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Category: diet

01/21/06 01:05 - 44ºF - ID#34622

big bird!

I find it weird that I sit here in my underwear watching Celebrity Fit Club while eating Sweet Graham Crackers & Canned Cheddar Cheese Wiz! I am gaining the weight that they loose! Yipes!!!!
I need a workable diet. I can't stop eating and then when I do my body suffers ;(
I gained @ least 4-5 lbs from last weeks trip to the Smokey Mtns.
MENU Included:
  • Char Broiled Alligator
  • Flank Steak
  • BIG Steak
  • Eggs around the clock!
  • Bacon (eaten only every other year)
  • Reduced Fat Bubba Cheese Burger
  • 6 Krystal Burgers
  • Loads and Loads of liquid sin
  • Did I forget to mentioned more canned cheese
  • String Cheese
  • Pizza
  • Pasta & Garlic Bread
  • Raw Oysters (my favorite!!!)
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Champagne

anyone on a healthy, successful, yummy diet?

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Category: skiing

01/11/06 07:23 - 41ºF - ID#34621

long time no see under the apple tree..

so it's January. time for skiing, tubing!!!
i miss my buddies. :( The ones from the Original Terror Mtn.
i need a vacation through hell or high water, I am going to have a freakin' good time!
temps are too high for skiing - 60 degrees... time to break out the bikini & shades!!!

i think today is a happier day despite the 1 hour and 40 minute traffic infested commute this morning. at least this evening is better than the previous. I seriously must learn not to get all worked up about crap that I can't change or things that are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Seriously, "Yay for Getaways"

It's funny how everytime I plan to be out of the office for a few days I am presented with opportunities/choices... what shall I do? No rest for the weary trying to climb that federal ladder.

random insert, yet interesting...

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Category: christmas

12/25/05 07:26 - 40ºF - ID#34620

Holiday Cheer!!!

I hope the spirit of season cheer greets you all this Holiday!!! Merry Christmas!!!
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Category: life maintenance

12/17/05 07:36 - 30ºF - ID#34619

soapy bubbles & fragrance

seriously L - O - N - G freakin' week...
Holiday parties, Work, Birthday Party, Traffic, Lostness in MD, Commuting, Lateness, Oversleeping, Not sleeping, can I say $$$, unfriendly bitchy ass people you can't seem to ditch!, Self Evaluations, Moodiness, Shopping, Lack of Holiday Shopping, Dirty Apartment, way...too much planning of crap to do, grocery shopping to do for holiday dinner yet to be planned, and the list could go on and on & 10 times out of 10 - I might just ignore it!!!

Where the Freak is My Calgon????

Wish I were going to the party tonight... Have Fun!

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Category: blogs

12/04/05 09:40 - 24ºF - ID#34618



Who's watching
Tell me, who's watching
Who's watching me ?(T)

I'm just an average man
With an average life
I work from nine to five
Hey, hell, I pay the price
All I want is to be left alone
In my average home
But why do I always feel
Like I'm in the twilight zone

And (I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
And I have no privacy
(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
Tell me, is it just a dream

When I come home at night
I bolt the door real tight
People call me on the phone
I'm trying to avoid
But can the people on TV see me
Or am I just paranoid

When I'm in the shower
I'm afraid to wash my hair
'Cause I might open my eyes
And find someone standing there
People say I'm crazy
Just a little touched
But maybe showers remind me
Of Psycho too much
That's why

(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
And I have no privacy
Whooooa, oh-oh
(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
Who's playin' tricks on me

(Who's watching me)
I don't know anymore
Are the neighbors watching me
(Who's watching)
Well, is the mailman watching me
(Tell me, who's watching)
And I don't feel safe anymore
Oh, what a mess
I wonder who's watching me now

(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
And I have no privacy
Whooooa, oh-oh
(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
Tell me, is it just a dream

(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
And I have no privacy
Whooooa, oh-oh
(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
Who's playin' tricks on me
(Who's watching me)
(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
So ? who can it be
(Who's watching me)
(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
Who's playing tricks on me
(Who's watching me)
(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
Can I have my privacy
(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
Who's playing tricks on me

Quoted from: ROCKWELL lyrics - Somebody's Watching Me

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Category: holiday

11/27/05 03:58 - ID#34617

'twas the night before thanksgiving...

