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Category: potpourri

07/31/08 02:33 - 79ºF - ID#45201

I Almost Write Journals

I've started a few and stopped them. Sometimes I get on a roll and then decide I don't want to publish. Anyway here are some of the things I've been thinking about:

1) Marriage - I don't like answering questions at the family reunion if I am married or not. This is simple - if I am married, and you are my family, you are invited. You would already know. Stupid question!

2) We've been shown the same photos of my cousin Joe's (now) wife probably 3 or 4 times since he started dating her. They keep on saying how beautiful she is. At first I thought it was cute, but this repetition has me wondering if they're unintentionally rubbing it in my eye. Do they know they've shown me the same shit over and over?

3) Related to #2 - why am I supposed to be impressed by the looks of a girl, when people of that quality or better are on Elmwood literally every single day? I don't want to be insulting but I don't have the same gut reaction, thinking she's the most beautiful girl ever. Isn't it enough for me to say I'm happy he found a nice girl?

4) No wonder Joe eloped, he probably saw how big of a deal was going to be made of things and decided to go ahead and do it on the low. For as much as my uncle brags about everything the guy does, Joe would rather button up and just go about his business. Lots of military people are like this.

5) The insurance company for the mechanics who further fucked up my already below par automobile are allegedly sending a check. They called, left a message saying they wanted to talk to the owner of the car. I called, left a message for the lady, but nothing's happened. I have a feeling they're going to cut me a below average check and say "consider yourself lucky."

6) Back to marriage - Dad always told me to wait until you're 30 to really think about it. It's the best advice he's ever given me. I'd ask him for advice on how to pick good ones (I don't) but I don't think he knows either.

7) I finally got the opportunity to be superficial, got the good thing to balance out the junk (think birthday party with models) but I think I'll have to go home and do a FFL draft instead. I don't think I'm going to get over this. FUCK FFL!!! I'm going to have to be drugged up so much to not be in a very, very bad mood that day.

8) Saw Sam Roberts at Artpark yesterday. Cool show! I have kept my promise and been out a lot more, and seen some good music. Someone we were with said they were dying to go see Gov't Mule on Tuesday but had nobody to go with. I was in the same situation!
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Category: rant

07/18/08 04:48 - 84ºF - ID#45065


The good news is I have new front and back brakes on my car, a new left tie rod, and an alignment. Sweet. I also have a fresh dent in my rear passenger side door. The mechanic said they were sorry and they would fix it....but....fucking A!! FUCK!!!
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Category: politics

07/17/08 04:09 - 83ºF - ID#45052

Lord Obama, Save Us From Your Followers

I've caught myself saying kind things about Obama lately, obviously because of his "play" to the center. I like reasonable people. The thing is, this candy coated wankfest really needs to end. You know what I'm talking about - the unicorn riding, animal magnet Obama parodied so well by JibJab.

Listen, I don't want to curb anyone's excitement, but does the question "Is Obama an enlightened being" really need to be asked? Rolling Stone already canonized him in March. This stuff is becoming more and more absurd. Look at this silly shit:

"Let me be completely clear: I'm not arguing some sort of utopian revolution, a big global group hug with Obama as some sort of happy hippie camp counselor."

BUUUUUT let's listen to the New Age spiritual advisors about Obama's deity-like countenance, not to be confused with the REAL nuts, the "coweringly religious." Psychiatrists attribute UFO abduction phenomena to "mass delusion" and I really have to get on my amateur shrink soap box and ask if these people are suffering from the same thing.

He's a guy. Really, that's what he is, honest. I bet if you prick his finger, he bleeds like you and me.
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Category: rant

07/16/08 08:02 - 80ºF - ID#45042

Unbelievable Liars

Out of Control Stress

The stop smoking campaign isn't going very well, I have to admit. I got into an accident a couple of weekends ago, and have been dealing with epic piles of bullshit ever since. You guys have to admit I have come a long way in terms of my volatility, but this has me spitting flames I'm so angry.

The Accident

Josh and I were in the car and stopped at the 4-way stop signs at Forest Avenue and Lincoln Parkway. There were two cars in the opposite direction, ready to cross each other through the intersection. The other party, let's call him "Sparky" started creeping up behind one of the cars, C2.


C1 and C2 cross the intersection, passing each other. As C1 and C2 pass each other, Sparky creeps up to the stop sign at which C2 had just been. We're still stopped at the intersection as C1 and C2 pass, awaiting our turn.


I start going, knowing it's my turn to cross through the intersection and Sparky, apparently not knowing the fucking rules, starts crossing through the intersection as well. I didn't notice in time, and he struck my rear passenger side panel/bumper.


The Aftermath

There was literally no damage to my car. The only evidence of an accident on my car was a streak of paint from Sparky's car. Unfortunately, Sparky was unlucky and had some damage. His plate holder flew off and he had some scrapes on his front bumper. The hood and headlights were all fine, thank goodness. The damage was contained to one piece.

Of course, continuing his questionable judgment, Sparky assumed that he would go through my insurance to pay. We waited for Buffalo's finest to show up so we could file a police report. Everyone was fine and in decent spirits. Things were cordial.

