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07/21/07 08:44 - 57ºF - ID#40190

new sound

this beat rocks me.
thank you miss jenny & band.
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Category: gadgets

07/21/07 08:38 - 57ºF - ID#40189

cuteness & functionality


...and people wonder why I carry such a large bag!?!? - so all the gadgets have a place next to my heart of course!
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07/11/07 03:57 - 75ºF - ID#40054

the past

it sucks when you think that you are done with the past, yet it keeps slapping you in the face...
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06/22/07 03:51 - 69ºF - ID#39766 pmobl


I had no idea that Boredom was excruciating pain...
blast you!!!
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Category: games

06/21/07 08:08 - 75ºF - ID#39759


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Category: transportation

06/15/07 04:48 - 78ºF - ID#39680 pmobl

metro tales

So I always tell people that there is @ least 1 crazy person on the metro - I get on today and this man is yelling the entire time to no one...
he screams about how he needs a lawyerr & how he wants Marion Barry's lawyer. Perhaps he wasn't so crazy afterall...
well, until he demanded that they release the videotape of him on the metro from a previous journey.
never a dull moment; You would just have to b there I guess...

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Category: cars

06/12/07 07:37 - 87ºF - ID#39632 pmobl

evil men

Fuck Mechanics who keep trying to rape me! Those fuckers wait till 8an-they are going to hear it from me!
I tried to remain calm today, but it only stressed me out. I am still on a f'ing bus because those brilliant "saab specialist" can't fix my car properly and keep trying to hose me. Ugh!
I have taken Sebastian there three times within 9 days!
I like commuting to an extent but 2+ f'ing hrs each way is freakin' ridiculous...
Nice, some ahole kid just shot a bird @ the bus-he'll make an exemplary citizen one day.
I just want off-It stormed today; I am wet and the air is on full blast - sounds like a sick day is coming (cough,sneeze,whimper)
whatevs-im ordering sushi 2night since I didn't have to buy lunch today. gotta lose a few lbs. before the video shoot-can't look like a chipmunk (rather more like a chippette)

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06/01/07 07:26 - 82ºF - ID#39497 pmobl

get in my box

its funny how people have a certain perseption of you and when you start to color outside of those heavy fours line of "le box", they don't want to hear it...
I want to be able to express myself without being put in a box...Or maybe I could accept many overlapoing/linking boxes.with swirls around them. because I like swirls!
waiting 4 the metro in 90+ degree weather stinks.
In other honorable mentionings: Good Luck (e:lilho) in your next adventure. May you encounter good times, good people, good $, good food & the Good Life. I am sure that you will do well. Wish I could party with you, (e:Mike) & the gang tonight. : (
Have a Cosmo & a shot of patron for me : )
Bon Soir!!!
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Category: cars

05/31/07 10:06 - 75ºF - ID#39475 pmobl


I am so annoyed w/myself. Instead of spending goo gobs of $$$ on incompetent mechanics who are out to hose me, I could have just sold the darn car, saved $$$ and went on about things. But no here I sit traveling town2town trying different mechanics, waiting 4 buses, burning leave, & ticked off because I did not see the practical solution right away : (
Enjoy your Code Orange Air Quality Day!
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Category: animals

05/14/07 12:23 - 55ºF - ID#39269

more of the goose,gander&baby goslings


Seriously, I think I must not have been thinking taking these. I am pretty grossed out now. I think I got caught up in the moment and I was slightly blind with the functioning of only one corrective lense and all...

Reading about their prone diseases ([link= ]Angel Wing[/link]) and such, i got to thinking that my meandering through the woods and along creek paths could inevitably place me near one that didn't make it and died. Maybe this is far fetched but still...I would be grossed out.

Yet I can read pictorial documentaries of slaughtered pigs, sheep, etc. That was gross but interesting. PORK

I find so many odd things in those woods like: fresh kitchen trash in a white trash bag (who goes to the woods and drops off their trash right on the path? There are dumpsters closer than the woods...

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