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Category: music

03/31/07 07:07 - 51ºF - ID#38703

Chase rules.

Ok, so this week at work has been super crazy/busy/shitty, and it has put me in a terrible, sleep-deprived mood. Have barely slept since wed night, and had to miss jackdaw last night, and am missing roller derby tonight since my 2 hour day turned into 12-

but somehow now I don't care about that and feel like some sort of special VIP rockstar.

My brother in law always turns me on to cool new music, including The National, whose CD "Alligator" is one of my faves. They have a new album coming out in May, and are touring (will be in Toronto in June actually- anyone?).

But so the other day he sent me an email that said 'do you still like the national? Do you have this yet?' and attached was a folder full of songs. I figured it was like their first album "before they got big" or something obscure and random like that.

It took me a few days to get around to checking it out, and I just opened it-

And it's their new CD. Due to be released May 22. I have no idea how he got his hands on it, but it made my week.

Three cheers for Chase! Yay!

Unfortunately all the songs are too big to post as user sounds, so instead I've put up "baby we'll be fine", another fave, from Alligator.
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Category: boring

03/29/07 08:36 - 47ºF - ID#38686

haircut review

this is a boring post but someone was asking about hair places the other day...

so I usually get my hair cut at the Aveda place in the Galleria. Which is definitely a pleasant experience... herbal tea, scalp massage, etc. But it's $40 + tip, and it's a trek to the galleria. So i figured I'd try my local place- Parkway Haircutting- right next to Coles.
They have a big fancy sign and look from the outside like a pretty classy salon.

Well, they're not as nice on the inside.
Sort of barber-ish with a guy doing guy haircuts in the corner. Just two chairs, and they're not selling your usual super-expensive fancy name shampoo etc. But I figured what the hell, I don't do anything too fancy with my hair, how much can she fuck it up.

So I told charlene I wanted to take a couple inches off and gave her my rules-
that I can't be bothered with a blow dryer and that it has to be able to go in a pony tail.

And she went to town and cut all these crazy layers- I was a little nervous, but let her do her thing. She blew it dry, and it didn't look great when I left, but like I said my hair doesn't like the blow dryer.

So I went home and washed it, and so far it seems like a decent haircut.

And best of all- I was in and out (shampooed, cut, dried, etc) in 30 min flat.
And it was $20 with a UB ID.

So certainly not a Chic Salon/Spa Experience- but not bad for $20 and 30 min.
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03/24/07 07:31 - 43ºF - ID#38607

Internet creeps

So I was playing with voip stuff this afternoon (I think I'm going to switch to Vonage- anyone have anything bad to say about them?) when this ichat window pops up, from someone not on my buddy list. I always wonder how random people I don't know find me. But I always feel rude to just totally tell them to fuck off, so I usually answer, but with minimal, one word replies.
The guy goes on and on. Tells me his name is Kyle. I don't care. "Fantastic Kyle" if his screen name is to be believed, except that he can't spell and is "FantasicKyle345" [not his real address] Asks how I am, I say fine. Then he's like "will you do me a favor? I want to try something". And I knew what was coming... "I want to try my isight camera, I never have" (yeah right). I say no. He admits that he's an exhibitionist (gee, you think?) and asks if I want him to send me pix. I say I don't care. Then I say I have to go take a shower. He says "wow! I'm in a towel! I just got out of the shower! Isn't that crazy?" No, not really. Keeps asking if I want to see his pix. Now, I am not opposed to seeing pix of attractive men. But first off I doubt he's attractive, and I'm also not into random internet exchanges with people I will never meet. So the last thing I am going to do is inflate his ego and beg him to see his pix. But he starts sending them anyway. First a face shot. He's not (that) bad looking, but it's a weird double-chin webcam pic. And then another one....ohohohoho I couldn't stop laughing at that one. And I totally wanted to post it, and then felt badly to. But then thought "no. If he is going to send his pix to random people on the internet, he deserves to have them posted randomly on the internet."
So then he keeps asking me if I like the pic and if i want to see more, and I finally tell him I have to go. And he says "no fair, I want to see your pix". And I just said "Yes, I bet you do. Goodbye." Then I went to shower and came back to a whole mess of "why did you leave?" "I'm sorry if I offended you" "will you talk to me again?"
Get over it dude.