"I like a good martini, one or two at the most...
after one I'm under the table,
after two, I'm under the host." - Dorothy Parker

Courtesy of:
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Category: southern livin

11/19/05 08:33 - 34ºF - ID#34616

where is my comfort???

sometimes findin' comfort is right under yer nose:

In a coffee cup!

traded in my week long sniffles and snooks
for a lil' southern comfort for a lil' southernyankee!

[c][size=m]Good Morning Estrip!!![/size][/c]
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Category: sickness

11/16/05 05:26 - ID#34615


Lucky me has been home all week with what appears to be the flu! ick!!!
Being home everyday does seem kinda boring. I guess every other day would be better. Nevertheless, endless hours of sleep, and tv and oh yeah, the medicines, have worn me out! All of the shows on tv are centered around family gatherings, being Turkey season and all...
I don't have any family around and it makes it worse to have to nurse yourself back to health. wah, wah, wah.

So I tried to go to work today but only made it half way down the street before I had to turn around and ended up getting more nutrients from the local food gallery.
After arriving @ the grocers, I discover that they deliver now! I could have stayed in and ordered my theraflu, lemons, & soup online. ALways seen in hindsight I tell 'ya!
Well, $58.17 later & I am still not feeling that much better. I doubt the delivery of health aids would have made me better; just perhaps saved me a penny or two from randomly picked up items - all due to a certain dizzy effect going on in my head.

Turn's out a couple of my friends here also have taken ill also! we have theories: 1 being a poorly ventilated dancing establishment we all attended together; 2 being hot weather, cold weather; 3 being just plain luck of the season!

The sucky part of it really is that this was the last week I would spend in my current work building. I have made a lot of connections/acqaintances here. I would have like to say goodbye to the folks for I will miss greeting them on a daily basis.
Monday I am back out in the boondocks again!
1) 1.5hr commute on Le Metro!!!
2) less sleep
3) less partying (on the weekdays)
4) boringville!!!!

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Category: loneliness

11/13/05 04:08 - 63ºF - ID#34614


I am such a poor judge of character and behavior.
What goes for some always = trouble for me.
Mother always said you can't do what everyone else does.
Now I realize; but do I?
sucks. sucks. sucks.
now I hate me for it.
sucks. sucks. sucks.

perhaps this was all harder than I anticipated. granted I didn't anticipate any hardship since I was overcome with excitement in the beginning. guess that has fizzled. life is hard. I was always taught to fight back harder. being a sissy who overeats seems much easier : )

I don't deal well with poor decisions.
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Category: bad mood

11/05/05 11:04 - 59ºF - ID#34613

tears in my coffee

what do I say?
so much swirling around.
nonsense mostly.
but recurring nonsense.
when does it go away?
what do I have to change?
i hate traitors/backstabbers/assholes!
but then again I put myself right in their path.
i suppose it's almost like standing on the train
tracks waiting for the #2 express (Bronx to Brooklyn)
to run me down.
why this behavior is permitted I have not figured out.
sure, some people don't feel complete with out daily
subjection to humiliation and anything that onsets overall
discouragement. but I don't think I do that.
perhaps I am guilty of it from time to time, but not daily;
or am I simply in denial?
that is definitely an ongoing fear; to live life in denial of things
that are right in front of you and that are ever so clear...
i think people are nice even when they aren't even close to it.
i think there is good in everyone. but what i keep learning the hard
way is that it isn't for me to find the goodness in others.
the hard way = me constantly getting hurt and then being mad
at everyone else (although,a good part of the time this anger which is directed
at the other party(s) is oftentimes highly warranted)
I am tired of putting myself @ risk for the sake of some twisted form of happiness.
true friends are just that: TRUE FRIENDS!!! through good, bad & ugly.
gosh, do I miss my true friends.
I miss meeting people who are truly sincere and recognize your sencerity in turn.
Fake SHit is for punks!!!

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