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Category: potpourri

05/23/06 07:36 - 55ºF - ID#23659


Yes, of course I will help you! Just e-mail me the details or something so I know when and where to show up. And don't worry about the reward, unless it's food. I like food. Especially when Josh isn't here to cook for me.

Oh, and I also got your message, I turned my phone off earlier. Why? Oh well Jason was a fucking moron and didn't take his medicine for 8 days straight, which makes for a very unpredictable and dangerous situation. So today I went and got my pills, took them, and went to sleep for a few hours so shit could get in to my system. So that's why I wasn't able to get coffee and whatnot.

Anyway let me know whassup.

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Category: mexico

05/21/06 01:52 - 48ºF - ID#23658

Hypocrite in Spanish = What?

Check this out:

Speaking of the hundreds of thousands of Central Americans who enter Mexico each year, chauffeur Arnulfo Hernandez, 57, said: "The ones who want to reach the United States, we should send them up there. But the ones who want to stay here, it's usually for bad reasons, because they want to steal or do drugs.

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Category: love

05/11/06 10:38 - 58ºF - ID#23657

Voice of an Angel

I'm sure it's not manly to admit it, but I was so moved to tears tonight after watching a CBC story about a young Quebec boy, struck by some strange illness, who sang for the Pope in Rome recently.

I saw and heard him talking about how he thanks God that he is alive, and that the best way he can thank God is to sing for the Pope.

It got me thinking, this young boy has such a joy of living, despite his own faults and illness, so how the hell could I possibly maintain such insane thoughts about throwing my own life away, wanting a do-over? It couldn't be more accurately said, it is insane to think that way. What an inspiration! What a gift, what a beautiful lesson this young child has given us!

I wish I could thank him. If it were in my power to relieve him of any and all infirmities, sacrificing part of my own life I would do it in a second. He's taught me something that I'll never forget.
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Category: politics

05/11/06 12:32 - 73ºF - ID#23656

Ben Stein Speaks!

Ben Stein talks about perspective:

A pretty good article, not so political in nature.
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Category: food

05/09/06 12:30 - 65ºF - ID#23655

New Sushi Place?

Word on the street is that a new sushi joint is opening where Kuni's used to be. I've seen people filling out applications there over the weekend, but does anyone know for sure if it is going to be a sushi place?
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