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Category: buffalo

09/25/05 11:50 - ID#34601

the love of...

Oh how I Love Fall!!!! It is my favorite season next to winter, then spring with the beautiful blossoms!

Bright days colored with gold, maroon and green leaves throughout; Slight chill whipping across your cheeks that cannot deny the world a smile; aahhhh...

A nice stroll down good ole' Elmwood Ave; greeting the passerby's, peering into the sidwalk boutiques, and don't forget to grab a flavored steamed milk @ (e:SPOT) (besides, you will be certain to bump into an (e:peep) or two while there!).

Bike riding through the Buffalo neighborhoods is always a treat! The sights, the sounds, the soothing beats of the streets.

Ahhhh, the Love of Buffalo!

a view from my old window on Elmwood Ave

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