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Category: beer

05/31/09 11:33 - 49ºF - ID#48808

Mmmm...Another Saison

I made a trip to Beers of the World in Rochester this Saturday in an effort to find the Pannepot, as well as some others such as the Fantome Saison and the Dark Lord Imperial Stout. Sadly the store had nothing on my list, which tells me some of the best must be available only regionally, or in the case of some of the European ales only once in a while. It's hard to know when you can get some of this stuff.

Anyway, I found this beaut at the store and it is (according to Beer Advocate) the #5 Saison style beer the world, the "Avec les Bon Voeux de la Brasserie Dupont" which more than fit the bill. I like Saison Dupont but this is much, much better. Fizzy, hoppy, spicy, light on the palatte....a perfect spring/summer brew that doesn't hit you like a sledgehammer as did the Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout.


By the way....if you happen to be in the hood and in the mood for some good beer, Beers of the World has a good selection and the prices are far lower than what I normally pay here for booze of equal caliber. I also got a Chimay goblet, something I've wanted for a bit.
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Category: potpourri

05/26/09 08:30 - 56ºF - ID#48762

A Fine Weekend

I really needed that long weekend to say the least....I don't know about you guys. I was feeling pretty burned out.

Anyway, I got a last minute opportunity to go to TO to see Keane at The Sound Academy. It's a venue right on the waterfront, and I have to say it was a pretty sweet club, as well as a great place to see a show. There were FOUR BARS within close proximity where you could purchase such fan favorites as Molson Canadian and Moosehead. There was also a nice VIP area overlooking the crowd that also had seats, which would have been nice but wasn't necessary to enjoy the music.

At one point I meandered outside to the smoking area (I know, HISS HISS) and there is yet another bar, but also a HUGE deck area with a wonderful view of the TO skyline. The show was great, the venue was great, the booze was...oh I didn't drink any, actually. I just had bottled water because it got pretty warm in there with 2599 other souls.

Unfortunately you see no pics because at just about every show I've ever been to aside from hippie jam bands you are not allowed to bring a camera inside. At this show it wasn't the case - everyone had a camera pretty much and I'm such an idiot because I could have gotten some great pics and video footage.

I did, however, get some photos at the BBQ I went to this weekend. It was a mix of people young and old, and I had a great time shooting the breeze with everyone.

A rare photo of the brothers:


What I was drinkin' on that day:


Some kids chasing me with mice toys. OMG they bite!


Run Jay!!


The kids at the party were totally well behaved. Thank God. They were actually pretty fun. Jimmy, the kid I didn't show, was a 2.5 year old fueled by 2 cupcakes. Later on there was adult time when we got down to some proper boozing.

Speaking of refreshment, I got this one on Monday:


It tasted as good as it looks, trust me. I hope everyone had a good long weekend too. I'm looking forward to doing some more grilling on days like that.
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Category: potpourri

05/26/09 03:43 - 64ºF - ID#48758

Just Checking In

Peeps -

I had a great weekend. More on that in another post later tonight. For now, a couple of things:

1) I see Barry O has a nomination for SCOTUS in. I'll reserve judgment until I get to see the pros and cons from the lovers and the haters. I like Charles Schumer, and he has earned my vote before, but this is the time when I really can't stand a thing he has to say. When he talks about what is "mainstream" or not, please just don't listen.

2) Prop 8 was upheld by CA. I know many of you are really, really disappointed today and I'm sorry for that. I guess I don't have much more to say on that for now unless someone has a question for me, which I doubt very much. I feel awful, but I know since I'm not gay I can't possibly feel as acute an anger as some of you. I thought FOR SURE that the court would try to find a way to nix it.

3) There is a new album by a band called Grizzly Bear, entitled Veckatimest. I don't know if it's your cup of tea but it certainly is mine. I am down with a capital D when it comes to some of the psychedelia stuff coming out. So many of you people like good music, and I know you do, but hardly anyone shares what they're listening to at the mo.
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05/23/09 09:46 - 58ºF - ID#48727

The Spinster Stereotype

While I'm here drinking coffee and attempting to shake off a hangover, I thought I'd mention a few things to you all about the spinster stereotype.

