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Category: potpourri

07/27/06 11:55 - 75ºF - ID#23670

Unanswered Posties

For some reason I just wasn't able to view the posties that have been sent to me in the last week. So a few people have unanswered posties, and I feel badly about it.


1) LC - Yeah I should be able to help you out on that day.
2) Nej - I have your answer - look for something in your e-mail soon.

Last, but certainly not least -
3) Libertad - Thank you for inviting me. As I've said I'm very fascinated. LC actually e-mailed also and asked if I wanted to go, I said yes, but I couldn't because I had to pick up Josh at the airport during that time. Of course, as shit happens sometimes, he didn't actually arrive until 2:30 AM! Terrible. Anyhow I appreciate the thought, and next time I definitely want to check it out!
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Category: politics

07/25/06 01:47 - 80ºF - ID#23669

Protestors? Part Deux

Well, I have to say I'm disappointed. I made it outrageous on purpose! (e:jewishpride), you misunderstood the thrust of my blog. In no way do I think Jewish lives are cheap. I don't think Lebanese lives are cheap for that matter. I doubt too many people at Bidwell understood that Hezbollah uses civilians (the very people who they provide services for!) to hide themselves and their munitions. They talk about "collective punishment," the liberal buzzword of the day, with no sense of irony at all.

Where are these jerks when Jews are getting death rained on them on a daily basis? Where is the outrage? I thought these people wanted peace! I thought these people were outraged by violence! Clearly this is only true when we go after the enemy. They don't protest Hamas or Hezbollah. They don't protest Al Qaeda. They aren't the self-styled caring people they purport themeselves to be. These protests are fucking disingenuous, and so are the protestors.

If they don't at all care about violence perpetrated by Islamofascist terrorists, then one has to wonder why. What's the reason? And I am absolutely NOT going to hear or put up with any assertions that they do care about Israeli deaths, because every single last action they make proves the opposite.

Next in Jason's Blog: Surge in aggressive Panhandling - What to do?
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Category: satire

07/24/06 03:22 - 78ºF - ID#23668

Lay Down and Die, Jews!

ELMWOOD AVE - A throng of war protestors, Jew haters, self-hating Jews, terrorist sympathizers, white nationalists and self-styled journalists assembled at Bidwell Park Sunday afternoon in the hope of persuading Israel to stop its massacre of Lebanon. Drivers were gifted with exquisite performance art and signage denouncing Israel's atrocious response to constant rocket attacks and suicide bombings.

Bobby McJewHater of South Buffalo, 35, described Israel as a "terrorist state and occupier of Arab lands," and offered the following remedy: "Why don't the Jews, with their hook noses, just lay down and die? It's pretty fucking obvious the world despises them, with the exception of that other terrorist state, the U.S., so they should just submit to Islamic rule or be destroyed."

Bobby's wife Jewy, 32, pondered the situation. "I'm Jewish, and I can't stand what they're doing. I mean, the rocket attacks only kill a few Jews at a time, and what are a few Jewish lives? Nothing, a drop in the bucket, only a good start. A Jewish state is far from necessary anyway. I think their response is appalling."

Bitchy O'WarProtestor agreed with Jewy's assessment. "The collective punishment of the Lebanese people is a war crime. I'm pretty sure the Bush Crime Family is involved somehow. Don't you watch CNN? They had a beautiful piece last week outlining all the great things Hezbollah does for the Lebanese. They educate, they give social services, they do everything for the Lebanese, just like Fidel in Cuba, and they are a legitimate portion of the government. Who cares if a few Jews pay the price for their arrogance? It doesn't mean they have to get their panties all in a bunch and man their tanks. Leave Hezbollah alone! They are only resisting! The world should condemn those fucking Heebs for what they're doing! Err, shit, sorry Jewy, no offense."

Adolf Neonazimann, 23, rejoiced. "I am SO happy that we finally have something we can agree upon with the left wingers. Hezbollah should stack those fuckers up like poker chips! Kill them by the fucking bushel! This is pretty much one of the best days of my life."

A passerby who would only identify himself as "Danq," when asked about his reaction to the mob next to him, lamented the short sightedness of his fellow citizens. "Where the fuck are you when Israelis get murdered on a daily basis? At the computer beating off to it? You people make me want to vomit. Maybe if hundreds of Katushyas were dropped on your fucking heads in the last few weeks you would gain a little perspective. Until then, I just called Buffalo's Bravest, who should be over here shortly to dispose of you assholes with some high powered water cannons. Piss off."

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Category: potpourri

07/19/06 01:39 - 79ºF - ID#23667

Rex Kwon Do!

Yes, it's true, YOU TOO may look like a serious ass kicking motherfucker, with the help of these bad boys:


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Category: potpourri

07/10/06 05:13 - 75ºF - ID#23666

Fun Evening With Vinay!

So yesterday after the fucking Italians beat the fucking French in the World Cup, Vinay decided I needed to get out of the house. We grabbed Mack (Vinay's dog, you may have seen him) and headed out to a friend's to smoke some dope, watch some HD, and socialize.

I was really impressed with HD. I have to get it ASAP. We watched Entourage, which by the way ladies IN NO WAY resembles that whore-fest Sex and the City, so stop making the comparisons! I actually liked the show.

Yeah, one of the guys came over and said his girlfriend repeatedly slapped him and punched him in the face, laughing at him, trying to embarrass him in front of his friends. Now, this dude has a hot temper, and I am shocked he didn't just knock her out. He doesn't believe in hitting women. I don't either, but I might have grabbed her wrists, squeezed the shit out of them and restrained her until she chilled out. Eventually he brought her back, probably to hate fuck her before giving her the boot permanently in the morning.

Eventually the fun had to end, but Vinay said we should go to the bar and meet his friend. Fine. We grabbed Mack and headed over there. We left Mack in the car because they don't allow pets in the bar. Anyhow these two chicks in an Explorer yelled at us and asked us to go with them to Frizzy's. Vinay looked at me, I said why not, they promised it would be a short visit.

An hour or so later I reminded Vinay that Mack was still in the truck. Vinay completely forgot. How awful! We went to the girls and said, hey the dog is still in the truck, we need a ride right now to go get him. The chicks said to Vinay "Well I guess it's too bad you're a terrible dog owner!" They wouldn't give us a ride back!

We had to call Josh at 2:00 or 2:30 to come get us. He wasn't happy, but he knew that it was for Mack, not for us.

Fun Fun Fun!

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Category: rape

07/07/06 05:14 - 77ºF - ID#23665

My Band Teacher Wasn't Like This

Well, it looks like another female teacher (a.k.a. FUCKING RAPIST, you won't hear it said about her though) is getting in trouble for messing around with some students:

22 counts of criminal sexual conduct with a person under the age of 16! If this was a man, people would demand he be locked in prison, and the key thrown away! I know you guys are sick of reading this but I will bash everyone over the head with it until people do equal time for equal crime!

The press can't even bear to call these women RAPISTS!

The students and parents agreed with the prosecutor on the 7 year term. All I can say is that while I'm sure they're trying to be nice and forgiving, they are in fact sending a message to other potential rapists that you can get over on the justice system if you are female.

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Category: potpourri

07/07/06 02:02 - 75ºF - ID#23664


Someone yelled my name as I enjoyed a cig on the porch.

I didn't get to see who it was!

If it was you, well HELLO BACK ATCHA.

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Category: war

07/05/06 03:55 - 70ºF - ID#23663

Stealing Their Thunder

Anyone else think this "war resister" (COUGH) is going to be featured soon in an issue of our beloved Artvoice?


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