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Category: fun

10/09/08 07:12 - 63ºF - ID#46028

True To Life Games

It seems like video games are becoming more and more real these days. One of my favorite single player games of all time is Call of Duty 4. It isn't your typical war game. In fact, the message you receive loud and clear is that war is ugly, brutal, and devastating to people long-term, including the people who wage it.

You also get different perspectives. For example, you go through the following scenarios:

1) Dying in a nuclear explosion
2) As a government leader, being executed by Muslim extremists
3) Watching a friend and mentor die before your eyes

All of this in glorious HD resolution! But the game is even more real than I previously thought it to be. There is one mission where you are a gunner in an AC-130 gunship, floating in the air, vaporizing the enemy with giant bullets. The guys you fly with in the mission often make ironic comments or crack jokes about the situation below.

Last night Josh and I were on YouTube looking for videos of Apache Longbows administering justice to the enemy, when - ta da - we found some videos of AC-130 gunships under the cover of darkness just like in Call of Duty! In one video, the first thing a guy says is "If you find me some bad guys, I'll buy you ice cream for dinner!" I almost fell out of my chair laughing once I realized how much it resembled the mission in the game, and how they exaggerated it to sort of point the finger at attitudes like this.

Now, don't get me wrong - stuff like that isn't in every video, or even nearly the majority. I certainly am not one to give a damn if a shithead terrorist gets what's coming to him, either. What I find interesting, and frightening, is the potential for humans to be so callous. I don't think we'll ever learn.

  • By the way, anyone on XBOX Live? ***

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Category: politics

10/08/08 12:18 - 61ºF - ID#45993

Camille Paglia Does It Again

This article shocked me, so I'm absolutely certain it's going to shock you. Camille Paglia takes some swings and shows her independent streak yet again. The honesty is so refreshing in today's media environment. I don't agree with everything she says, but she is 110% correct about what motivates most people who talk dookie about Sarah Palin. She's dead-on, bullseye accurate about that and about the unacceptable turn towards ideological orthodoxy in certain circles. Look at the comments from the unstable peanut gallery - ouch! Be careful Camille, if you don't regurgitate the Kos line or the lies/innuendo you read in the Times, you might just be out of a job!

Article here - please aim your hate towards her, not me.

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Category: potpourri

10/01/08 01:57 - 60ºF - ID#45882

Two in One Day, WOW

Just an expression of frustration, here. No names involved.

Is it mandatory that when you get a girlfriend you fall off the freakin map?
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Category: potpourri

10/01/08 11:42 - 54ºF - ID#45878

That's Entertainment

I've been struggling to post lately. It seems in the last month or two a couple of dozen times I have started a post just to give up on the post and cancel it. Sometimes it is worth engaging someone, sometimes it is not. I will say this - if we are all suddenly poor and on the bread line, aren't we running out of people to hate?

There, I finished a post. If anyone wants a serious discussion about the first amendment, and how it applies legally to violent protests, give me a shout.

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Category: design

09/22/08 07:29 - 64ºF - ID#45760

Jason Talks About Design

That's right, I said it and even made a new journal category. That new show, Mad Men, had me thinking about design. I said I couldn't care any less about the design but upon further review, when you start thinking about how cool period shows like that are you DO like the design. So here I am.

Anyone who has been to my apartment knows I am not the most design oriented person in the world. I lump it in generally with style and fashion, which I think are some of the most trivial things we've ever invented, but for the first time today I thought about whether I would like my living space better if I made it look a certain way. Could this affect your mood?

There are other times I realize I appreciate design. For example I really love certain album covers, and I really love classic cars. Anyone remember the classic blue Aston Martin from the recent Bond movie? I think if I were to ever spend real money on an automobile I wouldn't get a run of the mill BMW or anything like that. I would get a classic car. When it comes to this stuff I love classic style.

One man definitely agrees with me - Ralph Lauren. I saw a program recently about his car collection, which is among the best in the world. A museum in Boston actually had an exhibit recently featuring a number of automobiles from his collection. Can you imagine walking into a gallery and seeing cars instead of paintings? What makes a work of art? I have a hard time arguing when you see some of these pieces.

Look at this Ferrari. Amazing. Photo by Michael Furman.

This won one a major competition. Photo by Martyn Goddard.

The thing that makes me absolutely love Ralph Lauren is that he isn't a guy who is interested in things that just look pretty. Nope, the Ferrari and the Alfa Romeo are one of a kind RACE cars that haul serious ass. They have a purpose to exist beyond aesthetics, which to him (and to me) is crucial. I can't even imagine the joy driving one of these beauties. Ralph claims that the belief in everything needing a purpose to exist is reflected in his clothes as well, but I'm not really in a position to verify that as I haven't yet bought any of his "real" men's wear.

I guess design isn't for metros and petty people, eh? I think I want to fix up my place, seeing as winter is coming and my ass will be inside a lot more.
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Category: potpourri

09/11/08 08:02 - 74ºF - ID#45648

Elmwood Bicycle Accident

There is an ambulance outside, and two police cars. A fire truck came by and dropped someone off as well. A guy on a bike is wiping blood off of him. Please people, this isn't the burbs, watch out for the cyclists on the street.
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Category: politics

08/29/08 08:35 - 75ºF - ID#45506

Sarah Palin

It has not even been 12 hours, and here are some of the things I've read about Sarah Palin from ordinary Liberals on the net already:

Yukon Barbie
Puppet (Her fisherman husband was the REAL governor)
Bad Mother
Bumpkin (Let's be honest - that's what this small state thing is)
Beauty Queen
Bad Judgment (didn't abort her down syndrome kid)
Hockey Mom (apparently this is a negative)

It pains me to admit that Hillary and Howard Wolflon are becoming more and more vindicated every day. They weren't just whining.

