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07/31/04 10:14 - ID#34379

Summer Time Fun (F-0-N)!!!

So much fun I have had. It erases away the bad stuff (boring work, jerks, ex boyfriends=double jerk, falling ceilings in my bedroom, etc)

I have slept very little in the past few days, esp last night. So mike, I was in South Buffalo @ the Buffalo Irish Ctr. & yes terry I was again the only one. My friends friend plays in the new U2 cover band. The light show was impressive. Got to meet band members of Kilbranan - Rob is way cool, esp when in a kilt!

I got home @ 2am (sorry mike and fellow epeeps that I didn't make it back in time to shake my tail feather wit cha'@ off the wall) I slept till 5am and was really up by 7:30 am. The torrential rains beat the heck out of the roof and hence wet moldy, yucky sheetrock it did rain in my bedroom -ugh!

So my big thril of the day to wash away the coookyness... I got my first ride on a motorcycle!!! - courtesy of my new neighbor Jeff! It was awesome! Thanks Jeff, you are too kind. Welcome to the strip again!

Now I am making clams for dinner - got a hankering for more - bought 2 dz; (remember I live alone and I am not a pig but a girlz gotta get her eat on...) So paul, they are on!!!

Lets see what fun I can get into tonight...
Bring it on...

FON - as I was so sleepy last night I could not even spell fun properly)

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07/30/04 03:57 - ID#34378


aaahhh, thursdays in buffalo...
old friends from high school @ tudor
new friends at the pink
great jazz @ the allentown wine bar
hot, rockin' concerts @ the square(arrested development)
many tasty drinks and now my nice comfy bed(alone)
Yea for buffalo smmmers!!!

thanks mike for talking to me on my walk home.
seems like there aren't that many gentlemen of your kind left! You are very kind.
I was concerned for my own safety. never again shall i be so silly as to walk home alone @ 2am

on a totally seperate note, i did run into a prostitute at the bar - I did not know she was until after I left and saw her working (undergarmentless)My first encounter and such a weird one, as she held a long conversation with me about my dialect and such...she told me I look like I should talk "Ghetto" and not how I actually sound. She laughed at the words I used such as "predominately" etc. such a weird night for interesting conversations (dialect, coconut...)

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07/25/04 10:51 - ID#34376

Buffalo's Annual Garden Walk

Hey E-Strippers! Check out the natural side of the city today @ the Annual Garden Walk. Its a Beautiful Day to enjoy it. I will be at the Senior Citizens Home giving out maps and taking contributions for the organization; Stop by & Say hello and smell the roses!
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07/15/04 08:33 - ID#34375

new user sound by dmb...


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07/22/04 12:47 - ID#34374

someone else's cosmic thoughts on libra

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): This week I'll give you nine of Darryl Cherney's 20 "Rules of Activism." Honed during his many years of protecting the environment, they should be useful to you as you fight for justice and liberation in your own sphere.
(1) Never turn down help.
(2) Don't believe your own BS.
(3) Speak in plain language.
(4) Find the truth in what everyone says.
(5) The most interesting things sometimes happen last.
(6) Advance planning is overrated.
(7) Seize the moment.
(8) You never succeed the same way twice.
(9) Surf the tidal wave.
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07/22/04 12:44 - ID#34373

losing memory

i had something to say; somewhat important but by the time i logged on I totally forgot. bummer. I don't know where my thoughts are going these days.
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07/15/04 08:44 - ID#34372

thursday after dave...

lets see...
DMB was good. Short show but still good. We grilled all sorts of things before the show, pepperoni, cheesey puffs, turkey sammiches, hotdogs and later after the show more hotdogs and marshmallows that were shared with other concert goers. There was a condiment fight before the show, kids and their underage drinking, tsk tsk tsk. Mustard and Ketchup flew left and right pass our very own eyes & Sooner or later their car was marked "dickhead" in sweet yellow mustard...
Other than...decent show. 1 encore-that sucked-"whats up dave? gettin' old? need a cane?"
It takes forever to get out of the park i'll tell ya'-didn't get home till almost 3.5 hrs after the concert ended. oh well.
I took the what movie are you test (twice)...turns out I am power rangers movie
& my goddness name is:
a C-omfortably H-umorous A-spirer who M-anifests I-ncredible L-oyalty and L-oves E-xcitedly

sounds about right...


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07/13/04 11:19 - ID#34371

DMB!!! DMB!!! DMB!!! DMB!!! DMB!!!

Hello Again Gorgeous!
Well It's time for another Dave Matthews Concert!!! Yea!!! It took a while to get psyched again since I bought the tix like in the winter, months ago, almost right after I saw him in December. But I am excited, yea again! the sad thing is I cannot find my "before these crowded streets" cd. poo! I heart dave!!!
whatelse... I have off of work for several days and I get new windows in my pc room- yea!!!

I need to make a to do list...
1) clean bedroom/put clothes away
2) dump the 65 yr old man
3) put away the dishes
4) pack a picnic for the concert
(wine,vodka oh & peaches for its nutritional
5) keep options open...
6) stay cool as a cucumber today 'cause its gon
be hot !!!

Libra Daily Horoscope Overview - July 13, 2004
This is your kind of day -- no doubt about it. You may just bump into someone who's actually a mental equal for you, oddly enough, under equally odd circumstances. Ready?

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07/11/04 09:22 - ID#34370

Bidwell Music

Forever Elmwood Organization Presents...
Music @ the Bidwell Parkway every Tuesday @ 7pm
Food and Drinks sold too!!! & Its Free for all!!!

July 20 - Strictly Riddim featuring Neville Francis
July 27 - Outer Circle Orchestra
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07/11/04 09:17 - ID#34369

Star Spangled Taste of Buffalo 2004

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