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08/28/06 04:59 - 69ºF - ID#34664 pmobl

it's e:Terry Day!!!

Happy Birthday (e:Terry)!

Love ya,

Chammycakes 3000
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08/22/06 08:26 - 61ºF - ID#34663 pmobl

mondays -tuesdays

I dislike mondays that seem to spill over to tuesdays. it breaches the entire willingness to approach each day anew. Sebastian fell ill yesterday. perhaps its just the sniffles. nevertheless, I had to leave him all alone & walk home with all of my possessions that I tend to house inside him... I get home at 8pm & drink 3 glasses of Dr. Pepper 2 calm down. needless 2 say, I don't fall asleep. who knew dr. pep had so much peppy caffeine? then I wake up late & the bus is late so now I'm freakin' late. SOAB! if I didn't feel so committed 2 everyone else, perhaps I could tend to myself from time to time. I hope Sebastian is okay. I love him so!!!
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08/19/06 12:04 - 71ºF - ID#34662

Birthday Plans

Okay, so it's August and I am already thinking about what I want to do for my 30th Birthday. I would L*O*V*E to see Ms. Barbra Streisand in concert here in the District of Columbia but I really am not interested in spending upwards near a months pay to sit and hear her belt some notes and tunes...
Seriously. This can't be real:

But it is...So, I will more than likely save a few bucks and come to good ol buffalo for the weekend. Sorry Barb, I love ya, But COME on!!!!
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Category: bad people

08/15/06 08:27 - 75ºF - ID#34661

In A Great Mood!!!

Cheers! I raise my glass to the fuckers who have it coming to them; "A tall glass of "F" you on the rocks!!!
Drink up bitches, drink up!
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Category: sickness

08/07/06 07:07 - 79ºF - ID#34660

summer colds 2

evening update:
I am too weak and too tired to go to the store for juice.
I called in today and my boss suggested (in a demanding sort of way) that I invest in Vitamin C. I nod - sure. I hang up the phone and quickly pass out from the excessive amt of OTC drugs I believed to heal me. Darn you Zicam!!! Darn you for robbing me of mobility today!
So now I am slightly awake, still sick but not in any mood to go to a store! Not even a scrapbook store, which would be located right next door to the juice place, to wave my 50% coupon in the cashiers face.

Well luck me: I have TANG in the cabinet. Well, you may also ask yourself "Who drinks TANG these days". I reply, those same pesky kids who charmed us into drinking YOOHOO's. ANyway, turns out TANG has some form of Vit.C.

Yea for powdered drinks favored by Astronauts!!! ('cause that's what Im gonna be when I grow up...)
I can stay in, drink tang in my cotton underwear & get better!
whoo hoo : )

I declare, I have been mpre ill here than I have in my entire life. Must be that darn Potomac river.
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08/07/06 07:05 - ID#34659

summer colds

I hate going to work sick <frown>
it only extends my recovery time <sigh>
"summer not feeling so well's" are no fun. Esp @ the end of the season. Makes me think fall is right around the bend...

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