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07/17/06 05:47 - 86ºF - ID#34658

movies that make me cry

I took my little niece to see the movie CARS today. It is freakin' over 100 degrees & hot outside and in! So the movies was a better choice than the zoo today.

So she being all of three, of course did not sit still through the entire movie and demanded that we go back home. I didn't blame her since there was like 30 minutes of previews and short animated film sequences before the actual movie started. But unfortunate for he,r I paid $18 for she and I to see this movie and I wasn't leaving till the credits were rolling!

I knew I would enjoy it overall. Once I heard the soundtrack I was pretty much hooked. The storyline was nice too. Can't be a city slicker all yer life and forget yer roots! At least that's part of what I decided to take away from the film.

Afterwards we cooled down with some Ben & Jerry's cones. That lasted all of 4 minutes before her cone was on the ground and she was moochin' off of mine. Gotta love the kid!!!

Overall, we are having lots of fun girl time: Playing make believe, gardening, bubbles, loungin' pool side, etc...
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07/13/06 09:18 - 67ºF - ID#34657 pmobl

road trip

ok maybe this isn't too bad so far...I just saw the field where the Philadelphia Eagles are known to run a pig skin down the field! The waterfronts seem to look nice from afar too! Have I ever mentioned my fondness of bridges? Blame it on living on Grand Island. so far the rest of the city seems pretty dismal; Esp with the overcast skies above. I wish we could tour the city...
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07/13/06 08:07 - 84ºF - ID#34656

hot town, hot neighbor in the city...

I have this ultra hot neighbor downstairs who seems so kind and did I mention hot?
No moves will be made. Girlfriend on premise. I just needed to confess my feelings...
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07/13/06 08:52 - 67ºF - ID#34655 pmobl

road trip

sitting here in Delaware en route to Philly to what I like to call the mini prison camp. sounds like a blast!!! I am sure to be enlightened. I could try to have more of an open mind about the progress of "the peoples work force". But I probably won't.
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07/11/06 09:36 - 78ºF - ID#34654

c'est finis!!!

Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) - Green Day

Another turning point
A fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist
Directs you were to go

So make the best of this test
And don't ask why
It's not a question
But a lesson learned in time

It's something unpredictable
But in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life

So take the photographs
And still frames in your mind
Hang it on a self
Of good help and good time

Tattoos of memories
And dead skin on trail
For what it's worth
It was worth all the while

It's something unpredictable
But in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life

((was is?))
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Category: suckiness

07/02/06 11:58 - ID#34651 pmobl

lights out - flood pt. II

So, here we are, another sunday eve battling mother nature and her torrential rain drops and wind storms. I am sitting here in bed by candlelight hoping an after breeze blows through to cool things down. I went to a cookout that was quickly rained out.So we hung out inside. But only a few hrs later to be faced with darkness... so being a little too happy to drive home, I hung out on the hammock until the rains forced us back inside. A few more hrs later, I thought i'd journey home. While driving, the lights on route 1 went out and for the first time in my life, I saw live power lines burst into sparks along with it's own sound effects! Naturally I scream and begin to panic that chaos would soon ensue. I speed home. I'm tired. I pull into my residential area to find no power present on this side of town either. In addition, there is a gargantuous fallen tree in the area where i'd normally park my car. Thankfully Sebastian & I were not here when the disaster struck and we were not harmed. However, I still began to laugh in some weird form of hysteria. For you see, just last Sunday I was stuck inbetween Maryland & D.C. in a worst storm than today's showers. Me and my friend drove around for hours trying to cross ever bridge I could think of...
But due to severe flooding, all of the bridges were shut down. The city rats were roaming the upper street levels, tractor trailers were speeding down the city/residential street areas, cars were turning completely around on the expressway; It was all to crazy! But definitely an adventure. I'm glad that I wasn't alone & that my friend L-S kept me going. Even if we sang "Walk this Way" & Garth Brooks at 4am!
what a wet week this has been. I am definitely saddened by the individuals who suffered great losses and some even death : (
I pray the worst is over...
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