So, here is Fantastic Kyle, for your viewing pleasure.

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03/21/07 08:38 - 47ºF - ID#38545


Ok, so as much as I am terrified of skydiving, this looks pretty cool and fun and peaceful.

It's a bunch of skydivers in formation- looking like a huge kite.

(the video is really boring, after it breaks apart the first time you might as well just turn it off.)

crap. never mind.

Paul- how do I add a video if it's not on youtube or google? It's a .wmv file on my desktop.

Ok instead you get a random picture of my "irish" dog. :/


Ok and some more random crap from today's email.
A very simple but addictive helicopter-flying game (my kind of game- one button and that's it)-

Ok, and this one is disturbing. First of all, the picture is graphic and horrifying [be warned]. I can't tell if the guy is dead, but if he's not, I bet he was shortly thereafter.

But even worse- when I clicked the pic to try to copy it to post it, it turned out the picture was a link, that took me to ''.

Now, if you had a porn site called is THAT how you would attract people?!

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Category: music

03/19/07 06:37 - 23ºF - ID#38517


I forgot!
I made a new mix.
Link over there --->
or here

Here's the song list:

The Chills - Peter, Bjorn and John
Between the moon and the ocean - the bon savants
nobody knows me at all - the weepies
fidelity - regina spektor
true affection - the blow
barely listening - pilot speed
dashboard - modest mouse
parade of punk rock t-shirts - maritime [my user song]
stacked crooked - the new pornographers
walking with a ghost - tegan and sara
southwest planes - the western states motel
love song no. 7 - CYHSY
old catherine's box - katamine
black flowers - yo la tengo
keep the car running - arcade fire
lightbulb - mezzanine owls
lady luck - can joann
shoulders and arms - tokyo police club
searching for the ghost - heartless bastards
they - jem
girl sailor - the shins

Hope you all had a good weekend. :)
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03/18/07 09:55 - 28ºF - ID#38512

chippewa sucks

I hate chippewa.

But I had a fun weekend. :)
Except for missing the ratatat show (yes (e:enknot) I blame you entirely and am not forgiving you anytime soon).
But the PMT party was fun, as always.

Then I spent most of saturday being lazy around the house... then at like 7 got a call saying I was lame for not being drunk yet. I hadn't been planning on going out that early, but, twist my arm... So I went to a little party at a guy from work's house- it was awesome! First of all, he's an awesome guy. And he has a sweet apartment, and he is just the ultimate host and had all this great food and drinks and stuff.
But then I made the ultimate mistake. People talked me into going to Soho. i said 'but i hate chippewa' and they said "no no, soho is different, it's not like chippewa'. So against my better judgment I left the party where I was having a good time, and I even abandoned my friends there, who were only there for me and didn't know anyone else (but they didn't want to go to soho and said they'd stay behind) and I went to soho- and god it sucked. I never want to go to chippewa again. Aside from the fact that all the little hookers there make me feel old and fat, it was just not fun. it was too crowded, the music sucked, and there was broken glass all over the place. And one guy kept asking to feel me up, and when I reminded him that his WIFE was at home, PREGNANT, he was annoyed that I had to bring that up. Sorry dude. I'm not going there.

So I had totally planned on meeting everyone out today for the parade. But then I slept til noon, and was hungover, and decided I'd stay in. And then again, since I have no willpower, I let myself get dragged out to a party, by the promise of "lots of cute single lawyers" [even though I kind of hate lawyers]. And sure enough, as soon as I walked in the door, I was introduced to a super cute guy who seemed nice and fun. But he left right after that. I'll have to see if I can work that at all. Then we went to Mother's, which was yummy. The downside was the gold-digging girls, which I guess is inevitable with a crowd like that, but is so not my scene.

But all in all, a very fun weekend- thanks to everyone! I so don't want to go back to work tomorrow!

