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09/29/04 11:35 - ID#34416

organization pt deux?

I need to get my day planner back in action. I was convinced a while ago not to spend money on the yearly inserts etc. but i love my paper day planner. sure a pda would be even better now with music upload capability to boot. perhaps this should be added to my birthday wish list.

I don't know if I am super pysched about October (birthday in a few days) or what?
I thought it was October already and I thought my interview was today for a job in DC. Get it together... I felt so silly sitting there all decked out in my suit, hair coifed, face done, and prepared for the ultimate q&a.
silly girl its next wednesday... More time to prepare as I found myself completely nervous which is usually not the case. aaaaahhhh.

Anyone up for cocktails or something after work today?
(bad segway but whatever)

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09/28/04 02:23 - ID#34415

how much is so much?

too much paper

too much organization

too little time

too little effort

too many intricacies

too few emails

too often I...

oh so much

hmm... can I have one too? ;)
[inlink]maidencateyes,163[/inlink] - inlink recorded 09/27/04 22:20

(this sounds like it should be a "Dear Santa, I have been a nice girl all year long" request!)
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09/27/04 11:15 - ID#34414

no title for mondays

nice weekend
friday night went to union meeting for my place of employment.
enjoyed the spectacle while under the influence.
people shouting out opinions about anti-abortion and how the tax on the wealthy aint sh** all at the wrong time. craziness. Yeah yeah, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and such (just like we all like to share here on the site - one nice big opinionated family!)
but to shout at an assemblyman that if he continues to support abortion & such that the state of florida will feel the wrath of earthquakes and other natural disasters???

man, see what I have to go work w/everyday. After I left I needed some martini's to forget about how crazy it is there. the martini's were great-esp after we added a fun game of limbo with it!!!

spent entire saturday w/18 mo niece
spent at least 8 hrs reading to her-she
loves books!
she made her first painting by watercolors -
oh so cute!
she cried when it was time to leave :(
I thought it was sweet as pecan pie!

so moving along, i have to get ready for work, no time to truly post.
I find myself saving stuff to the epad
to later post. later never comes...

so later that night, (e:paul) and I met (e:maidencateyes) @ good ol' faherty's [inlink]maidencateyes,160[/inlink]. Nice meeting you and (e:floppydonkey)
& (e:drchlorine), you really have been mia since last e peep night out. whats up? but it was good running into you.

sunday was relaxing. walking,yoga,clams,boardwalk

gotta go now. I hope we don't lose anyone from our e community - that would be sad. :(

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09/26/04 03:08 - ID#34413

ZOX : Live Cool Music

Mohawk Place
Oct. 5 2004
Buffalo, NY
Doors: 8 PM
ZOX @ 9:30 PM
under21: $7 21+: $5
Zox Website
Mohawk Place
I saw these guys last year @ Elmwood Arts Festival - They shared some cool sounds. check it out...

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09/25/04 03:53 - ID#34412


I cannot believe what I just heard for several reasons....
(e:flacidness) just asked me if I heard about a break in right in my very own HOME!!! I knew nothing about it because no one has said anything to me.(e:Flacidness) works with one of my neighbors. She told him what happened. Tonight he told me. I am so freaked out!!! Apparently someone broke into our home(apartment bldg) and stole everyones bike except for mine. All along I thought the bikes had been moved in order for the people working on/in the house to do what they needed to do. I thought all along no one told me to move my bike elsewhere & I was left out of the loop. Low and behold a thief had been within our private residence. I am really appalled and cannot believe this. It makes me leary of being there in the first place. I always thought the people in my area neighborhood were weird in someway different from other parts of elmwood. like the guy who walks up and down the street with a shopping cart & occassionally throws trash and food in my driveway ( I have witness this) or others who walk back and forth pass the general area all day long. I don't know, maybe they have nothing to do or something but I am soooooo freaked out. I feel like someone or people are watching us and know when we are there and when we are not. One day I came home, parked in the back as usual, and say some dude walking briskly through the back yard behind the garage and jump the fence to the property next door. Made me feel uneasy/

