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Category: stuck in peep land

04/16/06 01:31 - 48ºF - ID#34634

stuck in epeep land...

I can't seep to log off of Estrip Land so I will just post, post, post. Mostly about nothing that has been going on:

Fairfax Loves George Mason University & their Cinderella story @ Final Four 2006!
Couples and other people @ the Cherry Blossom Fest.
Flags in Motion at the Wash. Monument
Me and the Pretty Cherry Blossoms
More Cherry Blossoms
Haunted looking tree @ the tidal basin. Looks like something from Scooby Doo!
DC's Cherry Blossom Festival 2006
Man Candy (ps. I do not own this man candy)

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Category: cleaning

04/16/06 12:17 - 47ºF - ID#34633

good riddance

Yesterday I began my ritual of the seasonal clothing switcharoo.
Only a few of my close friends understand the drama generally related to this task.
This year I tackled it alone. No one to ridicule me for the ancient artifacts I kept hemmed up in my closet. Yes, I had a sweater that dated back to 5th grade. 25 years later, I mustered up the courage to get rid of it for good!

This is the beginning of what I gave to goodwill:
By the time I stopped for the day I had 5 large trash bags and the box full of clothing that I had to high tail to the goodwill before donation time ended for the day. I can't believe that I held on to these things for so long. Considering that my sister and my friend Lisa made me throw out so much stuff before I moved here.

Feels good. I still have more stuff to go through, like shoes and what not.

I do hate the fact that they mark up their donations so high @ the goodwill. I know the revenue goes back to good use with training people and providing for the not so fortunate & what have you. So after I plead with the donations men to take my stuff since I was the last person to arrive right @ 8pm ( i think he only took my junk because he said I smelled like I just got out of the shower-weird), I go inside to find that for $90.00 I ccould have my very own used Kmart quality bookshelf complete with missing parts. If I had an extra $10, I could put the entire $100.00 towards a broken desk, all of the same quality as the bookshelf.

I wonder how much they will charge for the Christian Dior wool coat?

Now it's only too bad that I didn't save all of those stretch leggings with lace from the 80's as I see they have made a return in the fashion circuit.
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Category: e:peep love

04/11/06 08:43 - ID#34632

T.K. .....

I tried to reach you!!! I even walked by D&B but it was super late, I don't think you were working. I miss you! Just wanted to say "Hey!" & give you a Southernyankee Hug!!!

Next time.

Til then, take care of yourself young man!
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Category: adventure

04/07/06 06:50 - 43ºF - ID#34631


let's ride!

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Category: sick

03/09/06 12:29 - 53ºF - ID#34629

aaaaahchooooo! sniff, sniff blow!

Cute little babies = mega auntie sickness!!!!
I don't know what it is about Buffalo and the extended sick season.
Everyone came down with yucky colds!
Now everyone is gone and I am home sick from work! pooh!!!
oh well, that's the wheel of Love! Sometimes it just sickens you!
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Category: computers

02/14/06 06:55 - 29ºF - ID#34628

Missed connection

Starting off with an extreme missed connection with my computer.

Today will be a lovely day.

Albeit without my hard drive with all my most important data/pics/tunes

Don't ask if I backed up. Because that's what I was attempting to do at the time of its disappearance.

does anyone have any suggestions?

Have a Nice Day...

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Category: gossip

02/11/06 07:46 - 25ºF - ID#34627

Pageseven withdrawl?

ok seriously, no one is keeping me abreast of the shenanigans and goings on from Estrip and beyond...

I am suffering from thirst.
who will quench it?

anyone? anyone?

guess not.
Enjoy your Saturday while I peruse CL w.a nice tall class of juice.

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Category: dating

02/11/06 11:43 - 26ºF - ID#34626


DC = #1 Worst

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Category: hair

01/30/06 07:48 - 40ºF - ID#34625

Everybody's sportin' a new do...


Nothing too special. Just a do... But a new style...
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01/24/06 10:25 - ID#34624

i was looking in the dumpster & thought:

why is it hard to find quality trustworthy people?
why is there so much trash laying around?
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