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Category: buffalo

09/25/05 11:50 - 65ºF - ID#34601

the love of...

Oh how I Love Fall!!!! It is my favorite season next to winter, then spring with the beautiful blossoms!

Bright days colored with gold, maroon and green leaves throughout; Slight chill whipping across your cheeks that cannot deny the world a smile; aahhhh...

A nice stroll down good ole' Elmwood Ave; greeting the passerby's, peering into the sidwalk boutiques, and don't forget to grab a flavored steamed milk @ (e:SPOT) (besides, you will be certain to bump into an (e:peep) or two while there!).

Bike riding through the Buffalo neighborhoods is always a treat! The sights, the sounds, the soothing beats of the streets.

Ahhhh, the Love of Buffalo!

a view from my old window on Elmwood Ave

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: photos

09/15/05 03:18 - 70ºF - ID#34600

random pics I took recently

The Onion and The Toilet - Just plain irony on the streets of NYC

Yellow Game Seats

Got Smokes?

Somewhere in the spokes of life

City Barn

beyond the boardwalk

Don't Look @ Me...
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Category: comedy

09/14/05 08:25 - 79ºF - ID#34599

comedy of errors...

home late. missed my appt. drats.
day @ length. was everyone satisfied?
fundraisers galore. life changes for all. so many different paths shooting in every direction possible.
good girl vs. bad girl > what went wrong? Everyone is entitled to live a little. suppose you learn @ what cost...
time ticks. time tocks.
sadness persists through the surface. of happines.
parties, outings, wrong perceptions. who will ever know?
tiredness - extreme. boredom - continuous. happiness - still eternal.
time out!
what comes next?
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Category: i went to this sushi

09/11/05 01:26 - 73ºF - ID#34598

unisex lav

i went to this sushi resturant the other night and they had purposely designed a unisex lavatory area. here is a photo shot:
Of course I did not take photos of the boys stall; I wanted to stay a little while longer and enjoy my dinner without being escorted off the premises...

anyway, it's boy girl boy girl stalls; and you wash hands together. this is why I love sushi soooo much. it brings together the senses and the sexes. I could just imagine saying, "well, we met in the bathroom 1 year ago and the rest is history..."


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Category: southern livin'

09/01/05 09:47 - 67ºF - ID#34597

updates and such

First off, Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to Mr. Mike Visco, himself!!!
Hope you had a blast last night!!!

Secondly, I am officially on vacation. FREEDOM!

Thirdly, Local News:

It was a little crazy down here in Atlanta yesterday. People were lined up down the roads waiting over an hour for car fuel.

Record prices were over $5 a gallon!!! <Choke>

Some still could not purchase gas because they had run out. We pulled into one station and they just shut the lights off and said we are close without any explicable reason. We asked, did you run out? the guy says "We are just closed"
Some places were rumored to shut down for an hour just to increase the prices.
There were hardly any places that had any regular unleaded left @ 11pm. Craziness - or more like Pandemonium!!! One guy said, "I am just following the crowd, I am not sure why we are rushing to get gas, but I don't want to be left behind"???

Fourth and last:
I need to find food. This may require an extended bike ride to the nearest Starbuckies! but alas, laziness has taken over or is it the mixture of cleaning products that I sprayed in a slightly ventilated area?

Over and out. Check.
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