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Category: potpourri

05/30/07 12:50 - 78ºF - ID#39453

Missed Post-its

Well, seeing as people have been getting random post-its from "Guest" I thought I would check my post-its. Turns out I have a bunch I never even knew about, let alone read! I don't want people to think that I ignored them on purpose. I thought I would take the time to answer people individually.

Oh, for the record, nothing seems to catch my eye when I have new post-its. Is there a notification I am not seeing? It's probably easier to reach me by clicking on the e-mail icon and e-mailing me instead. I check that all the time.

Anyhoo -

(e:Guest) - Does this mean that if I come to the party, I'll have a great weekend, as compared to the shitty weekend if I do not?

(e:MastermindKG) - Where have you been? You disappeared on us. Now, to answer your question - YES, always, who doesn't? Hahaha.

(e:Ladycroft) - I am not doing ANYTHING in that regard, at MC or anywhere else now, believe it or not. Thanks for the compliments, things are good, I have my days though. I can't write much more about it without divulging things I don't want to be made public. Maybe some other time I'll tell you about it.

(e:Jenks) - After 2 and a half months - yikes! Thanks for your support! What I write on here reflects only the moments when I want to vent lately. It's been enough time, and some fellow peeps (not to mention Josh) have slapped sense into me when I needed it. I'm good.
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Category: potpourri

05/22/07 09:47 - 57ºF - ID#39373

I Know Why I Don't Get Dates!

Well, besides the whole not really going for it thing - this is something I have known for a long time. I'm too good looking!

From The Sun Online:

And Selena is not alone. In a recent study, sociologist Diane Felmee found only a third of women said looks were the first thing that attracted them to a man. Most preferred a sense of humour or financial and career success.

Researchers at Newcastle University also believe ugly men exist as a way of repairing our gene pool. Women would rather date men with good genes, who can fight disease easily, than a classically beautiful man.

So, shit, I guess it's time to get that sock full of quarters out, to ask Josh to smash me in the face with it, to find some legal/illegal way of getting a BMW, and maybe to stock up on some Zicam in case she gets a tickle in her throat that ain't STD related.

I was out yesterday at Cecelia's with my bff Jer-Bear. He met a new girl through a friend of his, and I met her for the first time yesterday. Decent enough girl, seems down to earth, I guess. She brought up the age thing somehow, her being 23 and Jerry being 29. I'm not sure if it's really a hangup for her or not. Certainly dating a girl who is under 25 is a no-no in my rule book, for many good reasons but if I met a girl who I thought had potential I wouldn't say "Man, you're great and all but you just need a couple of more years." Hell no! She could very well ripen up by then and your appetite for her could be ruined! If I allowed what someone else thought to affect my decisions all the time, I would probably have had a lot less fun and far less experience in life.

He seems to like her, thinking she may have potential. She brought a cute little friend with her so she wouldn't be alone. The thing is I'm not a great wingman like Josh. I don't have the patience to talk bullshit and pretend like I have to put my best face forward. No, I don't have to do that. I like me. I like my cynical sense of humor. I like to make fun of things. I like all the bad jokes I come up with in the struggle to come through with a few good ones. If someone isn't down with me, it ain't worth wasting any time or energy worrying about them. They're irrelevant, and probably too square for my tastes anyway. Josh is a lot better at dealing with this. He can talk BS for hours and does so every night!

Birthday comes up in a few weeks, as someone reminded me during dinner. No, I am not celebrating. If Josh wants to celebrate he can. It comes on a Friday this year. The last year has been both good and bad, but I just want to move forward. I don't like celebrating, but a few years back I do recall getting a little striptease/lap dance from my girlfriend at the time, which was GREEEAAATT, and which I've come to find is not something a lot of girls like to do for their men. Let's just put it this way - I don't recall a single gift she ever got me, but I sure as hell do remember that night, the images being permanently burned into memory. This ain't gonna be as nice.
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