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Category: in total darkness...

06/11/06 04:19 - 50ºF - ID#34649 pmobl

power outages

so I am sitting here in the dark with no power. In and out of a half slumber, I heard a loud kaboom... then darkness fell over the room. luckily, one wall seems to have juice. this happens to be the computer wall. too bad my pc is a bunch of crap that i've tried to reboot for the past hour! so I can charge my cell, bake a cake (if I had eggs) and brew a pot of coffee if need be... The refrigerator didn't make the juiced side of kitchen. good thing I ordered in last night instead of buying $20 worth of groceries...
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Location: Buffalo, NY

06/09/06 12:38 - 68ºF - ID#34648 pmobl

break up

clipped wings
missing girl wand
did I mention mid day daily boredom?
sucky cunt torching contractor
like a cat on a hot tin roof
missing good times...
scary people
fake people
good ol' people
child rearing hips
sunshine buttocks
splendor in the grass
apart. craziness.
cocaine & crack
6 hrs
past always present
future unseen
happy tokens?
so called friends#
the bright light of it all
home memories
all of the things lost in translation.
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Category: food poison

06/05/06 09:06 - 63ºF - ID#34647 pmobl

sick again

back to work after yet another bout of food poisoning! seriously, I seemed to have encountered more salmonella, botulism, etc. here than ever in my life! the chicken ceasar wrap from the deli @ work did me in... I was sick in less than an hour & I had the works! Still a little queasy with tummy rumbles today. But I packed my bananas, jello and gatorade to go. Gotta make some money. My brother in law suggested that I sue. Others @ work have been struck by the same place in the past...
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Category: wmata!!!

06/01/06 10:04 - 71ºF - ID#34646 pmobl

<p class=

30 minutes of road traffic, 2 broke down trains & I'm still not @ my destination. Good thing I can now post via Treo! & I have a nice Bjork mix to calm my frazzled nerves.
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Category: bedtime stories

06/01/06 09:31 - 65ºF - ID#34645 pmobl

I love being in bed with!!!
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