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12/29/04 07:14 - ID#34477

airport shuffle

back in dc, heading out to buffalo tomorrow. still no luggage.

who is going where for the frigid friday new year's eve in B-lo?

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12/24/04 10:20 - ID#34476

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!
May the spirit of love and joy be with you all...

I have no luggage :( But I love the Holidays!!! Cheers!!!
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12/22/04 08:41 - ID#34475

Rockin' New Year's Eve...

for A Rockin' New Year's Eve!!!

Slip on your dancin' shoes, fill your flasks...
Let's Part-tay!!!

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12/19/04 11:34 - ID#34474

12 Days of Christmas

So it seems one gets 23 birds during the 12 days of christmas!!!
1 Partridge in a pear tree
2 Turtle Doves
3 French Hens
4 Calling Birds

6 Geese A-laying
7 Swans A-swimming

Not that I had anything to worry about this year. There were no secret santas this year stuffing things in my mailbox without using postage!!!

Oh and the blue is in anticipation of the first snow fall of the season here in the capital. Yesterday:sunny, beautiful, warm
Today:Grey, Chilly

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12/18/04 03:02 - ID#34473


Hey (e:Paul)/(e:Robin), I went to MOKA [inlink]robin,304[/inlink] [inlink]paul,2512[/inlink] the first time they opened, before the fire caused its' long hibernation from the strip. The Desserts were awesome! They tried having an open mic/weekly guest artist performance, but it was getting off to a slow start. I really liked the atmosphere. I liked it so much that I took the "preacher" there & told him I was doing my own thing...
I am glad they reopened. It is nice. I wonder if it is still under the same ownership?

Hey (e:Robin), I will be in the hometown GA next week friday till tuesday.

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12/15/04 10:16 - ID#34472

sexo y la ciudad

I heart SATC!
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12/15/04 09:15 - ID#34471


lack of organization& working structure is the evil that seems to plague me .
they gave me a headache today! 8 hours of being in a meeting room with very little resolved!!!
i miss after- work,night bike rides w/ (e:Terry) :(

The holiday feast, planned by a fellow co-worker along with myself, went ok.
Initially people were reluctant to participate. Morale is worst than buffalo. They just needed a little prodding (like sheep) I think. "This is the way to utopia" T-E-A-M!!! "RAH!!! YEAH!!!" Can we hire Anthony Robbins to speak? (there's a guy who seems like he made a pack with the devil but maybe I'd let him whip me into shape: Make your bed, wash those dishes, dust those shelves, hang up your clothes, make me a sammich!!!) i totally digress...
so anyway, participation works wonders for productivity sometimes.
Strangest thing is, after two weeks of planning, and frequent reminders to everyone, the leader still went out to get food on their own and really did not join in with us????? people felt slighted. We are a small group. what's 30 minutes to join in for representations sake? I tried to incorporate everyone's interest. I even bought "Happy Hanukkah" confetti! (sorry, I couldn't find any confetti for Kwanzaa)

this post is boring. i just needed to blow it out. do not pay this any attention.
time to sip the hot cocoa and relax / regroup / retire and let "Wheat" soothe my soul...
((and no, i do not watch One Tree Hill))

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12/14/04 10:53 - ID#34470

keep on keep on

ever have one of those days when you skip your original destination altogether?

oh and scratch that earlier post about lovin' the cold... it's cold!!!
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12/09/04 10:37 - ID#34468


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12/07/04 10:22 - ID#34467

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...



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