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04/13/10 05:03 - 57ºF - ID#51394

More Gus

This is freaking adorable.

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04/12/10 08:07 - 52ºF - ID#51388


So, my parents came to visit this weekend. I was trying to get them to stay over, but they didn't want to leave the dog (Gus) alone. So, they went home Saturday night after dinner.

Then Sunday afternoon I just got a text from my brother: "Gus just died".


So I called home...

They said he'd been totally his normal self. Ate all his food, and was playful, then was napping in the sun in his favorite spot. My dad went upstairs and started running water to give him a bath, and then went to get him. My brother heard him say "C'mon Gus. C'mere boy. Get up Gussy". Then he went back upstairs, and turned off the water. Said to Mom "guess I'm not giving Gus a bath". Mom asked why not. Dad said "he's dead."


Poor little guy.

He was the bestest.

But, at least it seems like he went peacefully. Took a nap in his favorite spot and just didn't wake up. And, he WAS almost 14. We knew he'd go one of these days, and were just glad that he still seemed so healthy and comfortable.

Still. Poor little guy. :(

RIP Gussy boy. You'll be missed.








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04/11/10 12:22 - 52ºF - ID#51374

Poor iPad.


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04/04/10 01:02 - 56ºF - ID#51327


So, we went to Toad's Place in New Haven last night to see the Hold Steady. And right around the corner was a new Indian place. Chris has never had Indian, but wanted to try it. This place was so delish. It was not your typical american 'indian restaurant'. I guess they don't have a tandoori oven, so they don't have naan. So a lot of people gave them bad reviews for that. But seriously, it was delicious. And it's all vegetarian. And they waiters were super nice. Chris asked the waiter something about okra, and he came running out from the kitchen with a fresh one, and gave him the chef's email address so he can get some recipes.

Tiny, what's your take on the menu?

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