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Category: life

09/27/07 12:47 - 59ºF - ID#41357

Minor Freak Out

When you find yourself in a minor freak out:

1) Take a step back from the situation.

2) Clear your head of all the clutter. Most of it is irrational junk.

3) Don't meander into the trap of self doubt.

4) Remember nothing is permanent.

5) Remember most problems have a solution.

6) Remember, unless you're six feet under or starving you're ok.

7) Someone somewhere gives a damn. You're not alone.

8) Like on a tread climber, going uphill means more work.

9) Think of the big picture. Things really aren't that bad.

10) Find your resolve, find your bollocks, and move on with it.
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Category: music

09/25/07 02:35 - 83ºF - ID#41322

The Shins - Wincing The Night Away

I have revisited this album recently, and I like it much more today than when I first procured it. I don't know why, but when I first heard it I was really underwhelmed.

Anyhow, I don't know whether I was mistaken the first time, or am just now experiencing a weakening resolve, a la the chick at the bar pounding shots some douche bought her. But I digress....

This is sort of a pattern for me, especially with the Radiohead albums post-OK Computer. I give it a listen, pick it apart from various angles, and decide it's not quite up to my insane expectations.

Maybe it is simply a matter of, when I am on the fence, being realistic and learning to appreciate something for what it is, instead of what I want it to be. Maybe it's a metaphor for how you feel about your job, your present situation, your family, or your girlfriend.

Maybe my mind is wandering. They're a very clever band. Not all Wuss-Rock is this tolerable. Fucking emo, it is making me want to start confiscating iPods.
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Category: potpourri

09/22/07 10:51 - 76ºF - ID#41245

I'd Like To Say I'm Surprised

But I'm not. Spitzer is making an ass out of the people (including me) who voted for him.

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Category: music

09/13/07 03:02 - 69ºF - ID#41078

Charlie Hunter at the Square

Peeps -

If you are thinking of going to the Square tonight, you definitely want to check out Charlie Hunter. He is just a fantastic musician, and you will not be disappointed. He is a favorite of Larsons of all ages, and we know our music.

It's beautiful out. Let's enjoy it before we descend into grayness.

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Category: potpourri

09/10/07 07:41 - 72ºF - ID#41038

Mmmm. Beer.

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Category: potpourri

09/04/07 04:46 - 74ºF - ID#40931

The Key To Falling In Love

A more tongue in cheek offering from me today.

What is the key to falling in love? What are we looking for? Well, it appears we've known the answers for thousands of years already.

At this stage, on 9/4/2007 I could probably command a good 1-2 out of 10. Ouch! At least the hand doesn't say no. That would be the ultimate rejection.

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Category: potpourri

09/03/07 09:15 - 65ºF - ID#40902

Happy Labor Day, Peeps!

I'm sure most of you are hung over. I know I am. Two bottles of wine down, with Josh's help of course. I'm a lightweight anymore, what a shame. I would really like some cafe right now.

Saturday was okay. We were in Jamestown visiting Gramma who just got out of the hospital. She's fine, she's fine, but it does remind one that nothing is permanent.

It looked like the party was a lot of fun. Terry, Mike, you are good guys and I hope you two had a blast. Mike looked absolutely steamed, per usual, that guy is a one-man party.

Well, I picked up the Artvoice, and wouldn't you know it, Michael Moore is going to be a part of the Distinguished Speaker Series! Then again, UB *did* have Ann Coulter there to "debate" Janet Reno. There seems to always be at least one unhinged loon on the menu per year. I wouldn't even think of spending a dime on any of his products anymore, let alone to hear him "lecture" but I know there may be some interested parties here, so I thought I would pass the information along. It is on September 29th.

I'm so happy to have the day off of work today. I haven't had any vacation time available to me yet. My job requires that I work for a year before I "earn" the right to vacation time. What a fucking crock. I'm no commie burn-out, okay, but that is so damn unethical. Study after study, paper after paper, that tout the benefit, nay the necessity, of having time off to recharge, and the result is always a happier and more productive employee, and still some employers don't fucking get it. They don't! They're living in the stone age! What do you want me to tell you? Work for the government, they give good benefits and they are the largest employer in the area.

I hope you peeps enjoy the hell out of your Labor Day. I want that coffee. This hangover is killin me.

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