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08/23/06 10:12 - 69ºF - ID#23936


Ok, since I promised a happier post (and since I'm procrastinating, and just saw Terry's new user sound (which I love))-

I will just say-

Ratatat rocks.
My user sound is Wildcat.
I love the roaring sounds in it.

And from Gather, here is "promiscuous wildcat" - the song above, mixed with nelly furtado/timbaland- 0142677001156385500

I'm also feeling mildly cool tonight-
A while ago Chase, my brother in law, sent me a cd by a band called TV on the Radio.
They're pretty cool.
But my self-proclaimed music snob friend here dismisses them saying he's never heard of them... so they're no one...

Like i care what he thinks, but nonetheless-

I was watching tivo'd Entourage tonight, and who was on it? That's right buddy! TV on the Radio.
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08/23/06 09:04 - 72ºF - ID#23935

animal cruelty


Ok, so I know I've been writing about dogs all the time lately and maybe you're sick of hearing it and are thinking I'm the crazy dog-lady... I've always said I'm a "dog person" etc, but I haven't volunteered at shelters, etc. Had never REALLY thought about the plight of abandoned animals...

And then I started learning about it...

Now, it is pretty hard to make me feel sick- especially just with pictures.
But this has done it.

Be warned that these are horribly graphic and gross. Dogs shot, stabbed, starved, frozen, infested with bugs, dissected...
It's maybe the most horrible thing I've ever seen.

in case you didn't think NJ was a shithole- here's "the mean streets of camden". Don't say I didn't warn you. :(

(Ok, I promise I'll post something nice one of these days...)
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08/22/06 10:00 - 71ºF - ID#23934


This is the bane of my existence right now:

1. What caused you to become interested in plastic surgery?

2. What are your career plans and goals?

3. What do you hope to contribute to the field of plastic surgery during your career?

4. Think about a teacher or colleague who you admire a great deal. What about you is most like this person? Least like this person?

All 4 have to fit on one page. This is not a massive paper. I need to just sit down and do it.
I have been sitting on this for WEEKS.
It's terrible.
And it's important. I don't know why I can't make myself do it.

I wonder what would happen if I turned in:

1: my dad
2: not sure yet
3: i have no delusions of contributing much- i just want to be a community plastic surgeon, maybe work with my dad... not invent the next face transplant. Work is a means to an end... not an end in itself.

All I've gotten down is one little paragraph for 1. Again it's a badly worded question. I'm sure what they want to know is "why do you want to be a plastic surgeon". But that's not what they asked.

instead... i check my email. listen to music. check estrip. read some message boards. work on my tan. do laundry. clean my bathtub (!!).

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08/22/06 08:15 - 74ºF - ID#23933

This sucks.

I don't have anything to write about anymore.
My only topic is off-limits.
I miss it/him.
I want my journal back.


At least my internet is fixed. For now. Again.
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08/21/06 07:20 - 74ºF - ID#23932

you love me, you really love me!

Aww shucks...
Thanks for all the support guys.
Maybe you really *do* like reading about my soap opera.
Who'd've thunk it.

Just to clarify-
The assholes I am chastising are not from estrip (as far as I know!!).
And I am not going anywhere.
I am just not going to write about a certain crush anymore, since apparently some of the info is being used against him.
Why/how/by whom I have no idea...

And maybe one of these days if I have some time I can edit the posts I had to take down, and at least put the party pix etc back up...

Must say... this whole thing is infuriating... and a little scary...
I don't really like that I have to feel censored and have to watch my back b/c there are some psychos out there... I mean who could care less about my silly little gossip rag...
But apparently someone did.

I prefer my naive little corner of the world where jerks don't smear each other...

Ok, back to work!

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08/20/06 01:03 - 70ºF - ID#23931

Dear Assholes:

Why do you have to go and take a wonderful resource like the internet and use it to hurt people? And animals?

Anyone who would use my silly little journal as fodder to smear someone's name is truly petty. All I have to say is Fuck You.


Sorry peeps. As much as I'm sure you all love hearing about my soap opera, I've taken it all down. You'll just have to ask me in private if you need a drama fix.

People can be awful.


And time warner can bite me. My internet keeps dying on me. A guy came out yesterday and replaced my modem. And it's dead again today.
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08/17/06 05:28 - 81ºF - ID#23928

on spines...

Ok, so I've been thinking a little, and wonder what you peeps think of this.

All my life I have been a "nice" person. But how nice is too nice?
What's the difference between "sweetheart" and "pushover?" Are they just two sides of the same thing?

I'll always remember one day in college.... I was friends with this group of mostly guys... And some of them were (are) selfish asses. But we were still all friends. That's just sort of how they were, and I just accepted it. They weren't always super-considerate of everyone- but sadly most people aren't. They would tell dirty jokes in front of me. Sometimes the jokes would be at my expense. I didn't care... I laughed right along. They did it to everyone. I think that's what friends do... I know they care about me... I know they meant no real harm... just good-natured ribbing... Then one day a (girl) friend of mine witnessed some of this... and she was so mad at me. Gave me this big lecture about standing up for myself and not letting them treat me like that... And for a while I felt bad. I thought maybe she was right... maybe I'm some big spineless wuss. But then I thought more about it... I thought I was "rolling with the punches", "being one of the guys", etc. She thought I was being a doormat and letting them walk all over me. I dunno... I'm not sure that laughing off a sexist joke rather than going all feminazi on my friends makes me a doormat... What do you think?

And I was thinking about this some more today. I will pretty much do anything for the people I care about. Even sometimes at my own expense. But I sort of think that's what friends are for.

