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01/30/05 11:13 - ID#34493

silly statements...

why do people say silly things that are often offensive?
like when I was conversing with the new co-workers and talking about my drive down here from buffalo, I mentioned that I drank a lot of Red Bull, the stuff that gives you wings. So why does the "ben look a like" guy say to me: "You were drinking malt liquor while driving?" WTF? malt liquor??? where did he get that from I thought??? then it rang in my head, he must recall seeing those beer commercials back in the 80's & 90's for Colt 45; The scene showcased is people of color are dancing and socializing and all of sudden a bull charges through the wall into the party.... How you mistaken red bull and colt 45, which are too different things, is beyond me. Do I even look like I buy Colt 45? and insinuating drinking and driving no less wasn't any more of a saving grace than the original comment/ Besides, that was a dumb commercial. A Bull comes to kill you if you pop open a can of Colt 45. hmp hmp hmp.

Prior to that, I was out with someone who made a comment about "Uncle Tom" and thought it was funny.

What is wrong with people today? what is funny about slavery and depiction of African Americans in an unsavory manner?

I think that some think that we have come so far in social integration that certain stigmas no longer exist. Well they do exist and it ain't funny.

hopefully, tomorrow will be free of dumb comments. at least one can only hope, right
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01/26/05 08:44 - ID#34491


[inlink]hodown,121[/inlink] & [inlink]metalpeter,251[/inlink]
This two ladies at my job are serious Barbie Collectors. They brought in two dolls monday, India Barbie and China Barbie for show and tell I guess.

I personally collect cd's that I never listen to... and there are a box full of tapes that I won't let go of either. they have no real purpose. i never listen to day, if I ever have a kid, I'll show them what the old people listened to back in the day on these here things called cassette tapes.
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01/26/05 08:21 - ID#34490

new job - part two

so I started my new job monday. the people are great. the raved about how great this new team is; this made me excited-for all the potential...Its exciting to finally be a part of a project vs just working in the govt doing things that are just a part of life: paying taxes.
Here are some pics of my ride in to work the first day/It is an Hour and 30 minute trip each way - YAY!!! aLong the way (all 26 stops on the train) I cross over the Anacostia River (see pics) The campus is huge - 3 large buildings that look more like two halves.

with a genuine cafeteria with food made to order & a starbucks. I'll stick to the deli, also located inside the bldg, 'cause I am still po'.

Life is good though. Real good. Just gotta figure out how to get to work on time for a full 8 hour day....




Missing Image ;(

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01/24/05 06:58 - ID#34489

New day New Start...

On my way to start new job. left old job friday. early birds are wow, just freakin' early!
I wonder how the new people will be?no time for thinking, must get dressed & leave in 30 mins. ciao!Have a Wonderful Monday all!!!

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01/22/05 03:29 - ID#34488

Happy Birthday Paul!!!

Happy Happy Happy [size=xxl]BIG Birthday[/size] Paulie!!!!
Hope your day is rockin'!!! I miss you!!!


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01/21/05 11:25 - ID#34487

finally friday.

so i think i have broken the hiatus like a popped cherry.
maybe thats a bad example since there was no heavy hanky
panky going on. could have been. but i don't want to.
i think the reason i felt like i needed to break out of seclusion and swearing
off so as not to become bitter for one, to get out for seconds, and stop gaining
weight for thirds. the third one was really the first reason to be honest
I just don't know if I am up for the games and crap. and when I say crap
I mean crap. its all crap. the sacrificial homme of le nuit was nice overall,aside from the several sexual innuendos, touchy feeliness on the first true outing, but guess what, if you are seperated, you are still married buddy, doesn't matter what country the chick
lives in...
Despite that, it was an enjoyable evening if you didn't think about it. I mean I didn't
feel uncomfortable or anything, but it makes me wander whats going on in his head....
I have had friends whose parents never divorced but they both saw many other people.
I thought this to be strange, but I guess I am suppose to get with the times or hold true to my southern roots?
My friend has already warned me since I was all like apprehensive about him at first anyway. Is this yet another instance of "Hey, listen to your instincts not the wine!!!; STOP trying to see if in the end they will turn into Glenda the Good witch"
we will see what happens.
Overall, a nice eve out. I now have to stay home since I have been gone since wednesday. I avoided the innaugural procession. I instead pumped money into the poor economy on my day off. even though it was suppose to be a DO NOT SHOP DAY here.
I will have to post the blurry pics i took while out. Lots of texans with rancher hats, furs and bling. oh yeah, and they are obnoxious when intoxicated. "Where's those blonde twins with the big tits" one shouted while boarding the train packed full of passengers. how rude!!!
So I didn't want to be just as rude and take pictures of them like they were a freak show or something.

