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02/27/05 10:45 - ID#34519

when you wish upon a star...

snow day!!! snow day!!! come on snow day!!!! you know you can't handle it dc, you are a snow sniveler. a weather wimp!!!
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02/27/05 02:28 - ID#34518

fanciful flight...

back home. great fun had with family. met interesting person on flight & had deep conversation about who my husband is.... strange but interesting.
atlanta was warm. sunny, convertible top down, day spent at hair salon. oh what girlie fun my aunt and I shared!celebrated brothers 22nd birthday. shared many laughs with the family as well as many hugs! I Love Hugs!!!!
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02/26/05 12:16 - ID#34517

drunken post...

I agree (e:Ajay) about posting while wasted. But for me it seems to be a very interesting moment at the time but in all reality it isn't. Yet I feel compelled to share the details. Last night for instance, I ate so much pie & cheese then chased it down with a few martini's, I felt the need to post after I lost it all around 2am. What do I have to say that is so interesting at this moment (as I hurled)?
perhaps this is a part of the blog addiction. wanting to share every crazy moment and thought.
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02/25/05 10:39 - ID#34516

Side note decisions and such

later that day:
So, I opted for two more slices of pie for a total of four.
Passed out in the massage chair. Had freakish dreams that my aunt walked in and placed a cat on my lap but I was paralyzed and could not move or speak. I kept yelling inside "Get away, Get away" but to no avail the cat was all over me and I could do nothing. After I woke up and later realized I was home alone and there was no such cat, I realized I gotta lay off the sugar! then I opted to workout on the cross trainer and the treadmill only to lose such pie moments later : ( and then again early the next morning. who knew one could hold such masses of pie at a time. What about those pie eating contestants... Where does their pie go? hmmm....

((earlier that day:))
Treadmill vs Bed?
BED vs treadmill?
more pie for breakfast? = TREADMILL
such a lazy slacker today. Maybe I need some java.
I'll get right on it.


  • Yeah, just as (e:Dan) said, I too was anticipating an account of the first epeep night '05... oh well.


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02/22/05 08:19 - ID#34515

the funny thing about life...

It's amazing how someone random can make the blues melt away.
What a disastrous day. I have been denied privilag/rights to ride the organizations shuttle service thus leaving me stranded with a 2.5 hr commute both ways and not getting to work timely whatsoever and extending my day out to 6:30am - 8pm as well as being in what has been deemed a "not so safe neighborhood" just to work 8 fucking hours. I felt outraged after I left work. This same van service will still travel to and fro between offices whether someone rides it or not; Thus, contributing to more pollution, traffic, and ridiculousness; What a waste people, what a waste. I thought to myself: Why are people non-caring, bureaucratic fucking paper pushers for no good reason?(its best to be a "Caring, Bureaucratic paper pusher" for the good of all citizens)
why is someone hired to monitor the going ons of others who do not harm, invade, or disrupt the natural flow of things... RULES, RULES, RULES!!!
I am a law abiding, tax paying, recycling, caring citizen who deems rules necessary but freakin' A, there are times for exceptions & modifications...
I must say I am much more calm now. I ran into my Realtor on the way home & we shared a chat and a hug. Perhaps it was good seeing someone you know or seeing someone you know who has a good spirit about themselves. Anyhoo, I felt lighter after that conversation. It let me know that really, there are good people out here. Just gotta be receptive and less cynical
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02/21/05 04:45 - ID#34514

death craves me

Prince George is Dead. Back to the store he goes. This time I had nothing to do with it...
He died in his sleep.
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02/21/05 12:58 - ID#34513

Free Movie Screening - MILLIONS

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02/20/05 11:36 - ID#34512


I spend waaaaaaay too much time online. so sad. I avoid everything else
that I should and need be doing.

If I were catholic and had to give up something for lent or what have you,
I would need to seriously consider my online usage time.

perhaps I would be more focused and not make mistakes such as shown below
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02/20/05 05:07 - ID#34511

double fudge!!!

Last Sunday:
Receive New Pair in Mail on Tuesday & then...
This Sunday:

What is wrong here? i can't keep this things for anything...
needless to say i am freaked out!!!! Poor Prince George...
and here I was thinking, maybe it would be nice to have a male counterpart, but I cannot take care of the little one I have. hmp, hmp, hmp...

What will happen next sunday? I am terrified to wonder!


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02/20/05 11:53 - ID#34510

dumb dreams=?

all this talk about chivalry & where has it gone:
The night before I dreamt that I was riding a deer, a deer!!!, and wrestled up a stallion(horse) by rope and rode into the woods, past a pool, past a baseball diamond where there were a lot of losers jeering at me, then I ended up at a television set where I knew the cast members; it was their last show or something. One of the guys was flirting in the way guys do when they pretend that they hate you and you hate them back for acting that way; In the end he comes over and smacks me on the arse like a term of affection or something; He expected me to respond to this like we were in elementary school. Yes, many boys did this in elementary school. Run up to the girl, smack her bum and expect you to chase them. Boys! & Stupid dreams.
But I really wonder what did riding the deer mean and why was I stringing along a stallion???

There are still gentlemen who will walk on the right side of me, open doors, and stand when I exit the table. I am southern y'all, it's a way of life down there when a man is brought up properly. I see these actions as kind gestures. Sure, I can get my own door, change my own tire, install my own pc, cut my own grass, and lay my own floor tile, and still be quite the lady. Most people don't teach "manners" these days.
And as far as there being equality, puhlease!!!! Some things will be looked upon as equal treatment, but in terms of relationships it is rarely treated equal. In the back of the mind there is still the expectation of who should be doing what because you are the woman and they are the man or whichever role one assumes in some cases.
Not everyone is like this, I realize. But sometimes finding the ones who aren't are like mining for your own damn diamonds.
But for those who are kind and quite chivalrous, keep being you, the kind acts never go unnoticed!

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