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08/27/05 04:27 - ID#34593

summer scurrying away...


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08/20/05 10:40 - 68ºF - ID#34592

history reviewed

sometimes it's fun to read the historical accounts of life on the strip...
For example, in one of my own post, I read about hanging out @ the Bidwell Summer Concert Series. It made me laugh because the year before that I was @ the concert with a bottle of wine , a few estrippers, and no bottle operner or glasses! This was when I met (e:lilho)! We shared a laugh- The fun times didn't stop there.

Hope you remember all the good times too (e:lilho) ;)

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08/19/05 07:24 - 81ºF - ID#34591

bored on the beltway...

must have been a race going on down 95 south... saw a few of these rambler things and race trucks. Perhpas photographing while driving 65+ mph isn't the safest rule in the book. Perhaps I got carried away with documenting ever aspect of my life...





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08/14/05 05:24 - 65ºF - ID#34590



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08/13/05 06:40 - 81ºF - ID#34589


Is the Mang moonlighting as a graffiti model?
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08/06/05 06:40 - 79ºF - ID#34588

a bugs life...

(e:Paul), in reference to the jungle being in your backyard,[inlink]paul,3723[/inlink] this is what I have currently taking up residence on my balcony:




oh, wait, perhaps it isn't living any longer... (8:26pm)

so speaking of insects; I commented earlier today how fun it would be to write an adult picture book depicting the similarities between office workers and ants...
hmmm, for now, i better not quit my day job!
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08/04/05 01:24 - 77ºF - ID#34587

blood suckers!

so after much convincing and twisting of the arm, my co-worker coerced me to give blood to the red cross. noble thing right? puh-shish. No matter how much time you get off work, it wasn't worth it to me at the end of the day:

I was in a pissy mood to begin the day with in the first place! I must say the only initial advantage of giving was the calming effect. Who knew it would be so calming that I would almost get hit by moving vehicles...

It was hotter than a egg frying in a tiny kitchen in the southern parts of GA today!
After giving, I felt super tired and drained. I sat in the car for 35 minutes in the heat. Then I crossed the potomac and headed for CVS for some gatorade.

Drank some fuel and began to walk across the street to meet up with the partners in crime of the day but I black out! totally blacked out!!! That was the scariest moment of all!!! I was alone on a street corner feeling nauseated and then could not see anything but darkness. Some how I made it across the street and into the bar(no I did not drink alcohol) I sat and sipped gatorade.

So the next brilliant move was to sit in the sweltering humidity @ the Nationals vs Dodgers game. Great game, great time, but I gotta think these things through next go 'round...

Game ends, Nats win! Head home on the metro with at least 2,000+ other folks.
Drunk girl behind trying to pick up all sorts of rift raft with her "I just graduated and Charlotesville is the best place in the world to be educated and buy wine speech" kill me already!

My stop approaches, and we all bolt for the door and head towards the cars;

Thinking the day ended with me unscathed, I thought too soon, as I fell out of the car because my toes got caught in the back seat! I hop on forward 'cause I have to get home to make signs and I am exhausted. Only the next fiasco is my contact falls out and I don't have my glasses! I am driving the beltway (aka dc speedway) @11:30pm with one contact! Fine, I know my way home right? Just close the other eye and wing it!

Oh but no... There is all sorts of construction and paving crap going on the entire way home. Flashing lights and cones and big rigs! Yikes!!!
I can't see jack. everything blurred together. Meanwhile I am holding one contact in one hand & the wheel of the car in the other. Frightening. very frightening (for the other drivers!)

I am all for giving! Which is why I am up late now, burning cds & making signs for a car wash! but come on...

You hear the speech about taking one for the team, but I have taken so many for the team I could start my own frickin' league!

Sometimes you just want to say, "no, I do not want to be involved" but as a friend pointed out to me - It takes way more energy to try to be socially inept than to just be you!

well, I did get an XL t-shirt out of it and a shiny pin that says RED CROSS ;)

oh and cookies and coke! I have had so much caffeine I doubt I will sleep at all. whoo hoo!!! I hope tomorrow is fun & profitable and everyone has a good time @ the car wash.

"Working at the car wash,at the car wash yeah, whoo hoo hoo! Work and Work"

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08/03/05 08:20 - 77ºF - ID#34586

the young and the restless

why does it seem that some of the best dramatic soap operas play out in front of your very eyes @ work?!?!?
fnkg drama queens!
why can't they learn to repressed their feelings and select a nice vice to bury it in...
i don't know how much more anyone will be able to bear...
it really feels/looks like scenes fron Survivor or any of these other crazy reality tv shows.
Is that the ticket? Are they watching too much tv or are they really like this?
I wish I could just document it all and write a book doused with side notes of psychoanalysis.
I guess the drama ensues once boredom takes over! Sorry I missed the Queen of All Drama Queens @ the 10,000 party. I am sure it(he) was out of control!!!

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07/31/05 03:37 - 78ºF - ID#34585

Happy 10,000 Estrip!!!

Hope you peeps and peepettes rocked it tonight celebrating!!!
& all of Paul's hard work; Bringing together a community!!!
Shake a Tailfeather for me!
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07/25/05 05:51 - 76ºF - ID#34584


after a great weekend in Buffalo and returning to metro dc/baltimore/virginia, I have now broken out in a rash or hives or something. it is extremely disgusting. my boss suggested that perhaps I am allergic to this area. hmmm, could be...
I really believe it was the delicious clams that ate at Old Man River yesterday afternoon. Steamed clams, butter and tabasco sauce! Yum. But now my face looks like crapola & my eyes itch and burn too! I love seafood - I can't imagine growing older and becoming allergic to something I love so dearly ;(

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