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Category: fall

09/23/07 11:34 - ID#41262

Who's Your Daddy

Happy Fall peeps!
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Category: fall

09/22/07 04:46 - ID#41254

Fall Excitement

I am excited about Fall 2007! Perhaps in the same regard that most people feel about summer. I love so much about it - it's like, where do you begin?

Apple Cider
Beautiful Leaves
Pumpkin anything!
Cool, Crisp Breezes
Fall Wardrobe
Fall Shoes (separate category)
Sweeps (j/k)

It was really nice of one of my co-workers to bring in Pumpkin Bagels & Honey Pumpkin Whipped Cream Cheese on Thursday!

I felt inspired to start making things in the oven once again. Behold! Happy Pumpkins in the Oven:
Don't they look super happy in the oven?

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Category: fall

11/02/06 08:22 - ID#34685

in love

Gosh Darnit!!! It's a beautiful fall day today! I can't get enough of it : )

Carpe Diem peeps...
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