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Category: birthday

08/31/07 10:54 - 68ºF - ID#40854 pmobl

Happy Birthday Mike Visco-Disco!

Happy Birthday Mikey! May all of ur clebration wishes come true this year!
So have a few shots of tequila & Dance, Dance,Dance till u lose ur pants man!!!!!
Loveya Lots Mikey!
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: birthdays

08/28/07 08:28 - 79ºF - ID#40790

It's Peanut Butter Terry Time

Many have said a lot of wonderful things about (e:terry) : )
Probably because he's such a wonderful guy!
I miss him a lot : (
Whenever I see a Guy in an Emerald Green Shirt(like I swear I saw two standing next to each other on the Metro today) - I wish it were terrykins who would then turn around & let out a few chords of some hot new song (in his own rendition of course!)
I miss our commutes 2 work - even when he was mad because I made us l8 again! This list is long, but I know he knows that I miss him something mad...
I miss so much about this dude 'cause he rocks!

So I hope he has a BIG Birthday Blast! 'Cause its not a party without Terry, his 40 & some dancin' peeps!!!
Happy Birthday (e:Terry)! I miss ya buddy!!!
ForHugs-see here:
For Entertainment - see here: ((this cracks me up and made me late))
Happy Birthday Terrykins!
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Category: job

08/27/07 01:32 - 77ºF - ID#40755 pmobl

I love dc

I am freakin' "McLovin" downtown DC again! Last week was super cloudy&dreary. Today it is 87-90 degrees & I am sitting outside enjoying the warmth & the beautiful sites (wash memorial) while taking a lunch break = )
The city is where its at - Barnes & Noble is across the street & there is free wifi 2 boot! Okay, I am melting now. gimme shade & a water feature & i'll be even better. All n all it beats working in the suburbs 4 the most part. I love people watching a city life.
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Category: career

08/04/07 01:35 - 77ºF - ID#40377

Papa may have...

Papa may have a brand new bag, but (e:Southernyankee) has got a brand new job Peaches!!!!

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