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Category: tech

10/17/07 09:13 - ID#41684

My New PC

Yes, it is time to upgrade, although I think spending lots of money on computer parts is going to become decreasingly feasible, especially if one day I have a family and whatnot. Anyhow, UPS should have everything to my door by tomorrow. Here's what I got (leaving out most of the detail):

nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB
500 GB SATA Hard Drive (For lots of HD media)
2 Gigs Corsair RAM
2.66Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 6750

Hopefully, this will allow me to play HD media and the newest games for at least a few years, and will be upgradeable enough where I don't have to put out so much freaking money when I want new parts.
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Category: tech

07/20/07 02:18 - ID#40178

Need Cell Phone Advice

Okay, so a week (ok, more than that) ago I lost my phone after I went to Consumer's to get my St. Bernardus - I was hoping to find it but at the same time the damn thing was broken (no to ringey, yes to vibey).

So I need a new phone, and I guess I have to get it tomorrow sometime.

Now, I don't need the newest fanciest, most advanced tech in a hand held device. I have never felt the need to browse the web on my phone, so I guess I don't really care if it has uber fast data transfer rates or neat browsers. I also will probably never care to listen to music on my phone. I have an iPod that works.

I need a phone, with voice mail, with a camera on it, and I also text on occasion. Basically something decent, fairly modern. I was thinking either LG Chocolate, or maybe a KRZR, or something along those lines.

What do you use? What would you pick?

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Category: tech

12/29/06 10:29 - ID#23714

Blogging Woes

I find myself blogging in more than one place recently, and there are many reasons why.

For example - when talking about the girl I'm seeing, I would prefer to use this site primarily because she has no clue about it, but also because I know I can talk freely about how I feel about the situation with no backlash whatsoever. In fact, I would prefer talking about all serious subjects here, with you guys. An added bonus is that I get many interesting and thoughtful responses which help me a great deal.

Another example - when talking about sports, I would prefer to use MySpace because I know I will get feedback, which might not be true here. It's a case of my audiences having different interests, which is fantastic, but not so conducive to blogging in one place I suppose. Peter is always good for a response, as he has wildly varying interests, everything from nasty porn to my North American Union rant, but I don't expect everyone to be as interested in so many things like him.

Celebrity Justice, as well as many other elements of popular culture, are more or less appropriate anywhere.

Now we can bring up a very interesting question. Why do you blog? An entire entry could be dedicated to this, but the basic thought is that we want to be heard, and we want to connect with other people. A blog is no good if you don't have someone to respond to it.

Sometimes, God puts ideas in your head, a little nudge in the right direction.

I am growing very weary of using more than one blog, and yet I cherish my beloved fan base. It is time to reconcile these things. I have been inspired to create my own blog, and to talk about my personal life far less. I want more control, and I also want to do it as an exercise in programming. Still some questions remain, the most important one being how I can still connect with all of you, and many more who do not use e-strip, while controlling where and how my thoughts are presented. I do not ever intend on abandoning this blog, and so I think Paul's API is going to be very valuable.

There is no need to become a citizen-journalist. Journalists are too self-important, worrying more about getting a Pulitzer than giving people the real skinny. Being an informed citizen is good enough for me. What I want to do is share my ideas with the world, and to have my own personal stamp on it.
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Category: tech

04/15/06 01:17 - ID#23648

Linux Media Follow-Up

Thanks to everyone for writing. I'm now happily enjoying ALL of my media in Linux! Everything is working beautifully. I also got a cool app for the iPod, like iTunes without podcasts. Anyone know of any software for downloading podcasts?

Thanks again
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Category: tech

04/14/06 01:33 - ID#23647

Linux Semi-Novice Needs Help!

I finally found a distro that actually will recognize all of my components. Yay!

Now, how do I play MP3 files or my DivX videos? I have way too much of it to convert to something else. If I'm going to use Linux, I need to be able to use my media otherwise it is POINTLESS!

Can anyone offer tips?
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Category: tech

02/23/06 05:51 - ID#23635

Canadian College Bans WiFi?

I saw this on Drudge Report today. Health concerns about WiFi, anyone? I know you all will get a kick out of this.

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