But where do you draw the line?
I decided today that making other people happy really IS what makes me happy. To the point that sometimes them being happy means more to me than getting what I want. Is that wrong? Is it pathological? Or, if it does make me happy to see them happy, is it just fine?

For me- who I am with is usually more important to me than what I am doing. So when asked "what do you want to do?" I probably usually answer with "I don't care, what do you want to do?" Because I usually DON'T care. Spending time with other people and seeing them happy really DOES make me happy. Am I really being taken advantage of, if the act makes me happy?

I mean it's one thing if I force myself to do things I hate b/c I am afraid to say no... That isn't good. And if it's something I feel really strongly about- I'll speak up. But little stuff, like what movie to see, where to go for dinner... It doesn't really matter to me.

So I wonder... does that make me easygoing and happy-go-lucky? Or does it make me a passive unassertive masochistic doormat? Or does it depend on the circumstances... or is it in the eye of the beholder...


penny for your thoughts...

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08/16/06 11:32 - 71ºF - ID#23927

I miss automatic user sounds.

So a few things...

First of all- (e:libertad)- I think the ENVUS hummer definitely lives around the corner from me on Forest. It's parked there ALLL the time. So right or wrong, I kind of hate those people for driving a hummer. But as I was walking home tonight I noticed that they keep their dog CHAINED up in the front yard. Now I hate them even more. :(

Next- I am so juvenile.... This song came on my ipod in the car today... It's very bow-chikka-bowt-bowt porn-ish. My friends in college would play the boogie nights soundtrack, and these girls would always come complaining about this song. That it offended them. They would whine until Scott would go "oh ok fine!" and walk over to the stereo- and hit rewind, and just play it on repeat.
man we were funny. ;) Anyway, so for your listening pleasure I present a college flashback... Jungle Fever, by the Chakachas- from the Boogie Nights soundtrack.

and the best for last...
Just had a lovely dinner with Buffalo's newest additions- chico/chica! They're lovely. I approve. ;) I just hope their ears don't hurt from listening to me blab all night! :D

Bedtime, I think...

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08/16/06 02:26 - 73ºF - ID#23926

pissing and moaning

But first, a good thing.
Maybe this "be friends" and "don't throw myself at him" is a good move... We're talking again... had a lovely weekend... I'm still getting kind of mixed messages, but I'm trying not to obsess... And then this morning he asked me out for dinner. But I have plans, so I said no. But it made me happy nonetheless.

And a question for you peeps... Another guy asked me out for dinner... I wouldn't mind going, he seems like an ok guy, but considering the mess my head/heart have been lately, I think it would be leading him on to accept a date. I know some people can date lots of people at once, but I just can't. And I would feel guilty if I were just using him for dinner, if I knew that I didn't want it to go anywhere. So I told him that. I said that I don't like to lead people on or hurt people's feelings and that I just wanted to come right out and say that I'm not sure how "emotionally available" I am right now- but if he's ok with that and still wants dinner, I'd be happy to. And he responded by saying "no offense, but I thought it might be nice to just get to know each other before I get too concerend about how 'emotionally available' you are or aren't." Touche...
So what do you guys think? Was it too presumptuous of me to bother saying anything to him? I was just trying to be honest, which is all I ever hope people will do for me...

Ok, but now to bitching...

So as you may or may not know, I am in the 4th year (of 5) of my general surgery residency. I am applying for a Plastic Surgery fellowship to follow this, which is another 2-3 years. Plastics has gotten super-competitive, and I'm not sure I have a chance in hell. (which probably means I should stop procrastinating on my personal statement, eh? God I hate those things...)

But this application process, aside from being difficult and stressful, is so damn expensive!!! I just took the third and final part of the medical licensing exam (and passed- THANK GOD)- That was $650 for the test, plus a plane ticket. When I apply for the actual license, depending on the state that will be $200-700 more- per year. A DEA number costs hundreds... The application- $50 to "register" for the Match. $160 to have the American Board of Plastic Surgery "evaluate" my education/training to date and make sure it's adequate. Then the application itself- I fill it out and send it to a central office, who then photocopies it and mails it to the programs I choose. There are 65 programs. It's $25/program- as long as i get it in by 9/1. Plastics is so competitive that in order to give myself the best chances, I should just apply to all of them. That's $1625. Then, assuming I get any interviews, I need a suit or two, and plane tickets/hotels for all of them.

And my favorite- the FCVS (federal credentials verification service) is an office that keeps official copies of my transcripts, test scores, etc for when I apply for a license. The FCVS is a part of the FSMB (federation of state medical boards.) The FSMB is who you call for official copies of exam scores. The FCVS shares a building with the FSMB. But they still require you to pay a $50 fee to have the FSMB send them your test scores. I'm sure they have an intern walk down the hall and put it in a box. Woohoo! not only that- but I am paying $50 right now to send my scores out for my application. That $50 buys me two copies. I called FCVS to say "listen i'm sending my scores out anyway... can I just send you a copy?" They said no. They need to request it themselves. For another $50.

I know it's just money, but still..... This process is going to cost me THOUSANDS of dollars- and I'm not at all sure I'll even succeed! I make ok money, and I'm grateful for that... but I work my ass off, and I have almost $200K in loans to pay off. And I just saw a posting for a "medical supply technician"- that pays more than I make.

Sorry. I'm not really this materialistic. Like I said it's just money and I know I'm fortunate to be where I am... I'm just not looking forward to racking up $5K in credit card bills this year. :(

Ok, enough ranting....
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08/13/06 02:17 - 75ºF - ID#23924


I just got stung by a bee in my backyard! Little fucker!

Damn nature.

(and, I should have some puppy pix for you one of these days.)
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