Now, I don't necessarily believe that being unmarried makes a woman a bitter, hateful, undesirable shrew. I have many single girlfriends who I love dearly. I'm not sure that I even believe in marriage as an institution. I do believe that being a bitter, hateful, undesirable shrew will guarantee your singledom forever. We were out with a couple of these types last night.

Remember when I said I was all butt-hurt over my friend not hooking me up with his girlfriend's friends? Yeah, forget I ever mentioned it. In fact, being in the company of women who have no sense of humor, no joie de vivre, and who in general live with a dark cloud hanging over them makes me understand how much better off I am letting things be as they are. Even during the bad times, I found out I have a pretty damn good attitude.

Here are the dead giveaways that you are a bitter, hateful shrew:

1) Thinking of all men as creeps, potential rapists, assholes, and treating them as such....except for Hottie McHottie over there who you like.

2) Verbalizing how there are "no good men" available. I'm betting it isn't the men that are lacking in quality. But, um, no offense.

3) Mentioning how some bitch married the man you were supposed to marry. Give me a break! I really don't care!

4) Complaining about getting yourself out there because of potential failure. Welcome to being a man. You just don't want to make an effort. No man wants someone who is all take and no give.

5) Having a list of requirements that is larger than the tax code. Who the hell do you think you are?

Looking back in time I understand I too used to be bitter and hateful. Lucky for me that I learned to have a better attitude. No, actually luck had nothing to do with it. It took some soul searching and some work, in addition to willingness to look myself in the mirror, honestly evaluate myself, and learn to love what I saw, warts and all. Being happy and single is just fine with me, and I'm willing to be patient until my Yoko comes along.
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Category: potpourri

05/22/09 01:27 - 71ºF - ID#48722

My Diet Yesterday

Coffee - 2 cups
Light Beer - 2 cans
Dr. Pepper - 1 can
Gramma Mora's Burrito - 1 pouch

I took a look at the link (e:Tinypliny) posted concerning how many calories I need per day. After putting in all of my info it told me that I am normal weight and that I need 2550 calories per day. Think I made it yesterday? No wonder I'm so funky today. All I want to do is go home and enjoy the weather while eating a big fat juicy steak. With red wine and a potato option, please.

Edit: More on the food front. Josh pointed out an article on the SF Chronicle site concerning the pairing of wines with grilled foods.

Go to the part where they talk about BBQ. This is where I blow my stack. EXCUSE ME, PAIRING WINE WITH BBQ?! That is un-American and unholy. Can you imagine going to an honest to Jesus BBQ joint in Memphis or KC and asking for a zinfandel? You'll get fuckin laughed at if not escorted away, and rightly so. This is where these left coasters go agonizingly wrong. No way would they ever dare to step in a joint like Arthur Bryant's. Heaven forbid - Wonder Bread. How about this - why don't you save your vino for the posh friends you want to impress, and drink an ice cold beer with your BBQ like nature intended? Josh has stronger feelings than me on this, and I'm willing to bet (e:Drew) raises a curious eyebrow as well.

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Category: music

05/15/09 08:26 - 53ºF - ID#48670

Thursday In The Square

Awesome lineup this year. Particularly if you're a fan of jam music - a few good options there. I see myself spending a lot of time at Lafayette Square on Thursdays this year.

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05/08/09 09:49 - 58ºF - ID#48623

On Green Living

Some general conversation here:

I've read a couple of articles recently about the costs of living green, as well as the perception that products like organic food, hybrid vehicles, and green home improvements are luxury items. Here's the latest one I've read, which focuses on the organic movement.

I have to admit that when I go to Wegman's I don't particularly care if the product I buy is organic or not. If something I buy is organic, chances are it is purely a coincidence. My one organic memory is buying a six pack of Wolaver's Brown Ale to see if it was any good (it was). Believe it or not, Josh is the organic shopper in our living environment. My diet lately consists of cigarettes, luxury booze, burritos, hot bar at Tops that none of you would ever touch, and of course the odd cooking experiment. When I cook I do demand quality ingredients.

