. Whatever, right? While some might question your judgement, your comic intellect is unquestionably respected.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Chris Rock - Lenny Bruce - George Carlin

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07/25/05 05:40 - 76ºF - ID#23523

Weird Dreams

I've been having more weird dreams lately.

A while back I had a dream that I was raiding a friend's house special-forces style, infiltrating his house at night while his parents were asleep, going through a window and stealing every little bit of porno he had, including passwords to some pay sites. After successfully extracting the porn, I left and walked across a park to what looked like a downtown area (for some reason, in my dream I thought I was in Dallas, but I wasn't sure). I was walking down the street when a girl came up to me. Blonde, cute, with copper colored skin. She smiled and I stuck out my hand and said "Hey, I'm Jason." She shook my hand and introduced herself as Arakthri. We were about to get into some sort of conversation when my alarm woke me up.

Last night I was dreaming away when Arakthri's face popped into view. I recognized it was her, went up to her and said we need to talk. She told me that there was a guy that was first "in line" to be with her. It turned out he was a psychopath or something, because she dropped him and immediately ran to me. I felt a very unique connection to her - she was really important to me, I cared very deeply for her. I don't think I've felt that way about any woman outside of my dream state. The guy before me was a very jealous type, to the point of violence and treachery. He kept on trying to sabotage us in many different ways, and at one point almost killed me with this giant hand gun as I leapt in front of a bullet meant for her. This kept us on the run, but more importantly kept me from learning anything of significance from Arakthri. In my dream I absolutely LOVED her and thought there was something important she and I had to talk about. I wonder if she will pop into my dreams again sometime, and what it is she has to tell me.


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07/23/05 03:02 - 81ºF - ID#23522

Terrorism in Quotes

I read a nice article on the CBC web site today that said Egypt is denouncing "terrorism" as the death toll mounts:

What the hell is wrong with calling terrorism what it is? Is the CBC so horribly PC that they are afraid of offending militant Islama-fascists? lol

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07/21/05 03:26 - 82ºF - ID#23521

Battlefield 2

What an awesome game. Keel them Arabs ded! Bang bang bang! Run up to a tank, plop some C4 on it, and blow it up! Then go and hop into a Black Hawk with a bunch of your buddies and do some nice fly-over killing! Hop into a F-15 and bomb their communications tower! Creep up behind someone and gank em with your combat knife! How cool!

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