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Category: bad news

03/09/11 11:35 - ID#53800

Life Doesn't Go In A Straight Line

That's what I always tell people when they take a kick to the groin in life. Yes, what you've heard is true - Joshua passed away on Tuesday in his hotel room in De Pere, Wisconsin. I don't know the official cause of death yet, and I would rather not discuss the details, but you can be sure it was natural causes.

I check this site now and again during the work week and I appreciate the kind gestures toward my brother. I'm not sure if he ever made it clear enough to you, so I'm motivated to say it on his behalf. Labels meant nothing to him. He found something to admire in all of you and enjoyed spending time with you as well.

The details about the memorial service, etc, are on Lee's journal.

As for me, I would never be daft enough to claim I'm unaffected. I don't need to tell you how important he was to me. This is a disaster and I have not even begun to suffer. It's comforting to know I have so many good people sending good vibes.

Some of you have written to me and I am not ignoring you! I've been trying to respond to people but I've also had a lot of really unpleasant shit to do so I haven't had enough time to respond properly. Don't worry - I'll get back to you.

Much Love
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