When I talk to Josh about the costs of buying organic food, he says to me that certain items are very reasonable, as in an extra quarter or two, but for the most part shopping organic is indeed an expensive proposition. If you want to buy a hybrid vehicle, or green up your home and get LEED certification, you are definitely going to pay a hefty premium. Anyone ever seen a poor person, or anyone other than upper middle class person driving a Prius? Planet Green routinely features technology and concepts that simply are out of the reach of everyday people. Tech is always expensive in the beginning - any hardware enthusiast will tell you this. But FOOD?

Here's the thing with me and organic food - first of all, I admit that I don't know everything about why organic food is good for me and is worth paying so much money to buy. What I want to see are tangible benefits to my health - in the article I've given someone talks about making himself feel better about cattle welfare. Joe Sixpint can't afford to fret over this kind of shit in our current economic environment, so these concerns to me are secondary.

Given my own gaps in knowledge about what the benefits really are other than to make me feel better about myself, I do see opportunities for people to get organics on the cheap. The article states that the movement has to be intertwined with government orthodoxy stating this is the way people have to eat. I don't see that kind of government intrusion ever being acceptable in the United States, but I do see the opportunity to build a relationship with a local farmer by buying into a CSA program, like what Porter Farms does already. This won't work for the gourmets of the world who need their various special ingredients from every corner of the globe, but for lower income people who don't demand this stuff it makes a lot of sense. summary....I think the reputation for green living being an upper-middle to upper class proposition is rightfully earned. I can probably take some guesses on the demographics and be right on at least half of it. I'm okay with things being expensive in the short term, but for this kind of movement to really take hold it needs to be available to regular people at prices they can manage. We all can do the little things to make our world cleaner and more livable, but being a true environmental champion like the Goreacle means serious moolah. I wish it didn't have to be this way. Maybe we can start with food.

Edit: I wanted to respond to (e:TheeCarey) and (e:Zobar) about the sherry. First off, Z, thanks for the recommendation, you tasteful mofo! I'll try it out. I finished my last bottle already so I'm ready for another one. Carey, I am happy to report that I liked the amontillado sherry much more when it was slightly chilled! It doesn't warm the body quite like Port does, but it is still a unique flavor that I got more and more comfortable with. It's really pretty good.

Edit 2: I need to talk to you all about what makes a good saute/fry pan. I've gone back and forth on it for months it seems and I'm locked in indecision.

Edit 3: I'm really happy to have a place where I can talk about the real world, the world outside of Idol and Lost and sports, and to have people who similarly give a shit.
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05/01/09 03:44 - 60ºF - ID#48558

Mon Sherry

For some reason or another, I've always been interested in the culture and food of Spain. I would love to go to Barcelona someday. I want to learn more especially about the food since I've been cooking more lately. At any rate, I'm not going to pretend this entry is more about culture than booze, so I'll skip the fluff and get right to it.

Sherry is something I've wanted to try even before my interest in Spain developed, when Josh and I used to watch Frasier and Niles sip it out of little glasses. Yes, it seems like something snobby and elitist to try, so why not embrace it? Who knows why I haven't tried it until this week...maybe it's the name of my mother, or maybe it is just something weird and new.

Neglecting to do my homework on the subject due to sheer excitement of trying another type of wine, I zipped over to the booze shop and found 3 options available - "Fino", "Amontillado", and "Cream". I bought the "Amontillado" thinking it might be somewhere between the other two. I was correct, although I still think I want to try the dry sherry next time.

So - what is Sherry like? I drank it warm, which I later learned was a mistake, but I'll do my best. It is STRONG for a wine, about the same stopping power as Port, and every bit as sweet. You get some of the sweet grape-y flavor and then you get a very distinct, powerful nuttiness at the end which lingers for a bit. I actually rather like the aftertaste. It is very foreign to me for a wine, and although I can't say I absolutely loved it (Amontillado should be served *slightly* chilled), I didn't hate it and am going to give it another chance.
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