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02/28/05 03:13 - ID#23413

Okay, I Watched The Oscars

Normally I don't pay attention to the Academy Awards. I have a real problem with the superficial "who are you wearing" type of conversation that goes on. Let's give this some thought for a moment. Who outside of the "fashion police" industry honestly cares what kind of dress someone's wearing? Does it really make a difference when most American women will never be able to afford the clothes? Even Michael Moore, hero to unshowered, unshaven populists everywhere is starting to wear a spiky hair cut and those "nerd chic" glasses that almost everyone on Elmwood sports. WTF, Mike? You had a lot of people fooled with the "average guy" bit. Why change for change's sake? Bring back the Made in Canada hat and stick it to those fashion police dorks!

Anyway, about the awards. Umm. I'm glad Jamie Foxx got the Best Actor award. I wish Uncle Marty would win an Oscar someday. Other than that I really don't care at all. I didn't see Million Dollar Baby or The Aviator so I can't comment on them. I'm not a movie snob - basically I'll watch it if it's somewhat funny or entertaining - but I don't get out to see many movies so it's hard to compare the two films. Maybe I'll check them out later.

Sometime during the broadcast I said "screw this" and decided to go to Borders. I love to support the Elmwood businesses but Talking Leaves doesn't carry most of what I want to read, other than their selection of Dover Thrift Edition materials. Their selection of politically charged material is shockingly narrow (their explanation to me was "Well, we have to cater to the neighborhood" - kinda hard to argue with that one). Now that I think of it, New World doesn't always have what I want either. Borders has a wide selection of music and books so I'll make a special trip out of Elmwood to go there for a couple of hours every now and then. I picked up a couple of items so the next time I'm bored like I was yesterday I won't have to resort to watching the freaking Oscars.

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02/16/05 05:33 - ID#23412

Thoughts on Alt Press

(e:Paul) - I'm glad that you put a link up for Alt Press. I know what you guys are thinking..."But but Jason, I thought you hated the alternative rags!" Well I must say that of all the alternative publications in our city, I think Alt Press is the best by far in terms of its news coverage and opinion columns. Obviously I don't agree with everything Grady Hawkins has to say, but he does a much better job of articulating his point of view and backing up what he says than anyone else. It's not a publication that is filled to the brim with hate speech. No fluff, no BS, no childish ranting. Just the story as an uber-liberal sees it. So although I maintain my skepticism when it comes to the other alternatives, I fully support Alt Press. They take the giant responsibility of informing the public seriously. Kudos to them.

Also - (e:Matthew) - Yes there are now twins on e-strip. I promise you he's real! I think he'll be accepted about as much as me. He's also the evil twin (waiting for the inevitable (e:Ajay) wisecrack). It's nice being the good one.

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02/16/05 03:04 - ID#23411

The Gates

I'm not as cynical as (e:Joshua) - in part because the project was privately funded. It's not my money being wasted, and it's not my park that is being "decorated" as such. I suppose I don't care. If people enjoy it, fine. If people think that it's garbage, that's fine too. Some New Yorkers think it makes the park look ugly. Others don't. There are a variety of opinions.

One thing I've learned recently about the art world is that it isn't always meant to give people happy feelings. Sometimes it's there for shock value (like Piss Christ), and sometimes it's there to get any kind of reaction out of you (good or bad). It's there to make you think about things differently. So while I may look at a piece and think that a third grader could do it (therefore lessening its value in my mind), others may find something interesting about it. It's all in how you allow yourself to perceive it. I'm still learning though, admittedly.

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02/16/05 12:32 - ID#23410

Super Happy Fun Time

I went to the Car Show this past weekend. A friend had tickets so I thought it would be interesting. Other than being completely unprepared and grubby looking when I ran into the object of my affection it was alright. I thought there would be more concepts and sport automobiles but I was disappointed. Then again, this is Buffalo and nobody has enough loot to buy those cars anyway. I did see the Lamborghini though and snapped some photos with my Sidekick. Hopefully none of you will be offended by photos of a car.

One thing that annoyed me were the young bar hoes who are there to try and get you to go to their establishment. They're all over Thursday at the Square, and nobody wants the stupid flyers there either. I don't know whose bright idea it was to trick out a Neon, either. Oh, look, a Neon with DVD players and racing buckets and all sorts of other things! But it's still a Neon! What's the point of tricking out a Neon, anyway? Chances are there is an issue if you spend more money on car accessories than the car itself.

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02/15/05 03:42 - ID#23409


Blah. :(
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02/15/05 01:08 - ID#23408

V-Day Plans Foiled!

After I had a change of heart, I chatted with an unnamed e-stripper about plans to spread love around the neighborhood, or at least a radius of 100 feet or so around the apartment. I said I wanted to go to Kuni's and give a rose to each of the waitresses. I thought it would be a good thing to do. And, hey, who knows, maybe one of them doesn't have a boyfriend! Then I thought perhaps it wouldn't work out, because what if they all have Valentines? Kuni wouldn't make the girls miss out on V-Day, would he? Maybe the restaurant would be closed. The unnamed e-stripper laughed.

Of course, the restaurant was closed. At least I have some flowers!

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02/13/05 12:35 - ID#23407

Second Thoughts

Maybe V-Day ain't so bad. Maybe it just reminds me of all the painful times I've gone through in the relationships that haven't worked. Maybe it reminds me of my own insecurity and self-doubt. Maybe it makes me think more acutely about the things I believe aren't good about me that need to be changed if I'm going to love again someday. If I'm with someone they understand I love them and appreciate them all the time, not just one day of the year. I would rather focus on the positives and be happy, then focus on the bad and be miserable. I'm having second thoughts about V-Day. Someone is going to know at least one guy in the universe hopes they have a happy V-Day.

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02/12/05 09:40 - ID#23406


I doubt you read my journal or care to respond to me - but I have to ask. How do you know this stuff about multiple dimensions? What is your profession? What makes you think of these things? I think what you're writing is fascinating, whether fact or fiction. What are you reading when it comes to these things? I'm a very curious person.

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02/10/05 05:55 - ID#23405

Rush Lies!

Time for another Rush Limbaugh scandal!

Most of you guys are the artsy/academia type, so I don't know if you care about golf at all...or any other kind of sporting event for that matter....but this week Rush is playing at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Apparently he says he is a 16 handicap (the "average" golfer is a 24) but my brother just wrote to me saying Rush's swing was HIGHLY unathletic. He borrowed from Full Metal Jacket and said "Rush plays golf like old people fuck." People he has been known to play with say, no way is this guy a 16. Knowing this, how can he honestly say he is a 16? I'm picturing this poor bastard getting eaten and spit out by Pebble Beach. The day he is a 16 is the day you guys see me on the Pro Tour.

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02/10/05 05:24 - ID#23404

F Valentine's Day

Just another lame holiday where men are shamed by the ugly corporate world into emptying their bank accounts on jewelry and other crap. Since I technically have never been spoiled on a V-Day like I have spoiled my girlfriends, I'm going to spoil myself big time this year. I deserve it. I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do, though.

Here's yet another question from Jason which probably won't get a serious response: Anybody ever gone on a first date on Valentine's Day?

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