Oh and it was so cold the night before that I had to go into a porn shop to warm up.
it was very toasty and they had a bondage section that was off limits. full of all sorts of things, outfits, and, my...
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01/18/05 08:56 - ID#34486

bike remedy?

to ease the pain, I went for a bike ride. till I was afraid of being in the woods alone.








Needless to say the bike remedy for the prior post injury didn't work right away.
I need a new seat as my current seat causes major pain in the same continent.big_grin.
All better today!
Now I just need to get back into the swing of things exercise, getting out, etc.
This was my bike's introduction to it's new home. go figure. all those warm days had no influence on the wheels. The wheels decided the best time for initiation is when it freakin' cold out!

I am sick of attracting lame-o's!!!! No, really!!!!
no wit, no style, no personality
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01/16/05 01:04 - ID#34485

kitty nightmare/reality

I fell asleep last night watching south park and started to hear cat meows.
I also fell asleep with the balcony door open. The wind picked up and the vertical blinds
started to rattle. I thought cats had entered my abode through the balcony and were ready to attack! Yes, I live on the third floor. . .so, they can leap and fly sometimes, right?
In a panicked state, I tried to leap from my slumber and pulled a muscle in my most girly area. :(
I started yelling at the door "GET OUT CATS"
I felt dumb after I realized the cats were only on tv meowing !!!
They were having a party snorting cat nip like cocaine and drinking and such. Those crazy south park writers!
Now I have pain, yet I found the events quite humorous. However I was afraid to go back to sleep for a while as I really thought the cats were in the house and would lick me while I slept.
It's Good to laugh at your own stupidness from time to time.

there was no alcohol involved in the above written event(s)
No cats were harmed in this situation. (this time!)

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01/14/05 08:27 - ID#34484

Vote for Me!

Has anyone seen this already?
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01/12/05 09:02 - ID#34483

rush hour yoga?

its crazy when you can't seem to get it together.
you think about walking out the house in hooker clothes without thought
you are 30 minutes late
& you still end up @ work with yoga gear on ?!/?!?
I guess it's better than the mini skirt that slid up my thunder thighs.
no one notice, but that isn't the point. I know I went to work in yoga gear.
totally unacceptable.
you still have airline boxes piled up from christmas and then there is the unpacked luggage still, the cake in the fridge from thanksgiving that still tempts you (eat me, I'm still good...) Aparently, my aunt was right(jokingly), I do need Adult supervision!!! Maybe I should go on one of those shows that clean sweep your house/life...I might tell them off though. You can't throw out those shoes!!! (perhaps I am still bitter over the Joan & Davids my sister made me throw in the trash when I moved because they weren't her style. I love Loafers!!!)

so I skipped lunch. tried to convince co workers to plan a 50th party celeb for a fellow co worker they don't care for, so they tell me. I would love to do it, but I will no longer work in that office after next week. It's sad, whether you like or dislike someone, your birthday should not go unmentioned.... esp such a milestone day. other than that, I will miss the views of outside from my desk, my spacious desk. :(
life flourishes outside my current office. I can walk in unison with the wealthy and the homeless. It's no NYC but it will do for now...
I fear I will be returning to the world of cubicle hell. It's not too late they say to change my mind...

i still survived the day.

in other things. i must buy a car. I am broke :(
i hate the feeling of someone trying to take advantage of you.
more so I hate the feeling of being aware of this & letting them ...

sometimes I think their conscious will get the best of them, but what
I fail to convince myself of is that not everyone bares such a guilty
conscious of wrongdoing.

now I have a hard time believing most things & most people as of late and I am always looking for the catch, but

Not to worry, I think I still have a high reading on the optimism meter.
I'm done.

I love Prince.

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