I hope you all had a great time too. Sorry I didn't meet up with the estrip crowd for the parade. :( It was a case of social circles colliding. BUT thanks for the message from (I think) Terry. It was very funny and I will save it for a long time. :)

Sorry for the random post- I think I'm a little buzzed.

Later peeps. Have a good week!

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03/06/07 09:52 - 9ºF - ID#38381

new computer woes

Or: anyone have a copy of diskwarrior 4 that I can 'borrow'?

So I got my new computer on friday. That's right, like 4 days ago. It's so new I can't have even crapped it up yet. (more importantly, it's so new I haven't even backed it up yet). Haven't installed any 3rd party software. But, instead of doing a nice slow clean install, like I knew I should, I used the 'migration assistant'. Plugged old compy into new compy via firewire, said
"go", and went to bed. In the morning- voila. New compy just the way I like it. I know I know, those transfer things are never a good idea... but it was so easy! otherwise it would take me a week to get things the way i like them...

So, everything was working fine. Then today Mail started acting weird. totally freezes if i click on a message with an attachment (i.e. if I click yet another fucking online pharmacy spam message with embedded .jpg to delete it).

So, I did my good little mac troubleshooting stuff and repaired permissions. nothing big there. Then booted from the OS install CD and ran disk utility. Chose "repair startup disk".

Well alas and alack, my startup disk DOES have a problem ("invalid node structure"), but Disk Utility can NOT repair it.

No problem, i think, I have Disk Warrior! So I dig out disk warrior. Well I have 3.0, but need 4.0.

4.0 is available new, for download, for $100. Or for upgrade for $50. But upgrade is NOT available via download, and they ask for "three to six WEEKS" for delivery. So I can wait WEEKS, or I can shell out the extra $50 for a downloadable copy.


I thought it would take more than a week to totally corrupt a brand new HD. And like I said, I haven't even gotten backups going yet. I'm really not looking forward to having to reformat/reinstall ev-er-y-thing.

Guess it's back to old compy for now (which seems painfully slow compared to the new one...)

Damn migration assistant...

any of you computer whiz peeps have any thoughts?


P.s. for your viewing pleasure, here's one good thing that has come out of new compy. [I can't believe how entertaining photobooth is.]

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03/04/07 03:51 - 26ºF - ID#38353

Alice: 12/10/95 - 3/4/07

So my parents are out of town and my brother is home alone. He called me at 1am but I didn't answer b/c it was 1am and I figured he was just bored. But finally I decided to listen to the message, and he was in tears. My first thought was that my parents' plane crashed or something, but I figured he wouldn't have just left a message and given up if that was the case.

But my dog Alice died tonight. He let her out before bed, and when she didn't come back in he went looking for her, and found her dead by the side of the porch. No idea what happened. He said she was right under the edge- maybe she fell off and broke her neck? It's only like a foot high. But he said she was only out for 20 min or so- how do you just DIE? Too bad there are no doggie autopsies. So then he went and got her favorite bed and buried her in it, at 1am, all by himself, in the frozen ground.

It kind of hasn't hit me that she's really dead. I loved her. She was 11. She was (sort of) named after me. She was a surprise present for my Dad's 50th birthday. My mom threw a big surprise party, and I came home from school for the weekend, and so the surprise was 1: that I came walking into the party- 2: carrying the cutest little baby bulldog you've ever seen.

She's been getting old and sick over the last year or so... sort of limpy, and I think she was blind, and just slow all around. And I was always so mad at my parents b/c whenever I came home my mom was just complaining about her being in the way, etc. I took her to the vet and got her eyedrops and stuff and she seemed better.... but after I left they got lazy and stopped giving them, and I was so mad. And my mom kept making jokes about her dying, about this being her last christmas, about how when I say goodbye this time to go back to buffalo I should know it might be the last time i see her, and I know she was just kidding, but it would always piss me off.

And my brother said that as he drove my parents to the airport this morning, they were going over all these things "if there's a leak, call the plumber. If you get locked out call the neighbors" etc. And they said "and if Alice dies..." and all laughed.
haha, very funny.
I hope mom feels like a jerk now.


Poor baby.
I'll miss her.
And what is poor Gus going to do without his big sister?

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