At the same time, I can't help but to think that its the seemingly crazy people my landlord hires to do work around the house....
I had some jewelry missing since the last thing was fixed in my house which was extremely sentimental to me. My deceased mom gave me a pretty figaro gold bracelet on my 25th birthday. The last birthday I saw my mom. you have no idea how much that meant to me. But How could I accuse someone of taking something when I didn't see them do it nor was I there. My landlord had the dude call me and schedule a time that he could fix the leak in my bathroom that had molded the foyer below. The guy called me and asked when I would be home . I told him whatever timeframe according to my work schedule. The guy said he would call me in the morning. He never did. He came, alone, while I was at work. I came home to a fixed bathroom that night

He called me the next morning and said "hey I fixed the problem" i said , "yeah I know" later realized the next morning I could not find my really important jewelry including the unmentioned white and yellow gold "x" link necklace that my aunt gave me. Freakin' sucks !!!!

I hope my neighbors are doing ok with this craziness. I am sooooo upset by this, you really don't understand my these mere words that I type. Why would they take everyone else's bike except mine??? granted mine is a cheap tiny bike but what does a thief know about value? perhaps I just don't know enough thieves to understand their motive and mindset. I don't know. perhaps it was the same person that took my jewelry. I don't know. I do know its time to go.

Hopefully I get this job in DC. That would be my exit stage left...
For my dear neighbors, S,M,&J who also loss valuables, i am really sorry to hear of this. I reallly cannot believe this., (e:Flacidness) said they broke in through the doo, form what he was toldr. I saw my landlord this morning looking at the door and didn't understand why.

Why didn't anyone tell me? I feel out of the loop...
this is something pretty serious.
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09/24/04 03:19 - ID#34411


no sleep yet.
more walking
heavy bags
why are they?
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09/24/04 02:01 - ID#34410

where is the time?

goodnight i think - even though I am still not at home.i am sleepy - mike says I need to dance. too sleepy (which is good for a change - not going to bed @ 2:30am) i need a dancing outfit on to really dance. and not some crazy outfit that (e:metalpeter) [inlink]metalpeter,131[/inlink] woulld call hooker or doya or whatever ;) ...i'm not that type of southernyankee. :)
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09/24/04 12:17 - ID#34409

sticks and stones...

[inlink]stickboy,152[/inlink] oh no....Good Luck whatever you are upto Bryan. Look forward to seeing your stage presence somewhere over the rainbow...
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09/21/04 11:00 - ID#34408

Paul's ku's...

Sitting here @ e :strip headquarters learning new chat commands. I miss out on the chat box convo's during the day so I have to play catch up on all the new features of the site with paul. I am so stuffed full of mac/cheese from ya ya. I think I can skip a day of eating...

some of the new command code responses...

paul 21:33 : Here is a Haiku - no promises on symantics:

communicating ,
capabilities typist ,
fastest thinking shit .

paul 21:34 : Here is a Haiku - no promises on symantics:

whenever any ,
myself Cloudy tapping feet ,
on my but care I .

paul 21:35 : Here is a Haiku - no promises on symantics:

Hesperus squished ,
Cloudy figure logo bill ,
on that a make how .
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09/21/04 03:06 - ID#34407


i should sleep.cannot.caffeeeeeeine...
crazy dreams.too much running from the unknown.
new ceiling in a day.yay.
vacation on the horizon?
no money. wants shoes.
better than ...[inlink]rachel,105[/inlink]

Pre-Birthday List:
1) Digital Camera to replace the one I broke at the love wedding.
we all had fun that night! [inlink]southernyankee,12[/inlink]
2) New Boots, Old ones = old [inlink]southernyankee,63[/inlink]
3) New Job, better than the one I have
4) Lots of dancing!!! 8*
5) Vacation
6) New Phone? maybe
7) Visit Family -Oh I miss them! :(
8) Hair cut by Auntie only by Auntie
9) oh yeah, Big Party w/fellow (e:peep) Libra's!!! (e:lilho) & (e:holly)
10) most importantly, that my sister saves birthing little AJ till after the b-day week or next week is looking good... (selfish priorities aren't they?)

this list shall continue...
must convince myself to sleep, sleep, sleep.such a waste of time.

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