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Category: humor

10/24/08 06:33 - 52ºF - ID#46308

Politics Making People Nuts

I saw this on a certain video site just now and I had to share this. I really hope it comes out. Some dude doesn't realize when a freakin Tears for Fears song came out. Not the worst mistake in the world, but still pretty funny. I put my response in Comic Sans, just for (e:Tinypliny) - oh - and if anyone is going to make fun of the song, shut up. Eheh.

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Category: politics

10/21/08 08:25 - 46ºF - ID#46225

Why I Try To Stay Anon

Lexus with McCain/Palin bumper sticker vandalized

This is something I've thought about before - what are the odds of my property being vandalized if I had the wrong bumper sticker on the car, or the wrong sign on the yard? In this climate, in this neighborhood, I would give it about a 70/30 chance, which is why I don't advertise anything politically anywhere.

I also recall after the 2004 election when I got threatened and called a racist, homophobe, among other things. Since then I haven't put my face up on the site anymore, and I have been a lot more careful concerning talking about where in the neighborhood I live. Not that I would eschew my 2nd Amendment rights, but it's probably better to just avoid the confrontation.

Things are much worse now than in 2004. Hate crimes, violence on subways, people at rallies being worked up into a creepy froth. What's going to happen in 2012? All out pitchfork man hunts, depending on where you live? Fuck that. People need to get a grip.

For the record, I don't hate anyone.
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Category: potpourri

10/20/08 07:04 - ID#46215

Potpourri this time, for real

Take 2 Nurses to Bed and Call Me in the Morning

Well, I was off all last week, which was nice except for the fact that I got sick on Wednesday with this nasty cold, the effects of which I am still feeling, albeit a little less than before. Honestly I was starting to get bored. There is only so much Halo to play and only so much Vitamin C to take. I missed out on a couple of good nights on the town, but there will always be more nights out.

Jason: Local Media Pundit Once Again...

...or not. I actually got a call from a friend at a certain local station asking to go on the air again (the first time being during the 190 standoff) and talk about the Presidential Debates. They wanted opinions from average Democratics and average Republicans, but I turned them down. First of all, I'm not a Republican anymore. Yeah, I'm not a typical Elmwood left winger, but I thought I would give a real right winger a shot. Secondly, I don't have too many nice things to say about either candidate. I actually read what they say and whether they are full of shit on certain topics. In retrospect I'm glad I made that choice because in light of recent events it seems people can't get a fucking grip when it comes to this stuff.

My New Man Crushes

I have two man crushes: Trent Edwards and Donte Whitner.

Straight up, I'm not ashamed to say it, I love Donte Whitner. How can you love a football player? Fellow football fans know what I'm talking about. Against Oakland, this guy chased down Johnny Lee Higgins, who started showboating while running for a touchdown, and tackled him in the end zone. Yeah, he got a penalty for it, but he also said afterward that nobody is gonna disrespect his team like that, that they show respect to all their opponents and expect nothing less than the same. That's right Donte!

Trent Edwards is going to be the face of the Buffalo Bills for many years to come, and I think we are unbelievably lucky to have that guy on our team. I saw an interview where he put on his helmet and talked about how it felt to wear the helmet, how proud he was to wear the Bills emblem. His play speaks for itself. He got knocked out by all-muscle Adrian Wilson, came back after the bye and was lights out. Amazing! This is, again, a real athlete role model for aspiring Quarterbacks. Trent's gonna bring us to the promised land!

The Bellini

Sigh, I just had to mention the white man's firewater. Anyone familiar with how to make a peach puree? I got the Prosecco part down but I wonder if anyone has experience with this. I'm not trying to serve people a mouthful of pulp. Someone please help me.
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Category: rant

10/13/08 10:51 - 62ºF - ID#46083

Josh Was Right - People Working

What a beautiful day. Welcome to my vacation. I'd love to get coffee but I can't because there is a line out the door. Does nobody have a fucking job here? I guess if you can get the milk for free there's no reason to buy the cow. Good God.
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Category: potpourri

10/10/08 02:22 - 64ºF - ID#46045

In Vacation Mode

Yep. You've been here at one point or another if you've had a job. I'm not going anywhere really. I'll be home. The minutes tick tick tick by.
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Category: fun

10/09/08 07:12 - 63ºF - ID#46028

True To Life Games

It seems like video games are becoming more and more real these days. One of my favorite single player games of all time is Call of Duty 4. It isn't your typical war game. In fact, the message you receive loud and clear is that war is ugly, brutal, and devastating to people long-term, including the people who wage it.

You also get different perspectives. For example, you go through the following scenarios:

1) Dying in a nuclear explosion
2) As a government leader, being executed by Muslim extremists
3) Watching a friend and mentor die before your eyes

All of this in glorious HD resolution! But the game is even more real than I previously thought it to be. There is one mission where you are a gunner in an AC-130 gunship, floating in the air, vaporizing the enemy with giant bullets. The guys you fly with in the mission often make ironic comments or crack jokes about the situation below.

Last night Josh and I were on YouTube looking for videos of Apache Longbows administering justice to the enemy, when - ta da - we found some videos of AC-130 gunships under the cover of darkness just like in Call of Duty! In one video, the first thing a guy says is "If you find me some bad guys, I'll buy you ice cream for dinner!" I almost fell out of my chair laughing once I realized how much it resembled the mission in the game, and how they exaggerated it to sort of point the finger at attitudes like this.

Now, don't get me wrong - stuff like that isn't in every video, or even nearly the majority. I certainly am not one to give a damn if a shithead terrorist gets what's coming to him, either. What I find interesting, and frightening, is the potential for humans to be so callous. I don't think we'll ever learn.

  • By the way, anyone on XBOX Live? ***

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Category: politics

10/08/08 12:18 - 61ºF - ID#45993

Camille Paglia Does It Again

This article shocked me, so I'm absolutely certain it's going to shock you. Camille Paglia takes some swings and shows her independent streak yet again. The honesty is so refreshing in today's media environment. I don't agree with everything she says, but she is 110% correct about what motivates most people who talk dookie about Sarah Palin. She's dead-on, bullseye accurate about that and about the unacceptable turn towards ideological orthodoxy in certain circles. Look at the comments from the unstable peanut gallery - ouch! Be careful Camille, if you don't regurgitate the Kos line or the lies/innuendo you read in the Times, you might just be out of a job!

Article here - please aim your hate towards her, not me.

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Category: potpourri

10/01/08 01:57 - 60ºF - ID#45882

Two in One Day, WOW

Just an expression of frustration, here. No names involved.

Is it mandatory that when you get a girlfriend you fall off the freakin map?
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Category: potpourri

10/01/08 11:42 - 54ºF - ID#45878

That's Entertainment

I've been struggling to post lately. It seems in the last month or two a couple of dozen times I have started a post just to give up on the post and cancel it. Sometimes it is worth engaging someone, sometimes it is not. I will say this - if we are all suddenly poor and on the bread line, aren't we running out of people to hate?

There, I finished a post. If anyone wants a serious discussion about the first amendment, and how it applies legally to violent protests, give me a shout.

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