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09/29/07 09:08 - 60ºF - ID#41409

love of things...

I love barefeet and prime numbers!
just saying...
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09/26/07 05:54 - 75ºF - ID#41334

Early AM's

They are tuff when you don't get to bed early. Now I am goofing off on estrip when I should be leaving : (
I am also obsessed with the moon lately. Well perhaps always, but more so as of late.
Its just so freaking beautiful. I seriously wish I could hang from the stars and moon gaze all night. Oh and never be tired to get back to the daily grind by daylight. sigh.

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Category: fashion

09/25/07 02:47 - 86ºF - ID#41323

Thongs after Thirty...

I had this conversation with a friend just the other day... how underwear choices change for most after thirty. Seemingly this decision does not affect all - check out this headliner of the day: [][/link]
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Category: animals

09/25/07 01:39 - 86ºF - ID#41320 pmobl

City Life

I really hate birds! Esp. City Pigeons. Why can't they be terrified of humans in the same likeness that I am terrified of them?
It's so pretty & sunny out that I am wearing my shades without any optical aid-thus making the bird sightings in advanced quite difficult.
Freak Birds...
Nothing like hearing the sound of crunching leaves approaching you from behind, only to turn around and its a freakin' pigeon!
Next they'll be toting guns and brandishing machetes in demand of your lunch. Freak Birds...
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Category: blogs

09/24/07 03:42 - 79ºF - ID#41291 pmobl

1 Order of Geritol & a side of Blog pls.

because of the overwhelming responses made from the Blogtoberfest the other night - Here is an NYT article I read recently about Blogs & the Boomers+

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09/24/07 12:51 - 76ºF - ID#41288 pmobl

Good Karma

I lost one of my earrings the other night @ the Little Richard Concert. I was saddened by this but eventually let it go. Besides, this one had no value in comparison 2 the diamond encrusted one that I lost a few months back. Anyway, this morning in the Cafe, there was a women berrating the cashier 4 making her wait so long 2 check out...It was ridiculous her nasty attitude. Who looks forward 2 mondays let alone crazed gov workers? So earlier I greeted the cashier w/a smile & good morning. I only had $2.40 in tow & was short by $0.12 for my Rockstar! She said don't worry about it. But I returned mins l8 w/$.012, another smile&a big thank u! I left thinking about how awful the lady was 2 the cashier : (
w/her threats & all... I just hoped I was able 2 brighten her day a little.
Moments later, I found my lost earring down the hall on top of a recycling bin!!! Yay : )
(p.s.-Our halls are super freakin' long&maze like) This was a good sign 4 a start 2 a Happy Monday & a Happy week!!!
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Category: fall

09/23/07 11:34 - 67ºF - ID#41262

Who's Your Daddy

Happy Fall peeps!
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Category: fall

09/22/07 04:46 - 76ºF - ID#41254

Fall Excitement

I am excited about Fall 2007! Perhaps in the same regard that most people feel about summer. I love so much about it - it's like, where do you begin?

Apple Cider
Beautiful Leaves
Pumpkin anything!
Cool, Crisp Breezes
Fall Wardrobe
Fall Shoes (separate category)
Sweeps (j/k)

It was really nice of one of my co-workers to bring in Pumpkin Bagels & Honey Pumpkin Whipped Cream Cheese on Thursday!

I felt inspired to start making things in the oven once again. Behold! Happy Pumpkins in the Oven:
Don't they look super happy in the oven?

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09/22/07 04:27 - 76ºF - ID#41251

f'ing relentless pain

I am in so much pain right now - I can't stand it!!!
I hurt my arm at work a while ago and the pain has only gotten worse.
I feel like I can't do anything because I am pretty much immobilized : @
I try not to complain about it but today I may have reached boiling point as I can't do the things that I want to do (without any hinderance).
I was waiting to see Little Richard (yes, Little Richard) in concert the other night but had to leave because I was in so much pain (& the fact that I lost a really hot earring on top of that).

And don't get me started about physicians!
Before (e:paul) posted about his exp with doctors [link][/link] I was preparing one of my own...

I went to see the doctor on my day off from work and the Nurse begins to tell me how well she just deals with the pain of a torn rotator cuff and I am like "whatever, I am not you and I don't want to feel this pain. Besides, I can barely move my freakin' arm".

Then I wait and wait to see the PA - who, when she walked in the room, instead of concentrating on me, she is amazed at my purse and questions me on the maker and style, etc. while she stares at my purse and not me and my painful arm.

Then she went on to ask me questions about where I live in this town and where do I work - My answers were all vague. If they were truly important, she would have seen the answers to her questions well documented in my file! It was like she couldn't believe that I lived in this town and had a real job the way she was grilling me...

So, after asking me where it hurts and poking me, she determines that this was the worst case of a torn arm that she has seen (i.e. "I can't help you-not even with some pain meds) - so she refers me to see a specialist two towns over that doesn't even accept my insurance ; (

Booooo! No, I do not wish to pay a $150 appt fee plus addt'l charges for whatever services the specialist performs on my arm + pain meds! This is why I pay for insurance - for coverage when I get hurt. I'd even go with reasonable coverage.

So I leave with no resolution whatsoever. Just f'ing pain.
I continuously lose feeling in my arm & it feels like dead weight with uncomfortable pings of pain.
I liked being healthy. I miss healthy.
Besides, who likes broken goods?

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09/06/07 11:02 - 80ºF - ID#40979

when does the lady sing?

tonight. MC Hammer. Concert.
tiredness. hilarity. hot dancers. Fun Times.
"Turn this Mutha Out..."
apparently his fame ain't over.

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