The officer arrived eventually and got all of our information. He gave us both forms with the other person's information on it. We both started getting into what happened for a few seconds when he said that he wasn't going to talk about guilt, and that there would be no police report. We had to go through our insurance companies. Fine, okay, whatever you say.

After this we continued on our way and I started the process of notifying my insurance company of what happened, gave them every piece of information I had, and also asked them a few questions. The next day I got a call from a different guy asking for my statement and other information. I also ended up giving Sparky's insurance company the same statement, and they notified me there was no claim open with them, that Sparky was still trying to get my insurance company to pay for the damages.

The Bullshit

Since then things have gotten incredibly bizarre. After some talks with my insurance guy, I ended up finding out Sparky told a different story, that not only was it my fault, but that I had actually run the 4-way stop!!! The insurance guy ensured me that things were in our favor, and to not worry. He explained what was going to happen from now on, and that it could potentially take weeks or months for it all to get sorted.

Today I got a call from the insurance guy telling me something new, and I have to say I'm shocked. He told me that he had a voice mail from officer so and so saying that I had admitted guilt at the scene, that I had admitted cutting Sparky off (what about me running the 4-way?), and that a notarized memo was coming. There is a problem with this scenario:


I'm so angry right now. I wonder what the motivations are here. The cynical side of me has thinking it is really ugly. We are in a city divided. I don't want to think that way, it is only going to make me a nasty person, so I'm going to assume he made a simple mistake, and that Sparky filled his head with crap.

If I really was guilty, the insurance would have never been fucking involved! I can afford it and would have paid for a fucking bumper with cash! But I did nothing wrong, nothing at all, other than not realizing in time that Sparky was flying through the intersection. This is about me not having to pay for a mistake that was not my own. I'm an honest man and I'm trying to do the right thing here.

Dealing With It

So, as it stands, I am smoking more than ever. I can't believe things have gone this way, but I remain confident that the facts and the evidence will outweigh this heaping, stinking pile of feces currently in my lap. I don't ask for a lot, but this one time I need things to go in my favor. Justice is justice.
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Category: potpourri

07/15/08 04:49 - 78ºF - ID#45027

Need A New Wallet

Seeing as mine went AWOL. I haven't really been feeling much like talking about things the last couple of weeks. In a nutshell, I've been in an accident, had my wallet go AWOL, and after dealing with insurance people and just wanting to listen to Pink Floyd, found out that my PSU went bye bye. ARGH! I just wanted to listen to The Wall! Of course, a PSU is easy to replace, the documents not so much.

But, if this is as bad as it gets for me, then I think I'm having a pretty solid time here on this rock. I'm pretty darn happy. Also the world does give you a break now and then, and I got a really sweet break that makes up for these inconveniences, and then some, and then some, and then some. I've also had the pleasure of good company and good times in the last couple of weeks. Oh did I ever go overboard on Saturday, between the Taste of Buffalo and hanging around Allentown that evening.

Anyway, I need a new wallet. Just like the person who gave it to me, it left with little fanfare and no consideration for the aftermath. That fuggin thing had to go anyway I suppose. I don't like to carry a shitload of things with me, just the very basics so I can withdraw money, rent movies and prove I am who I say I am. Anyone have one they really like?

Oh crap I forgot I need a new AAA card too.

Maybe someone like me needs to have a chip implant that has all of this stuff embedded in it!!!
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Category: potpourri

07/07/08 10:46 - 72ºF - ID#44892

Hello, Happy Monday

I hope everyone had a good 4th. I had an excellent time, of course, although sadly mine was the only building on the block with a flag on it as far as I know.

I've been thinking about something (e:Drew) wrote one day concerning an atheist President. I don't know that we will ever have an atheist President during our lifetimes. That assumes that, at some point, evangelicals will have absolutely zero say in the future, and it's an assumption that to me isn't really panning out, at least in the near term, given how Obama and McCain have been pandering lately.

Even if you ignore the hard cores, you're looking at a situation that would be far more difficult than Kennedy dealt with concerning his Catholicism. The stereotypical atheist mindset isn't very flattering, and it isn't as if they are averse to wearing it on their sleeves like an evangelical wears his faith. If you bring the mocking, cynical overtones of a Christopher Hitchens to the table, your candidacy on a national scale here is DOA, and for good reason. The atheist is better off LYING about his atheism.

Why? Because, while it isn't fair, the atheist candidate is saddled with the baggage of his contemporaries being outright hostile to religion and the religious. He would have a hell of a lot to prove to people, not only about his beliefs, but the capability to use those beliefs to erode religious freedom in America, or to generally engage in petty, useless nonsense. Personally, if the candidate was the chilled out, live and let live kind of atheist my Dad is, I would have no problem voting for him. Right now I am looking away from inflexible people.

I can think of some things I'm taking on faith right now, and I know I'm not alone in this kind of exercise. Humans do this all the time, but rarely is anyone so cynical or mean as to dash someone's hopes. I believe:

- I will have someone in my life who accepts me, good and bad.
- I will have a better go of things in my 30's.
- Someday there will be a cure for much of what ails us.
- I will find a way to overcome my smoking.
- Somehow, my wallet will turn up intact.
- America, and the world, will get through our problems somehow.

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