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Category: dance moves

07/21/07 02:52 - 74ºF - ID#40192

sO yOU Think yOU can DANCE?

the original "Thriller" video scared me as a child. I did not like Michael Jackson as much.
But darnit, aren't those tunes freakin' catchy!

I can only imagine what rehearsal was like for this re-enacted production of MJ's classic tale of boy likes girl; boy is a werewolf who dances with zombies by the pale moonlight to impress said girl.
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07/21/07 08:44 - 57ºF - ID#40190

new sound

this beat rocks me.
thank you miss jenny & band.
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Category: gadgets

07/21/07 08:38 - 57ºF - ID#40189

cuteness & functionality


...and people wonder why I carry such a large bag!?!? - so all the gadgets have a place next to my heart of course!
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07/11/07 03:57 - 75ºF - ID#40054

the past

it sucks when you think that you are done with the past, yet it keeps slapping you in the face...
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06/22/07 03:51 - 69ºF - ID#39766 pmobl


I had no idea that Boredom was excruciating pain...
blast you!!!
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Category: games

06/21/07 08:08 - 75ºF - ID#39759


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Category: transportation

06/15/07 04:48 - 78ºF - ID#39680 pmobl

metro tales

So I always tell people that there is @ least 1 crazy person on the metro - I get on today and this man is yelling the entire time to no one...
he screams about how he needs a lawyerr & how he wants Marion Barry's lawyer. Perhaps he wasn't so crazy afterall...
well, until he demanded that they release the videotape of him on the metro from a previous journey.
never a dull moment; You would just have to b there I guess...

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Category: cars

06/12/07 07:37 - 87ºF - ID#39632 pmobl

evil men

Fuck Mechanics who keep trying to rape me! Those fuckers wait till 8an-they are going to hear it from me!
I tried to remain calm today, but it only stressed me out. I am still on a f'ing bus because those brilliant "saab specialist" can't fix my car properly and keep trying to hose me. Ugh!
I have taken Sebastian there three times within 9 days!
I like commuting to an extent but 2+ f'ing hrs each way is freakin' ridiculous...
Nice, some ahole kid just shot a bird @ the bus-he'll make an exemplary citizen one day.
I just want off-It stormed today; I am wet and the air is on full blast - sounds like a sick day is coming (cough,sneeze,whimper)
whatevs-im ordering sushi 2night since I didn't have to buy lunch today. gotta lose a few lbs. before the video shoot-can't look like a chipmunk (rather more like a chippette)

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06/01/07 07:26 - 82ºF - ID#39497 pmobl

get in my box

its funny how people have a certain perseption of you and when you start to color outside of those heavy fours line of "le box", they don't want to hear it...
I want to be able to express myself without being put in a box...Or maybe I could accept many overlapoing/linking boxes.with swirls around them. because I like swirls!
waiting 4 the metro in 90+ degree weather stinks.
In other honorable mentionings: Good Luck (e:lilho) in your next adventure. May you encounter good times, good people, good $, good food & the Good Life. I am sure that you will do well. Wish I could party with you, (e:Mike) & the gang tonight. : (
Have a Cosmo & a shot of patron for me : )
Bon Soir!!!
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Category: cars

05/31/07 10:06 - 75ºF - ID#39475 pmobl


I am so annoyed w/myself. Instead of spending goo gobs of $$$ on incompetent mechanics who are out to hose me, I could have just sold the darn car, saved $$$ and went on about things. But no here I sit traveling town2town trying different mechanics, waiting 4 buses, burning leave, & ticked off because I did not see the practical solution right away : (
Enjoy your Code Orange Air Quality Day!
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