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05/17/06 06:59 - 53ºF - ID#34644

metro freaks

I am seriously tired of the metro train freaks who push their tools in my face in the morning while I try to read the paper and forget about the terrible commute; I also hate the pervs who sit next to me who try to feel me up inconspicuously; AS IF!!!! Yesterday I had to get off the train because this man kept trying to feel my legs up. YUCK! I was utterly grossed out. It's too early in the AM to deal with such foolishness.

Everyone seems to thing that my balls have rescinded because of my mild mannered attempts of handling these situations. I just try not to cause commotion on an overly packed train. I am trying to plot my escape; Esp when sandwiched in a seat. Yesterday I ran so fast I nearly knocked people down in pursuit of a safety zone! "Outta my way, PERV in train car #6!!!"

It's so weird because there are all of these CL missed connections from on the train & it's passerbys. Are they all freaks too? Probably!!!

I need to make a t-shirt with terms stiched across the boobage area: "FREAKS NOT APPLY" or "PEPPER SPRAY KEEPS FREAKS @ BAY"
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Category: working out

05/03/06 11:25 - 54ºF - ID#34643


working out wears me out but I want to lose weight. sounds like a common theme around the estrip community. I guess I had too much fun on the town in the past year which has taken a toll on my little frame : (
or maybe its the long ass daily commute which I cannot complain enough about...Friday=2.5 hrs to get to work. Another 1+ hr to get home.

I should be asleep instead of posting. But I'd like to spend some part of the day with relaxation time.

Abs were hard tonight but well worth the pain : )

I hope I stay on track and get rid of 2lbs a week. I'd be happier and I wouldn't look like star jones.

I enjoy the workout but I feel so out of freakin' shape. This is the ultimate goal - to get back into shape so that I can join the adult gymnastics gym and look hot to boot!!! I can't wait to have rock hard abs so I can mount the parallel bars and twirl to my hearts content <sigh>

pictures to follow later of my progress. well, maybe.
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