Now, I know not all of you agree with every point some yahoo makes on the net, so I hope we can nip some of this shit right at the bud. Barack tries so hard to get people to move beyond this type of behavior, so I wouldn't be surprised if he were to be severely disappointed by this nonsense.

I thought that women were supposed to be free to make her own determinations, set her own course, make her own decisions, live as she wants to live without fear from retribution. Clearly this is an ideological argument. Let it be so instead of a socially acceptable sexist discussion about who is a barbie doll.

I also don't think we should be ruled strictly by coastal and major metro elites. If you actually believe this crap you never would have accepted a Governor of Arkansas. Just drop it. Emotion overcomes logic, and it is tragic.

No, I do not accept the bizarre premise that McCain is only seconds away from death. It is almost as if people are hoping for his death instead of being reasonable. This is unacceptable, and will never sway voters in your direction. Again, you disappoint your candidate. He would never make these suggestions himself.

Is her appointment a gimmick? Perhaps so, yes. Is she unacceptable as a hard core conservative? That's debatable. That is a valid discussion. Let's stick to that. Learn from your fucking candidate, please. Why does he make so much more sense to me than his supporters? If you think this type of discussion benefits you, go ahead and keep up with it, but I say it is a losing argument.

By the way, after next week, whether one recognizes it or not, nobody will care anymore about who was nominated for VP. The knee jerk is telling, however, and is not at all helpful to the country.
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Category: potpourri

08/15/08 09:29 - 61ºF - ID#45333

Jason - Darts Chump!

Well that was a total disaster, and utterly embarrassing. We've never done so poorly as a team, and I am definitely not used to sucking at darts individually. Of course, when you know you're sucking it doesn't help when your partner breaks your balls. No, not even I escape that, although the words were tempered.

The thing is, neither he nor I should really care *that much* about a $5 darts tournament, but both of us care a lot. I have to admit I am still totally deflated and bummed out. My energy level is nominal. I was so out of it and aloof that I didn't notice this girl "bumping" into me, saying I "saved" her life. A cute little thing, asianesque like the last one. Really though I couldn't have cared less at the time.

Man, I've got to shake these blues, it was just a darts game!!!
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Category: fun

08/14/08 11:46 - 69ºF - ID#45327

Jason - Darts Champion?

It has been so long since I have done anything competitively with darts, but tonight the Dynamic Duo are back in action at a local bar/BBQ joint. I am so excited to play again! As some of you may remember when I was in dart league before it got scrapped in the middle of the season because of no-shows and whatnot.

Yesterday we went to Gordon's for some practice rounds, and I have to say I blew. Badly. I've never had an issue hitting the dart board or even really with control but yesterday was terrible. Things got better over time, and I'm not worried because in crunch time we always thrive. I can't go to the venue tonight and not cream the opposition.

So here's to me representing the Elmwood Village tonight! Just need a beer or two to loosen up and it's all gravy. If you want to play and have fun, that's fine, but don't plan on winning.
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Category: potpourri

07/31/08 02:33 - 79ºF - ID#45201

I Almost Write Journals

I've started a few and stopped them. Sometimes I get on a roll and then decide I don't want to publish. Anyway here are some of the things I've been thinking about:

1) Marriage - I don't like answering questions at the family reunion if I am married or not. This is simple - if I am married, and you are my family, you are invited. You would already know. Stupid question!

2) We've been shown the same photos of my cousin Joe's (now) wife probably 3 or 4 times since he started dating her. They keep on saying how beautiful she is. At first I thought it was cute, but this repetition has me wondering if they're unintentionally rubbing it in my eye. Do they know they've shown me the same shit over and over?

3) Related to #2 - why am I supposed to be impressed by the looks of a girl, when people of that quality or better are on Elmwood literally every single day? I don't want to be insulting but I don't have the same gut reaction, thinking she's the most beautiful girl ever. Isn't it enough for me to say I'm happy he found a nice girl?

4) No wonder Joe eloped, he probably saw how big of a deal was going to be made of things and decided to go ahead and do it on the low. For as much as my uncle brags about everything the guy does, Joe would rather button up and just go about his business. Lots of military people are like this.

5) The insurance company for the mechanics who further fucked up my already below par automobile are allegedly sending a check. They called, left a message saying they wanted to talk to the owner of the car. I called, left a message for the lady, but nothing's happened. I have a feeling they're going to cut me a below average check and say "consider yourself lucky."

6) Back to marriage - Dad always told me to wait until you're 30 to really think about it. It's the best advice he's ever given me. I'd ask him for advice on how to pick good ones (I don't) but I don't think he knows either.

7) I finally got the opportunity to be superficial, got the good thing to balance out the junk (think birthday party with models) but I think I'll have to go home and do a FFL draft instead. I don't think I'm going to get over this. FUCK FFL!!! I'm going to have to be drugged up so much to not be in a very, very bad mood that day.

8) Saw Sam Roberts at Artpark yesterday. Cool show! I have kept my promise and been out a lot more, and seen some good music. Someone we were with said they were dying to go see Gov't Mule on Tuesday but had nobody to go with. I was in the same situation!
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