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Category: party

10/14/05 12:39 - ID#23591

See You Tonight!

I'll be there for the (e:lilho) and (e:tina) Birthday Bash! Hide the ladies and the buddha!

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10/11/05 10:08 - ID#23590

a new milestone

I hopped on the scale at my friend's house and this is what it read:


This marks the first time ever that I have weighed 190 or more. Then again, my diet consists of alcohol, fast food and cigarettes so I'm not really surprised. It's not that I'm a fattie, you've seen my photos - I carry my weight well as a tall guy, but I just like to weigh somewhere around 175. I seem to feel the best weighing around that range.

So what's the plan? Cut out the junk food and the booze, and play racquetball with Jerry two times a week. I should be able to do it, but I'm too lazy to cook. Ask Josh he can testify.

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Category: gossip

10/04/05 04:07 - 79ºF - ID#23589

Paris and Paris Are No More! Oh Noes!

Yeah, like that's any surprise. I read the families are worried about Latsis' "lack of a job" and Hilton's "busy social life" - HELLO they are both ridiculously wealthy! If I had billions to fall back on I would be at the beach too.

Paris Hilton is basically one of the most fuckable women on the planet. And that's about all you could say about her. She's not American royalty, my goodness she is anything but regal. She's a bar slut with a pedigree. She's white trash. I bet Latsis' dad was like, "Uhhh wtf mate don't embarrass us like this!"

Of course none of this will delay my plans to impregnate a Bush twin!

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Category: humor

10/04/05 11:42 - 68ºF - ID#23588

Laughter Makes You Feel Good

So this guy goes to the Doctor because he thinks he might be gay.

The Doctor says, "What makes you think you're gay? Are you having feelings?"

The Guy says, "No, no I don't have any feelings. But my Grampa was gay."

The Doctor says, "So? That doesn't mean that you'll be gay too."

The Guy says, "Well my Dad was also gay."

The Doctor says, "Again, that doesn't mean that you'll be gay too."

The Guy says, "Yeah well listen to this - all 5 of my brothers are also gay!"

The Doctor yells, "God damn! Doesn't anyone in your family like pussy?!?!"

The Guy says, "Yeah - my sister!"
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Category: sad

10/04/05 11:11 - 65ºF - ID#23587

I Cry On The Inside

I cry on the inside when I am hurting. I'm hurting a lot today.
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Category: music

10/03/05 11:27 - 75ºF - ID#23586

My New Wakeup Song

"Ideale" as performed by Andrea Bocelli and The London Symphony. Here are the lyrics in Italian and in English. I can't believe how beautiful the words are:

Io ti seguii come iride di pace
Lungo le vie del cielo:
Io ti seguii come un'amica face
De la notte nel velo.
E ti sentii ne la luce, ne l'aria,
Nel profumo dei fiori;
E fu piena la stanza solitaria
Di te, dei tuoi splendori.

In te rapito, al suon de la tua voce,
Lungamente sognai;
E de la terra ogni affanno, ogni croce,
In quel sogno scordai.
Torna, caro ideal, torna un istante
A sorridermi ancora,
E a me risplenderà, nel tuo sembiante,
Una novella aurora.

I followed you like a rainbow of peace
along the paths of heaven;
I followed you like a friendly torch
in the veil of darkness,
and I sensed you in the light, in the air,
in the perfume of flowers,
and the solitary room was full
of you and of your radiance.

Absorbed by you, I dreamed a long time
of the sound of your voice,
and earth's every anxiety, every torment
I forgot in that dream.
Come back, dear ideal, for an instant
to smile at me again,
and in your face will shine for me
a new dawn.
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Category: football

10/03/05 09:46 - 75ºF - ID#23585

So The Bills Suck - I'm Still Proud!

Fuck all you haters.....


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Category: music

10/03/05 09:27 - 75ºF - ID#23584

Misogynist Rap

David Banner - "Play"


Yeah that's about how I feel. jk jk jk jk jk

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Category: soccer

10/02/05 10:29 - 68ºF - ID#23583

Liverfool 1 - Chelsea 4

Rampant Chelsea tear Liverpool a new ass......


Frank Lampard tells those shit-talking bin dippers to SHHHHHHH!!!!
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Category: fun

10/02/05 08:32 - 75ºF - ID#23582

What Do You Do When You Are Bored?

I smoke sometimes:


Before any of you evil forces out there superimpose a cock on this picture I want to pre-empt that shit right now. It looks like I am exhaling, making a kissy face or doing my fish impression.


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