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10/31/06 09:54 - 62ºF - ID#34684 pmobl

fright of work

ok seriously: Some people are dressed up @ work for halloween. Some I really can't tell if it's costume or everyday casual attire. seriously!!!
side note: they used to say that u should have a buddy during fire drills. Today, if u don't come on after the first time I say let's go then ur on your own. sorry : (
I'm not taking any chances!!!
now I'm tired after such a workout of running out of the bldg. time 2 down a DEW & zone out...
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10/30/06 04:45 - 59ºF - ID#34683 pmobl

best & worst

Out of a total of 371 cities ranked by the FBI in June 06 - Amherst, NY was ranked 2nd least dangerous city & Buffalo, NY ranked among the worst coming in @ #340 !!!
Atlanta came in @ #355, DC came in @ #353. Compton,CA - Camden,NJ - Flint,MI - Detroit & St.Louis came in as the 5 most dangerous cities.
hmmm... I was going 2 head 2 ATL next but maybe it's safer to be a soccer mommy in Amherst (not that I'm a mommy yet or into soccer & minivans!!!
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Category: nothings

10/25/06 07:30 - 45ºF - ID#34682


that's not what I wanted to update.
oh well.
I will prepare to upload some of these pics from eons (weeks) ago. Of course (e:lilho) the pics will be as G-Rated as possible. no worries.
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10/25/06 07:28 - 45ºF - ID#34681 pmobl

happy 30th to me!

Happy 30 years.
yay!!! more later.gotta watch Dora The Explorer w/ the kids.

Thanks again to (e:Paul) (e:Matt) (e:Terry) (e:Mike) (e:Lilho) (e:Holly) (e:Theecarey) and everyone else who shared in such a great weekend! Good to see (e:Jason) & (e:Joshua) also last weekend. There were many that I missed seeing & I hope that you are all doing well!
Eventually when I get back to high speed internet society, I will post a pic or two.



ps: I'm starting to feel it~!~!~!

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10/22/06 03:25 - 50ºF - ID#34680

Please Taste Italy For Me...

Right now I would love to hop a plane and head to Italy and end the Month of October with fireworks & vino!
Being that this is not a feasible option (at least not this weekend) I will have to insert substitutions instead. So I found this recipe in the progress of my searching for flights and hotels in Italy.
Lush Pears & Vino = Yum!

Pere da Lucca

As Italians love to eat only seasonal fresh produce, it is always wonderful to see how creatively they utilize what comes from the trees and ground of their garden. We know that Autumn produces abundantly for our primi and secondi piatti, but what shall we have for desert, dear? Aahh...may we suggest La Pere da Lucca?

This is an Autumn dish which may easily put people in their grave happily. Yes, "a dish to die for." Pears cooked in red table wine, served cool with fresh whipped cream.


Peeled pears
Bottle of cheap red wine
Sugar and cinnamon
Whip cream

Peel your pears (and make sure you pick ripe ones), as many as you want. Throw them in a pot, cover with red wine and cook until they are soft, Throw into the pot some sugar, cloves and cinnamon - as much as you want. Turn the pears so that all sides get equal treatment. By the time the pears are finally soft you will have boiled the wine mixture down to a wonderful thickened sauce for later use. Let this whole thing cool before eating. Serve with fresh whipped cream on the side (don't you even think about that Cool Whip or that canned crap!). Spoon a little of the sauce over the pears when serving.

Now you are ready to die.

I thought of (e:Paul) (e:Matt) & (e:Terry) & their grand harvest of Pears courtesy of the pretty trees in the rear garden.


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Category: fuckers

10/22/06 01:47 - 50ºF - ID#34679

10 21 2006 - 5:40 pm

I hate them so much!!! They have no idea.
No slap in the face or tossed drink in the face, mean words, or devious acts could ever convey the overall disgust that I have for each and every one of them! FUCKERS!

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10/20/06 10:55 - 44ºF - ID#34678


Soundtrack Be???

Opening Credits:
Kanye west - livin in a movie

Waking Up:
Frank Sinatra - Looking at the World through Rose Colored Glasses

First Day At School:
Nothings too good for my baby - Louis Prima & keely Smith

Falling In Love:
Frank Sinatra - Weep they will

Breaking Up:
Frank Sinatra - Only The Lonely

More Frankie S. - These Foolish Things

Life's Ok:
Even More Frankie S. - I won't dance (Don't ask me,

Mental Breakdown:
Kanye West - Doing Fine

John Mayer - Clarity

Grove Me - King Floyd

Getting Back Together:
Mesmerise - Chapterhouse

Birth of Child
Gotta Move - Barbra Streisand

Wedding Scene:
Gosh, More Frank Sinatra - To Love & Be Loved

Final Battle:
guess who? Frank Sinatra - Get Happy

Death Scene:
Broken Social Scene - All My Friends

Funeral Song:
Old Blues Eyes is the leader of the Pack! - I've Got a Crush On You

End Credits:
Before Kings - Geoff Byrd

((i didn't pick any of these - I played fair & square))
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Category: long days

10/20/06 06:07 - 45ºF - ID#34677 pmobl

random thought

wrists tied w/ leather
baked beans???
copy room church in session
rings of substance
cake Cake CAKE !!!
extreme messiness
missing yous already : %
secret life? fake soap opera drama...
sobreity can save a life!

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10/16/06 09:48 - 50ºF - ID#34675

Ho Day!!!

I know yesterday was Ho Day! I missed it trying to resize the pics. I wish you the Best Birthday ever Sara! I miss you lots and hope the upcoming year brings you mucho success, love, and accomplishment! "Cheers"!!!




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10/14/06 10:52 - 39ºF - ID#34674

October Stuff

Ok, first things:
  • Sorry that the Buffalo crew is suffering through weird/freak/global worming snow storm. That is crazy. It was soo beautiful when I was there like 5 days ago.
  • I have had a BLAST this week in Atlanta!
Bahamian Breeze lunches with Aunties, Niece, Sister, Nephews, Counsin
  • Baby sitting babies and being exhausted from last weekend : D
  • Surprise visits from B-Friends ; D
  • Twist/Shout Cosmos=spend the night in a Days Inn Downtown Atlanta - egadst but oh so much fun!!!
  • SUPER Surprise "Tres' Chic" Birthday Party from my wonderful family!!!
& Special Ribbon & Polka Dots Cake-yea!

No snow here in the beautiful south - South Karo-lina!!!
It's family weekend @ Furman University. Gonna watch my cousin cheer-yay!!!

more later...

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