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Category: gender

08/01/07 01:36 - ID#40341

OMG, Boys Need 2 Learn Too!

Straight off of the front page of the Snooze, something I've addressed before, and am about to revisit: The way boys lag behind in education, from the cradle to graduation, due to weird social engineering practices.

Well, the instant you try to say there is an inherent difference between boys and girls, the PC crowd gasps and the Rad-Fems start burning bras. Larry Summers got ambushed, castigated, and kicked out of Harvard for such a thing. People are now, at a trickle, starting to understand this stuff as basic fact, especially when the results don't match the intent, much to the chagrin of the social engineers.

I'm not all that convinced that schools are actually going to do anything about it. They ask why the results are the way they are, give themselves the answer, and then ask what the answer is all over again, all in the same article!

I don't think there is any feasible way to help the situation right now. The social climate has to be corrected first, and that is almost an impossible hurdle to overcome. Nobody is ever going to believe that little boys are getting screwed over, no matter how many simple, black-and-white facts you give to them. Boys are savage brutes, from birth till death, they're just not willing to learn like girls learn, they're not willing to put in the effort to be like girls, and that's all you need to know.

Maybe the schools will surprise me. Maybe. I doubt it. Whenever you do something to help boys, you are charged with trying to screw over girls. The political implications are impossible to ignore.

Here are some possible future implications of this trend:
1) Far less Marriages overall in America
2) Men have less money, but forced to keep all social expectations
3) Lots of single 35 year old women (Where's my Mr. Big? Waah.)
4) Nice, stable crime and incarceration rates for males
5) Even wider gender gaps in college and post-grad admissions
6) Worst of all, more boys may give up entirely on education

Well, who cares I guess? It's only little boys who are getting the short end. We can just shuffle them off to prison, or to trade school for jobs that are going to Mexico. Yay boys!
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Category: gender

02/02/06 01:39 - ID#23626

The Trouble With Boys

Here's a very interesting article from Newsweek about Boys in Education. It's definitely worth your time to read it.

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Category: gender

12/09/05 01:36 - ID#23615

Maureen Dowd, Feminized Men, Etc.

Yes, dear reader, it is time to once again talk about Gender, which you know is one of my favorite topics. I'll try to be concise, but I can't make any promises! If you are easiliy offended by men who have a firm opinion and aren't afraid to express it you aren't going to be happy with me today, so you can kindly move on back to your bubble world and stay out of my fucking blog. Otherwise, read on!

Some of you may be familiar with Are Men Necessary? - the Maureen Dowd book concerning (loosely) the battle of the sexes. One of the central themes of the book deals with male attitudes toward successful (or powerful) women. Dowd claims that men don't want intelligent, successful women - in fact according to her we prefer bimbo sex kittens without a brain.

Let me set the record straight. It's not that we don't want the successful women, it's that they don't want us. It doesn't matter whether or not she makes $0 or $100,000 - a woman wants to be taken care of financially by her man. As women become more successful they do not expect to be the bread winner of the family. As this desire intensifies, their dating pool becomes much more shallow and narrowly defined, resulting in much tougher competition for the top X percent of men. Then as they get leathery and saggy they pout to each other, "Where are all the good mensfolk at?" It's not that men don't desire them - it is instead that successful women have essentially stated that most of the male population isn't good enough for them. Women are increasingly accepting singlehood in favor of a "sub-standard" man. Hope you got a solid warrantee with that Jackrabbit!

Then there is the case of Debra LeFave, and I know some of you are wondering why I haven't posted about this sooner. Miss fucking child rapist got off (pun not intended) and will not have to serve a single day of jail time. I don't care if she looks hot in a bikini - she is a rapist, a criminal, utter filth who like any other person who takes advantage of kids should be behind bars. Let her vag get pounded into submission in the clink - I don't feel bad for her at all. This is yet again another example of our system of inequality and social injustice. Are you a beautiful white girl? Well then you can get away with just about anything, including statutory rape! I hear a lot of talk around here about "protecting the weak and the vulnerable in our society" but I don't hear a damn peep when it comes to protecting the most weak and vulnerable among us, our children. Where is the outrage? The media and most of the population seem to not care at all when it comes to little boys. Let me give you all some necessary legal knowledge - a 14 year old cannot legally consent! I hope I'm not alone on this issue.

I recall at Dart League recently a team we played consisted of a guy and his very hot girlfriend - she requested he get her a bowl of lemons and some water. He came back with some water and she was all "Where are my lemons? Go back and get them!" I don't care how hot a girl is, or how much of a good lay she is - no guy should ever be so feminized or emasculated that they accept this kind of treatment from their girlfriend. I see so many feminized men out there and it seems we have been driven by the media to become this way. Put on that guy makeup! Get those eyebrows waxed! Shave your chest! Look, act, dress and smell such and such a way so you can please your woman! By the way, do you all notice that nobody ever wants women to do things to please their men? It's always about what the woman wants and needs. Yep, that's right, guys don't have any wants or needs - we are here for your entertainment purposes only! Relationships only go one way you know - if he acts up you can always just get rid of him and latch on to one of the guys you have on the backburner! Sorry, but this mindset just depresses the hell out of me. It's a wonder anybody has a functional relationship nowadays.

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10/19/05 04:16 - ID#23592

Are You Sure That's YOUR Kid?

From LiveScience:

"About 4 percent of men may unknowingly be raising a child that really belongs to the mailman or some other guy, researchers speculate in a new study."

How fascinating. Look around you and see that approximately 1 in every 25 fathers aren't raising their child. Of course nobody cares about the plight of men in this situation, especially the feminized quasi-men out there who constantly and happily write biased law and willingly accept that other men get the shaft in court and in life. This is especially true in California where it doesn't matter if you're the dad or not - you're paying buddy! Watch the feminist lobby try to work AGAINST technological advances which can make parental identification easy.

What happens if you're a guy and have been DUPED and LIED TO by your wife concerning their adultery and the identity of the child's father? You're pressured by women's groups and the already mentioned pseudo-men to be a "real man" and "do what's best for the child." If you don't pay up what happens? You GO TO JAIL. I challenge ANY OF YOU to come up with a vaild reason that explains why we allow this to happen. Where's the fairness and equity in the law? How many of you guys out there know that in NYS if you get engaged and give her an engagement ring, she can just say "eh I don't like him" and call off the wedding, but legally she is ENTITLED to the ring that you probably spent thousands of dollars on? FUCK THAT!

I'm sure some of you are wondering what I would do if I found out the kid I've loved and raised was fathered by some other guy. What would YOU do, Jason? I would walk the fuck out, that's what I would do. And I wouldn't pay one single damn penny towards the child's upbringing. If I had to go to jail, then fine I would be sitting in a jail cell because I didn't pay up for a kid that wasn't mine. I would rather do that than feel the shame, humiliation and helplessness of being the guy who got fucked over in life by some cheating ass wife. Not your kid? You should be FREE from any obligation regarding the child. It's not your problem anymore, it's between the REAL father and the REAL mother. Anything else is biased, anti-male bullshit that needs to be eradicated.


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