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03/24/04 01:27 - ID#34354

fresh fushia creme

nothing really to say, sitting here doing my nails with the lovely color of "Fresh Fushia Creme" shortly after midnight; hiding out from online buddies...
i just felt the need to post - to post nothing. ???
sure there is stuff going on, when isn't there? but i guess i try to escape it all at the moment if for just a little while. problem is that little while i think has lasted 8 years and counting...

when will i end the pattern i ask.

hmm, i dunno, but i want to pacify this uneasy feeling with good food,(craving some sushi), great shoes(stilletos please), and gratifying sex.
all of which are unatainable by my own will to be good, be a good little girl!!!
I only fear that the moment i allow myself to indulge i will be stricken by some unforseen horrible luck.
oh well, so far so good - i have declined an incredibly enticing "booty call" in the past 5 days, i have somewhat stuck to my budget and did not run out on my lunch break to buy a pair of "f - me boots" on sale and I am not eating $10 sushi rolls : )

enough of me, i hope everyone else is ok; sometimes i think its selfish to think of myself when someone i know, or someone who knows someone that i know, or no one that i know personally is suffering or experiencing something tragic.
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03/09/04 11:57 - ID#34352

More Camping Pics...

Here are the photos that I didn't get to post weeks ago...




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